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24th October 2010, 6:33 PM
Right then! I've decided to make myself a region! I already have a load of concepts and have made a few sprites, so I'll start it now! I want crit here. Not too harsh, cos otherwise I will feel like a piece of ****, but don't be nice. I will be putting all the sprites I make in here, from Region Map to Trainers to Pokemon. I will also be putting here various other sprites such as splices, retypes and others, including a slightly different approach.

So, without further ado, my sprites!!! The sprites for the region are all pretty much WIPs, the other sprites not, but that doesn't mean I won't work on them.

The Guaru Region
The Guaru region, like Hoenn, is an obvious island, clearly separated from the other regions. It is very mountainous in places, with a couple of smaller islands near it. Here is my map for it, in HGSS style:

There are two starter towns. Yes, TWO. For each starter town, there are three other possible town where one of six different professors resides.

After all the starting stuff, such as choosing your looks (Trainer Customization), personality (MD style, helps slightly in game) and name, you will be asked a single question: Cats or Dogs? If you choose cats, you will be sent to one town, and your Pokemon until the laboratory town will be a Cat Pokemon that evolves at a very low level, such as level 10. This little bit at the start acts as a little tutorial.
If you choose dog, it's the same, but you get a dog Pokemon and three different professors to choose from.

The professors each have something different that you need to do to get a starter from them. One challenges you to a level 50 rental battle, another makes you explore an active volcano, whilst three others make you play minigames to do with their type. They each give out a different type, apart from Professor Pine, who gives out normal Pokemon the old way.

After route 1 is a crossroads with three roads. You have to choose between them for your starter. And once you've chosen, there is no changing your mind. After you've obtained your starter, you will be able to visit the other towns

The first gym is different two, as is the third, which will be the opposite to what you faced. One group faces a Flying gym, the Other a Bug one.


None as of yet. I'm working on them, don't worry!

Chuppy: The Dog that you get right at the start. I feel the sprite needs work. It's based off a Spaniel (Breed of Dog).
Sprite: http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo66/Proby3/iaza13054861977500.gif
Type: Normal
Evolution: Happaniel level 10.

Holivy's line: Hoivy's line is one I've only been working on recently, but I absolutely adore it in design. It is based of the Holly and Ivy plants, which are well known for being everygreen and form part of a Christmas song. This is why Snollivy and Wintivy are part Ice type. I feel they perhaps need a little more "ice" in them.
Sprite: http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo66/Proby3/iaza13054818686400.gif
Type: Grass --> Grass/Ice --> Grass/Ice
Evolution: Holivy -- Level 16 --> Snollivy -- Level 36 --> Wintivy

Ellash's line: Ellash is really an ancient sprite. I recently edited it, cutting out about half to make him more "starter" like. Cindphant and Ellava are much more recent, both made specifically for this region. Their base is Elephant, but for Cindphant and Ellava, the base is more Indian Elephant, famous for wearing decoration on them. Ellava's patterns, as well as the fire coming from its trunk, is based on the Earth, hence the Ground secondary typing.
Sprite: http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo66/Proby3/iaza13054886869500.gif
Type: Fire --> Fire --> Fire/Ground
Evolution: Ellash -- Level 15 --> Cindphant -- Level 37 --> Ellava

Aqueaver: The water starter. Based off a beaver.
Sprite: http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo66/Proby3/iaza13054839844800.gif
Type: Water
Evolution: Beavojo level 17.

Kashourisu: It's a Pokemon I've always wanted. A really good Squirrel! Kashourisu is the evolution of Pachirisu. Kashou mean burn in Japanese, and Risu means Squirrel.
Sprite: http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo66/Proby3/Kashourisu4570982748-iaza.gif
Type: Electric/Fire
Evolution: From Pachirisu using the Energy Stone.

Chatoucan: Chatot's evo! Nothing fantastically awesome here, but it's a nice for for Chatot.
Sprite: http://i362.photobucket.com/albums/oo66/Proby3/iaza13054857432500.gif
Type: Normal/Flying
Evolution: From Chatot using the Feather Stone.

List of new Evolution Methods
The Blender: An item that allows you to put in it two items. It's a key item, so it is usable more than once. The two items get used when you put them in, but what comes out are valuable items that evolve Pokemon. Some Pokemon's old evolutionary items, have been replaced. Mostly, the items you put in are evolutionary stones.
New Evolutionary Items

Feather Stone: Used to evolve a LOT of Pokemon, including Eevee into Cloudeon and Chatot into Chatoucan. Feather Stone is just a new item, not a "Blender" item.
Energy Stone: Fire Stone + Thunderstone. Used to Evolve Pachirisu into Kashourisu
Marsh Stone: Water Stone + Leaf Stone. Used to evolve Lombre into Ludicolo
Nightshade stone: Dusk Stone + Leaf Stone. Used to evolve Nuzleaf into Shiftry.

