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21st October 2010, 7:58 AM
Here's my first dabble into the 5th Gen. in the form of a team
for use in-game and over Wifi. I was inspired by Eon Master's
semi-defensive team, so I wanted to bring it to Black.

Changes in Blah blah blah...

Nattorei @ Muscle Band
Adamant Nature
252 HP/252 Atk/6 Def
*Steel Thorns*
~ Spikes ~
~ Gyro Ball ~
~ Power Whip ~
~ Stealth Rock ~

HOLY **** this guy is sick. 11 resists, 1 immunity and only
2 weaknesses? The set is pretty easy to decipher. Gyro Ball
and Power Whip are strong STAB attacks, while Spikes and
Stealth Rock fit the defensive feel of the team.

Furiijio @ Leftovers
Bold Nature
252 HP/200 Def/56 Spe
~ Reflect ~
~ Recover ~
~ Ice Beam ~
~ Rapid Spin ~

Rapid Spin is more than necessary for this team, and he does it
rather well. The Spe EV's put him above all neutral base 80's, and
Ice Beam is STAB. Recover keeps him healthy so he can come back
and spin later.

Ononokusu @ Leftovers
Adamant Nature
252 Atk /140 Spe/116 HP
~ Rock Slide ~
~ Earthquake ~
~ Dragon Claw ~
~ Dragon Dance ~

QuakeEdge gives him great coverage, DD is for obvious reasons and
Dragon Claw is a reliable STAB. The EV's let him outspeed base 130's
after a DD boost.

Burungeru @ Leftovers
Bold Nature
252 HP/216 Def/42 SpD
*Water Absorb*
~ Toxic ~
~ Protect ~
~ Recover ~
~ Night Shade ~

This has the potential to be VERY annoying. Toxic and Protect
allow me to stall for damage and lefties recovery, Recover keeps
him healthy and Night Shade hits everything for consistent damage.
The Def EV's hit the highest jump point, max HP with the rest thrown
into SpD.

Ulgamoth @ Wise Glasses/Leftovers
Modest Nature
252 SpA/252 Spe/6 Def
*Flame Body*
~ Fire Blast ~
~ Bug Buzz ~
~ Butterfly Dance ~
~ Psychic/Substitute ~

This guy is a bit of a ringer. Bug Buzz and Fire Blast form pretty
coverage and benefit from STAB, Psychic could be used for a
bit of added coverage, or Sub can turn him into a great special
tank. Butterfly Dance is just broken, thanks GameFreak. (y)

Barujina @ Leftovers
Bold Nature
252 HP/192 Spe/66 Def
*Dust Proof*
~ Roost ~
~ U-Turn ~
~ Knock Off ~
~ Whirlwind ~

I don't know why, but this PKMN amuses me... I like the Idea
of a bulky flying type. Roost gets rid of 2/3 of her weaknesses,
U-Turn is to get out of any sticky situations (inb4 Taunt), Knock
Off is STAB annoyance and Whirlwind is to rack up some extra
damage. The Spe EV's allow her to outspeed Jolly TTar and
stall out SE if necessary, max HP and the rest in Def.

I'm quite fire/rock weak ATM, so Ulgamoth can go if necessary,
any suggestions there would be helpful.

21st October 2010, 12:13 PM
Rock weaks. Rock weaks everywhere.

Garchomp would do this team a world of good for that Fire and Rock weak. Put it in over the 'moth.

Garchomp @ Yache Berry / Haban Berry
Jolly / Sand Veil
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
- Swords Dance
- Outrage / Dragon Claw
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge

21st October 2010, 11:00 PM
Or, if you're sticking to strictly 5th Gen, Gamageroge or Terrakion. I'd give you a set, but I gotta take care of something atm. Sorry lol.

EDIT: *returns* Terrakion bias.

Terrakion @ Leftovers
Heart of Justice
184 HP/ 252 Atk/ 74 Def
-Rock Polish
-Stone Edge/Rock Slide
-Sacred Sword

I suppose I should explain...it's nice to come in on resisted Dark moves and get a boost, yes? Since this little fella has such a high base Spe already, you don't have to invest in it at all to outspeed everything, once at +2. Max Atk is obvious, and it's at the 2nd highes Lefties point (let's pretend like it needed that), with the rest tossed into Def for no real reason. Stone Edge is obvious power, though if you wish to try your luck, Rock Slide will hopefully make everything flinch. Sacred Sword > CC because, given the nature of the team, I assumed you don't want to drop your bulk. EQ is strong and does make QuakeEdge, but X-Scissor is weakness coverage, so pick your poison. So, yep, that's my suggestion.

Oh, and for Furiijio: if it's gotta do so much, I'd say keep it alive and use it as support. So no Enigma Berry lol; go with Light Clay to make it a real dual screener, and Recover so that it can continue to spin away hazards., since that seems to be its primary role. Woot.

22nd October 2010, 6:03 AM
Here's a replacement for "Mothra"

Gamageroge @ Big Root / Rindo Berry
252 Hp / 129 Atk / 129 SpAtk
Adamant Nature
*Poison Hand*
- Drain Punch / Aqua Ring -
- Sludge Wave -
- Surf -
- Earthquake -

- Big Root to gain more HP from Drain punch or Rindo Berry in case of surprise Grass attack -

- Hp just because -
- Atk and SpAtk because it doesn't learn Waterfall. -

- Drain Punch for attack and HP gain, or Aqua Ring for gradual gain, your choice. -
- Sludge Wave for Grass coverage -
- Surf and EQ for STAB -

Overall, 3/4 moves are SE to Rock. 'Nuff Said.

