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Gengar In Shadows
17th October 2010, 2:43 AM
Title: Infernchamp X

23 Pokemon:
3x Machop Lv. 18(SF 64)
2x Machoke Lv. 41 (SF 41)
1x Machamp Lv. 62 (SF 20)
1x Machamp Lv. X (SF 98)
4x Chimchar Lv. 8 (DP 76)
2x Monferno Lv. 18 (DP 56)
1x Infernape Lv. 40 (DP 5)
1x Infernape Lv. X (DP Tin Promo)
1x Unown [Q] Lv. 15 (MD 49)
1x Stantler (HSUL 64)
1x Hitmonlee (HSUL 52)
3x Ponyta Lv. 12 (DP 94)
2x Rapidash Lv. 34 (DP 59)

11 Trainers:
3x Poke Healer + (SF 90)
3x Poke Drawer + (SF 89)
2x Premier Ball (SF 91)
2x PlusPower (DP 109 & HSUL 80)
1x Life Herb (HSUL 79)

3 Supporters:
2x Engineer's Adjustments (HSUL 75)
1x Interviewer's Questions (HSUL 77)

1 Stadiums:
1x Burned Tower (HSUD 71)

22 Energy:
11x Fire Energy
7x Fighting Energy
3x Cyclone Energy
1x Warp Energy

18th October 2010, 5:49 AM
Diamond and Pearl have already been rotated out of modified format.

19th October 2010, 2:03 AM
Less Pokemon, more Macheap. And always run quad drawers/healers/blowers.


Gengar In Shadows
19th October 2010, 3:24 AM
Diamond and Pearl have already been rotated out of modified format.

Oh All that title stuff confused me. Thanks.

Gengar In Shadows
19th October 2010, 3:27 AM
Okay thanks I'll do that.

19th October 2010, 6:31 PM
For future reference, the sets that were rotated out this past rotation were:
Diamond and Pearl
Diamond and Pearl Secret Wonders
Diamond and Pearl Mysterious Treasures
Diamond and Pearl Great Encounters

21st October 2010, 5:37 AM
You could just say that the format is md-on, less typing.

For pokemon line's 3-2-1 pyramid line's add less synergy in a deck, so making your line's 3-2-3 helps push out your major line attacker's faster, as no competitive play deck run's only 1 of there major line's. If you use poke drawer it makes sense to run 4 instead of three. Instead of life herb or poke healer blissey PT. Add some bebe's, communications and or collector's for a search engine. BTS and or rare candy speed's up machamp so you can donk against sp's, and lastly you have to many energy.