Other Stuff

Primal Arceus

And Breezebuzz.

Beachorb, my best in my opinion.

A Sableye recolour to Mawile colours.

A Gallade Chao

My best retype IMO, a Dark/Steel Turtwig

Gallade Flying re-type, another of my best retypes.

Espeon Ghost Re-type. Mask is scratch.

I have to say, my splicing skills have improved a lot since I last made a thread like this. Here is some of my work, Some of it extremely recent, some older.

Ok then! The next sprite is the one using 5th gen Pokemon. It uses Landlos and Chaobuu. There was, very recently, a WSC where you had to make a sprite out of only orange Pokemon. My entry was too late, but I still have the sprite, so here you go!

FInally, some interesting sprites. Again, these were inspired by WSC. They are "middle sprites" basically what a Pokemon would look like in between their evolutions. They're basically just fusions between evolutions, as you can see with one of them, which doesn't look like it's in between two Pokemon.

24th October 2010, 7:02 PM
Cool concepts. The starters are a bit blocky and I think that the idea of two starting towns could be a stretch, I like the world map.

25th October 2010, 5:09 PM
What exactly do you mean by "blocky"?
The two starter towns is not something that will change, I love the idea and will keep it. Everything woks out.

Thanks for the compliments. I made an effort to try and do stuff that hasn't really been done before.

What I've recently been working on: Cindphant, Ellash's evolution. He's pure Fire type, and look like this:
Shading needs major work. MAJOR work. I'm useless at shading. I can get the lineart perfect, but shading is my biggest issue.

25th October 2010, 8:24 PM
I mean to many strait lines. Organic objects have few strait lines. But I do like them and that is the only fault I find.

26th October 2010, 8:38 PM
Yeah I see what you mean I'll work on that when I have the time :).

Anybody else got crit?

Epwna is a Sceptile
26th October 2010, 9:43 PM
Well, I just want to say that I really respect that you have your own style. Some people dont get that people have them. But, you always need at least 3 shades of every color you use.I only see two for grey on Cindphant. Also, I really like Ellash. Shadings really well done on it IMO.

26th October 2010, 9:53 PM
Ellash IS the Pokemon I've been working on for longest :). Just look at my threads and you'll find one focused on him.

Shading's my biggest issue. I have to work on it...

2nd November 2010, 7:59 PM

I have got some new sprites!

Well, one new one, and one edited one. Here is Ellash's line, because yes, I've completed it with the final Elephant starter- Ellava. Ellava is Fire/Ground type. This may not be obvious at first glace, but take a closer look at the fire on his body, and you'll soon see it.

So yeah, here is the edited Cindphant and the new Ellava.

OK, something a little different:
Seeing as the round for both of these is over, I may as well post them. These are from the WSC anniversary competition, from round one and two. The first round was a recolour of a purple POkemon, so I recoloured Sableye to Mawile's colours:

And the second round was to make any non-legendary Pokemon into a Chao. I did Galade:


And please, crit!

EDIT: Added sprites to first post.

Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention. Providing I get mod consent, which I have sent for, Epwna is a Sceptile will be working with me on the region.

EDIT2: More sprites. I've finished Holivy's line! YAY!
Once again, I edited the middle sprite, Snollivy, and created Wintivy. I must say, I love my concepts. I know it may seem a little bit arrogant, but I just love them. Wintivy was going to be slimmer, but I wasn't too happy with the idea, so today at school, I was doodling and came up with the current concept. The three final starters are all going to be big and Bulky for my new Region.

6th November 2010, 8:09 PM
Well I don't know much about sprite making, but design wise the ideas are good, but some seems to be out of proportion in body shape and such, like the fire squirl the tail is a bit wide I guess and the evolve of chatot the beak &head is a bit too big in comparison to it's body and the wings are a bit small.

10th November 2010, 10:00 PM
Thanks for the crit, Giygas! Yeah, that tail was a huge pain to get right, I guess I'll have to do more on it...
For Chatoucan, it's beak is meant to be big, it's a toucan, and they have HUGE bills. But I'll happily work on the wings.

I've recently completed about five new Pokemon, in terms of: I've drawn their outlines and added basic colours, but haven't included any shading.
Here is the long list:

Holivy and Ellash lines: Very little here, I literally just added type buttons for a more visual look to them.

Next is Aqueaver's line! I have done the outline and basic colours of Beavojo and Beavoxer.

I've completely altered Chuppy to make him look more like a Spaniel.

Next, if you chose Cat instead of Dog, this is the fella you'd get:
Kitute, the Sleepy Cat Pokemon. I have cats at home who love to sleep, so that was an easy concept.