22nd October 2010, 11:37 PM
@ Ungulate: I agree that Garchomp would be great for this
team, but I'm trying to keep it 5th. gen only. Thanx though.

@ Kerech: Terrakion is cool, but I think a ground type would
be a better choice, as I also get an electric immunity. The
only reason I was using Enigma Berry on Furiiujio is because
his base Def. is awful (33), and he would probably get a good
chance to at least set up both screens. His physical frailty is
also another reason I'm worried about using Recover. Although,
he can survive a CB Blaziken's Blaze Kick. /:

I was thinking of using:

Goruugu @ Leftovers
Adamant Nature
252 HP/252 Atk/6 Spe
*Iron Fist*
~ Substitute
~ Stone Edge
~ Focus Punch
~ Shadow Punch

Sub and Focus Punch are obvious, Shadow Punch
is STAB and also boosted by Iron Fist. Stone
Edge is for coverage on flying types.

23rd October 2010, 5:26 AM
Ah, I was under the impression that you wanted something with a resistance to both Fire and Rock, not something with a STAB against the two. As for the snowflake: I think you'll have a hard time with this. See, I'm confused as to whether or not you want a spinner or a dual screener. If the intent is to keep a spinner, then you'd want to keep it alive, yes? But if you want a suicide screener, well, that's a whole different story. Correct me if I'm wrong, but idk how well mixing the two tasks will work out. If you run Explosion, you've sacrificed your spinner (and Explosion no longer halves Def during damage calcs, so you won't be doing much with it). If you want a dual screener, then there's probably better. Idk, I'm just not sure which role you're trying to fill.

The automaton is good though.

23rd October 2010, 5:44 AM
I may not be great when it comes to creating teams (in fact, I'm just getting my feet wet with competitive battling), but, if you're looking for something good against Rock, then I'd suggest Zuruzukin (Dark/Fighting). Bulky, has a great movepool, and you can teach it a whole whack of moves that go great with it's Attack stat.

It's up to you, I just thought I'd suggest it.

Him or Kojondo. Both are Fighting types, but Kojondo is more Special Attack centric and a tad quicker than Zuruzukin.


24th October 2010, 10:44 PM
I'll just get right into this one I guess.

The first thing I noticed when looking through this team's members as individuals is that Furiijio cannot afford to run Explosion. In a team that is 4/6 Stealth Rock weak, you really don't want to blow up your only answer to this move. I know you told me on Msn what it was EV'd to outspeed, but I can't remember now. Whatever the case may be, if memory serves, at least one of these targets is weak to Ice so you might as well as run Ice Beam somewhere to get a little offence on your Pokemon. I guess you can drop Light Screen for Ice Beam since you already have a mental SpDef, a pretty bulky team, and a sweeper (Ulgamoth) which can boost its own SpDef regardless. Continuing with Furiijio, the Enigma Berry seems too situational to me to have any real use; gambling on being hit by a Fire, Fighting or Rock move is far less reliable than just whacking on the Leftovers for consistency. Or, if you opt to keep both Reflect and Light Screen, then you can also have the Light Clay. I also don't think that Enigma Berry will activate when you switch in on Stealth Rock btw, as iirc the game doesn't count this as being attacked by a Super Effective move. Could be completely wrong here though, you should test it.

Tbh I'd really say that Ulgamoth is too critical on this team to be replaced with something that plays as slowly as Goruugu does; your team has a serious lack of offence throughout, with only Denchura and Ulgamoth providing any real power. In the correct situations, a SubPuncher can work wonders but imo it's too risky here to be able to rely on it for dealing damage, especially since you have no real crippling moves like Thunder Wave or *sleep inducing move goes here* to let you set up properly; if you're going to replace anything, I'd say replace Denchura for something physical and non-choiced. Not sure what exactly this would be right now, but I could probably come up with something given a while. You really need some huge offence here and you're not particularly Ice or Dragon weak so I'd recommend an Ononokusu because i just saw it in cobalt_latios's sig. You could probably work something out for it to use. I guess something along the lines of:

Ononokusu @ Leftovers / Persim Berry
Adamant Nature
4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
- Dragon Claw / Outrage
- Dragon Dance
- Rock Slide
- Earthquake

I shouldn't have to explain this really. You could always modify the EVs to hit a particular target but if this is SCRMT then you might just want to leave it with 252 Spe, like with Ulgamoth. Edit: After checking the Singles Archive, 116 HP / 252 Atk / 140 Spe is a decent spread for Ononokusu, outspeeding a Base 130 at +1.

Hope it helps.

25th October 2010, 12:36 AM
@ Kerech: I was hoping to use him as a spinner, so Explosion is out.
The dual screen part was just filler basically, since his movepool is
crap. I'll use Recover.

@ Cobalt_Latios: Zuruzukin is definitely one of my favorite PKMN
in 5th Gen. but unfortunately, he'll add another fighting weakness...

@ TBR: Furiijio is outspeeding max Spe neutral base 80's (Draggy).
I'll go with Ice Beam>Light Screen, and use Lefties, for the reasons
you stated. I like the Ononokusu set, he will replace Denchura.

Thanks guys, you've been quite helpful. *Edits OP* ^^