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17th October 2010, 9:56 PM
I just beat N for the last time, but Geek-face kills me with his hax dragon.

(First of all, the thing evolvs at level 63 and his is 54... >.<)

Anyway, here is my current team. (Not posting IV's because I don't know my EV's.)

Daikenki@Rugged Helmet, L=46, 158/114/96/108/-63/+91
Dragon Tail
Strength (Need to change this)
Surf (Need to change this)

Victini@None, L=47, 161/-108/106/101/108/+114
Burst Flame
Shadow Ball
Cheer Up

Waruvial@Scope Lens, L=44, 146/117/71/63/73/104
Shadow Claw

Cobalon@None, L=48, 146/-103/+152/86/89/115
Cheer Up
Poison Jab
Iron Head
Sacred Sword

Doreida@Big Root, L=52, 148/-79/93/+149/93/113
Petal Dance
Magical Leaf
Giga Drain
Energy Ball

Reshiram@None, L=50, 167/133/114/164/129/108
Cross Flame


I have quite a few TM's as well as 4 Heart Scales, so I can change movesets if needed.

I just need to find something to exceed 127 Speed, which is the max for Sazando at level 54. Much help would be appreciated.

18th October 2010, 7:37 AM
Adamant Nature
~Night Slash
~Megahorn/Swords Dance

You can have Shell Blade instead of Waterfall until you get the HM.

Modest Nature
~Blaze Judgement
~Psychic/Psycho Shock
~Grass Knot/Energy Ball
~Shadow Ball

Jolly Nature, Intimidate ability
~Rock Slide
~Claw Sharpen

Modest/Timid Nature
~Cross Flame/Blue Flame
~Dragon Pulse
~Shadow Ball
~Focus Blast

I'll leave the other two for the other raters

18th October 2010, 1:14 PM
Doredia is begging for Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance
Petal Dance
Leech Seed

Doredia's Own Tempo prevents confusion and Petal Dance now has 120 base power. Pretty good combo. You can also stick to your Giga Drain/Big Root combo, that way you wont need Synthesis or even Leech Seed and can go for maybe Teeter Dance, Sleep Powder, Toxic or Stun Spore


Swords Dance
Sacred Sword
Iron Head/X Scissor
Stone Edge

SD to boost up average attack(compared to the others), Sacred Sword and Iron Head for STAB and Stone Edge mainly as filler to take care of everything else. If you dont like Iron Head's coverage, go for X Scissor.

18th October 2010, 8:13 PM
Thanks for the fixes, but I managed to spam Hyper Potions with "Otter" (I had to use about 20 of 'em) and outlasted Sazando. 2 hits with megahorn and i won.

But I'll keep this in mind for when I start the competitive phase, and when I transfer them over to my US White Version next year.

And luckily enough, I'm still saved in front of Victini on White JP so I can get a good nature/IV's!

19th October 2010, 2:00 AM
Does N even have a dragon pokemon? I know he doesn't have a Sazandro.

19th October 2010, 2:53 AM
Does N even have a dragon pokemon? I know he doesn't have a Sazandro. Yes N has a dragon and he was talking about Geechisu or whatever his name is.