Next, possibly a line with the best names I've ever come up with. The first in the line is the only one I've started so far, again, just lineart and basic colours here. Sapleaf, the basic Grass Pokemon you can get. His evolutions are Grass/Dark and called Nastree and Treevil. I LOVE those names.

All Pikaclones who have yet to obtain an Evolution get one in the Guaru region, through the new Blender item. I've done Pachirisu, here is Multiplun, who is Plusle's evo. He is also Electric/Fire. Dividle, minun's evolution, is Electric/Water.
Again, this sprite only has basic colours and outline.

next the regional bird. Cos I hate boring old Normal/Flying, the two evos of this chap are Peregrinne Falcon based, and are Fighting/Flying. But at this stage there is just the one bird. Again, only main colours and outline present. That is NOT white, it is very light grey, the colour of Peregrine Falcon chicks. His name is Chichirp.

Every region also needs a rodent. This is Guimple, based off a guinea pig. Once again, basic colors and lineart only.

Next, possibly my favourite concept. There are TWO geodude "replacements" in Guaru. This is one. Icykerpymon came up with the idea. Rubbless. Once again coloirs and outline only.

Satoshi_poketo monsta
10th November 2010, 11:13 PM
Kawaii-naa. They look cute enough to me. And nice Region by the way. Pretty much detailed.

11th November 2010, 3:24 AM
I'd say make Ellava look more Ground type because he looks pure fire to me.

11th November 2010, 9:12 PM
Thanks for the crit guys, I really appreciate it.
Grovyl: Yeah, I did have problems with that. Hopefully the edited colour and the whole earth shaped flames will do the trick.

Anyway, MOAR edits/sprites for y'all.

The first was one I'd made and was ready for last post, but I kept it cos it would look better alongside one I made today.
Shellain, the Snail Pokemon. It's Water/Bug, a whole line of Water/Bugs. Because the two regional bugs I used this time have no Cocoon stage, it is replaced by a "shield" stage where the Pokemon is well defended and is well protected.

And Scorflame, The Scorpion Pokemon, Fire/Bug:

Again, like last time, most sprites I've made have no shading, as It's a weak spot for my that I'm not too confident with.

Route 1 and 4 for Guaru have Guimple on both of them, and Kitute on Route 1 and Chuppy route 4. Route 2 and 5, after you get your starter, have Chichirp and Sapleaf on both, and Route 2 has Scorflame and Kitute whilst Route 5 has Shellain and Chuppy.

Talking about Sapleaf, the Outline and Basic colours have been completed for its two Grass/Dark evos, Nastree and Treevil.
I know they may seem big, but they are based off trees. They are within B/W limitations though.

What about Rioute 3 and 6? Route 3 has Kitute, Route 6 Chuppy. They both have Sapleaf, Guimple and Chichirp, as well as another prevo/evo of a Pokemon. This line is much like Roselia's; it gets a prevo and an evo. This is Musapius, a Pure grass type, pevo of Tropius.
Needs much much work. It's going to stay based off a Banana though.
Musapius evolves into Tropius via Happiness, Bred when Tropius is holding a Feather stone. Interestingly, it also EVOLVES via Feather Stone, into the Grass/Dragon Bropichios, which i am yet to make.

Oh yeah, here is the edited Ellash line. I changed the colours of Cindphant and Ellava, to make them more "earthy"

Finally, a fusion of all the Gen 5 Fire Types, the final forms anyway.


Finally, what do you guys think of the art of the three starters in my sig? The games are called Pokemon Jet and Pokemon Topaz, by the way. At least, if I ever make them into actual games...
It's just a bit of fun, so I won't mind if you don't like the art.

21st November 2010, 5:13 PM

I have done a big redesign on Beavojo to make him look more like a Pokemon and more like a middle starter. here are the results. Once again, Beavoxer is not shaded yet.
Tell me what you think. he's the one in the middle, btw, in case you couldn't tell. I personally love the boxing gloves' shading

Next, I made Kitute smaller to match with Chuppy's general size.

Rubbless has been shaded as well.

And I have also created a "Folder" for the region's sprites. It's the region dex, so I've included past Pokemon, but I've only included ones with new evolutions and pre-evolutions in this gen. Oh yeah, and Pikachu's line, seeing as I'm including every Pikaclone to date, all of which have evolutions they didn't before.

The region dex consists of 149 Pokemon.
10 are Legendaries (The "Box" legendaries [3], the Trio and trio master [4] and the Event Legendaries[3])
9 Are the Starters (Obviously)
17 are past Pokemon. The Pikaclones, Chatot, Tropius and the Eeveelutions.
The rest are normal Pokemon.
Here is the dex: