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14th October 2010, 9:41 PM
Well it's been almost a fortnight with no response. Repost time.
Emboar@Expert Belt
-Wild Bolt
-Hammer Arm
-Cheer Up/Boiling Water

Mixboar. Flamethrower so I don't kill myself every time. Wild Bolt takes out both water and flying types. Hammer Arm as it's best fighting STAB except maybe superpower. Cheer Up boosts both attack stats or Boiling Water for Ground types.

Yanakki@Life Orb
-Seed Bomb
-Brick Break
-Shadow Claw
-Rock Slide

Seed Bomb is a decent STAB. Fighting Ghost combo remains unresisted. Rock Slide for the flying types that wall me, not to mention the bug, fire and ice types too.

Abagoora@Life Orb
Jolly, Naughty/Solid Rock lulz!
-Stone Edge
-Shell Break/Ice Beam

This super tuff rocky reptile has a decent movepool backing up those stats. Surf for utility and wallbreaking. QuakeEdge yawn...
Shell Break could turn out to be awesome or awful. As long as the opponent does nothing or uses physical moves it can safely sweep. (Having the experience of raising Infernape and staraptor with close combat the defence drop for this behemoth won't hurt it drastically.) Ice Beam is coverage against grass types and ground types, Until post elite 4 i can't get this so shell break it until then.

Denchura@Wise Glasses
-Bug Buzz
-Energy Ball
-Volt Change

Supreaccurate Thunders FTW! Bug Buzz a secondary STAB and energy ball for rock/grounds. Volt Change gets me out of sticky situations most likely involving fire types.

Ononokusu@Muscle Band
Jolly/Mold Breaker
-Dragon Claw
-Rock Slide/False Swipe
-Dragon Dance

D-Claw as STAB. Earthquake hits all steels except Skarmory(even in that situation I can stat boost enough and Skarmorys are nowhere to be found) so I can afford to use False Swipe. Dragon Dance just makes things unfair, only Scarfed revenge killers and really fast pokemon can KO me and escape concious.

Goroogu@Muscle Band
Adamant/Iron Fist
-Hammer Arm
-Shadow Punch

Lastly we have Goroogu. Boasting three immunities and nice defences regardless and the ability to use fly got him on my team.
Fighting Ghost combo. Iron Fist boosts Shadow Punch to reasonable levels. EQ is Capt.Obvious and Fly for utility.

14th October 2010, 11:26 PM
I wouldn't say I would do anything much different. I probably wouldn't Emboar mixed but I understand why you did with so many physical based pokemon in this game.

One thing I might suggest is making Yanakki mixed as well. With a moveset looking something like this:

-Energy Ball
-Rock Slide
-Cheer Up/Rock Slide

IDK, might be something like that. Hopefully it helps.

15th October 2010, 12:10 AM
Lol it happens sometimes.

First, Enbuoh will hate you. Forever. You're lowering an already low stat, dropping your Spe with STAB, and you're losing 10% HP every time you attack...tbh, I'd say either pick a side, or go Brave/Quiet with this guy. And because of that, drop the Orb, and replace with Expert Belt, I say.

Yanakkie could use a Choice Band, but a LO works too.

Abagoura wants Sturdy > Solid Rock, so that you'll be assured to get a Shell Break off. Woot. And get an HM slave; mixing the turtle with a -SpA nature isn't the wisest of ideas. Either use Waterfall > Surf, or Hasty > Jolly. Oh, and go with Leftovers here, too, I suppose.

Volt Change on Denchura.

Adamant on Ononokusu, and use Leftovers.

I guess the automaton is fine...

There, you got a rate, even if it was given while distracted lol.

15th October 2010, 7:15 PM
Thanks for the rates.
Emboar is so slow that it won't mind Hmmer Arm's speed loss. I wasn't sure onhis nature but it will probably end up being Brave as suggested. Come to think of it i would like my Emboar bulkier.
I would like my Yanakki free of being locked into attacks.
Currently I'll be using Ice Beam on my last slot on Abaggoura and he'll stay mixed as his best pre-elite 4 water move is Aqua Jet, yeah... the nature will be naive.
Frankly I'm quite satisfied with the highest third highest non-legend attack stat and Sazando will outspeed me, not to mention other Ononononos.

I pretty much disaggreed with hlf yor rate there. Oops.
(editing original post)