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25th October 2010, 7:52 AM
Hello and welcome to my trade shop :)

1. Don't give any mean comments or stupid comments.

2. Only offer what I want.

3. Instead of saying "I think it's legit" actually have a look at it.

4. All that I offer will be cloned, so don't complain if it is.

5. Hacked is NOT fine. Cloned is fine. RNG is fine. Chaining is fine. Soft Reset is fine. Again, Hacked is NOT fine.

My Friend Code: Blake 4598 5485 4847

Game: Pokemon Diamond

Pokedex: 493/493 :)

Items Remaining: None :)

Trainer Card: 4/5 stars

I live in South Australia (Which is obviously in Australia).

I don't consider cloning cheating.

I always clone before trading but I never hack. I don't EV or IV train.

I am fine with attaching items to the shiny (I have every tradable item).

Favourite Pokemon: Carnivine! Gotta luv the plant!

What I Want:
I am looking for Legit, English, Non-Nicknamed, Not-On-The-List, Shiny Legendarys, or events I have specified.

Note: I can attach pokerus and or items to most of these (except to the ones which have had pokerus)

Symbol Meaning
^ Has Gender Difference(s)
* Legendary
Y Male
X Female
O Genderless
L100 Level 100
HAD P Had Pokerus
HAS P Has Pokerus
UT Untouched
PT Possible Touched (Appears UT)
BT Barely Tocuhed (Not a Level)
T Tocuhed (At least a Level)

Note: I may not have the evolved forms of certain listed pokemon. (I do have all of these effected by items.) It no nature is listed, I do not have it at all.
No. Name Male Female Genderless Nature UT1 Bulbasaur Y Mild T
2 Ivysaur Y Mild T
3 Venusaur^ Y Mild T
4 Charmander Y Jolly UT (HAD P)
5 Charmeleon Y Jolly T (HAD P)
6 Charizard X Gentle T (HAD P)
7 Squirtle Y Bashful UT
8 Wartortle Y Bashful T
9 Blastoise Y Bashful T
10 Caterpie X Na´ve UT
11 Metapod X Na´ve T
12 Butterfree^ X Na´ve T
13 Weedle Y Careful UT
14 Kakuna Y Careful T
15 Beedrill Y Careful T
16 Pidgey X Serious UT
17 Pidgeotto X Serious T
18 Pidgeot X Serious T
19 Rattata^ X Gentle UT
20 Raticate^ X Gentle T
21 Spearow Y Rash UT
22 Fearow Y Rash T
23 Ekans Y Hasty PT
24 Arbok Y Hasty T
25 Pikachu^ Y Naughty UT
26 Raichu^ Y Naughty UT
27 Sandshrew Y Lonely UT
28 Sandslash Y Lonely T
29 Nidoran ♀ X Naughty UT
30 Nidorina X Naughty T
31 Nidoqueen X Naughty T
32 Nidoran ♂ Y Calm UT
33 Nidorino Y Calm T
34 Nidoking Y Calm T
35 Clefairy Y Relaxed T
36 Clefable Y Relaxed T
37 Vulpix X Hasty UT
38 Ninetales X Bold UT
39 Jigglypuff Y Lax T (HAD P)
40 Wigglytuff Y Lax T (HAD P)
41 Zubat^ X Naughty UT
42 Golbat^ Y X Modest (M), Naughty (F) T (M), T(F)
43 Oddish Y Quiet PT
44 Gloom^ Y Quiet T
45 Vileplume^ Y Quiet T
46 Paras Y Bashful PT
47 Parasect Y Bashful T
48 Venonat X Quirky PT
49 Venomoth X Quirky T
50 Diglett X Naughty PT
51 Dugtrio X Naughty T
52 Meowth Y Bashful UT
53 Persian Y Bashful T
54 Psyduck Y Calm UT
55 Golduck Y Calm T
56 Mankey Y Bold UT
57 Primeape Y Bold T
58 Growlithe Y Rash PT
59 Arcanine Y Rash PT
60 Poliwag X Gentle UT
61 Poliwhirl X Gentle T
62 Poliwrath X Gentle T
63 Abra Y Modest PT
64 Kadabra^ Y Modest T
65 Alakazam^ Y Modest T
66 Machop Y Impish UT
67 Machoke Y Impish T
68 Machamp Y Impish T
69 Bellsprout Y Lonely UT
70 Weepinbell Y Lonely T
71 Victreebel Y Lonely T
72 Tentacool X Gentle UT
73 Tentacruel Y Na´ve T
74 Geodude Y Bold UT
75 Graveler Y Bold T
76 Golem X Quirky UT
77 Ponyta Y Hasty UT
78 Rapidash Y Hasty T
79 Slowpoke Y Modest UT
80 Slowbro Y Modest T
81 Magnemite O Mild UT
82 Magneton O Mild T
83 Farfetch'd Y Rash UT
84 Doduo^ X Hasty UT
85 Dodrio^ X Hasty T
86 Seel Y Gentle UT
87 Dewgong Y Gentle T
88 Grimer X Brave PT
89 Muk X Brave T
90 Shellder X Gentle UT
91 Cloyster X Gentle UT
92 Gastly Y Modest UT
93 Haunter Y Modest T
94 Gengar Y Modest T
95 Onix Y Brave UT
96 Drowzee X Lax UT
97 Hypno^ X Lax T
98 Krabby Y Lax UT
99 Kingler Y Lax T
100 Voltorb O Brave UT
101 Electrode O Brave T
102 Exeggcute X Careful UT
103 Exeggutor X Careful UT
104 Cubone Y Lax UT
105 Marowak Y Lax T
106 Hitmonlee Y Calm T
107 Hitmonchan Y Calm T
108 Lickitung X Bashful UT
109 Koffing X Timid PT
110 Weezing X Timid T
111 Rhyhorn^ X Hasty T
112 Rhydon^ X Hasty T
113 Chansey X Rash T
114 Tangela Y Gentle T
115 Kangaskhan X Naughty UT
116 Horsea Y Sassy T
117 Seadra Y Sassy T
118 Goldeen^ Y Mild BT
119 Seaking^ Y Mild T
120 Staryu O Timid UT
121 Starmie O Timid T
122 Mr. Mime Y Calm T
123 Scyther^ Y Bashful UT
124 Jynx X Careful T
125 Electabuzz Y Naughty T
126 Magmar Y Modest T (HAS P)
127 Pinsir X Adamant BBT
128 Tauros Y Docile PT
129 Magikarp^ Y Bashful T
130 Gyarados^ Y Bashful T
131 Lapras X Timid UT (HAS P)
132 Ditto O Impish UT
133 Eevee Y Impish UT
134 Vaporeon Y Impish UT
135 Jolteon Y Impish UT
136 Flareon Y Impish UT
137 Porygon O Hasty UT
138 Omanyte Y Jolly UT
139 Omastar Y Jolly T
140 Kabuto Y Docile UT
141 Kabutops Y Docile T
142 Aerodactyl Y Lax UT
143 Snorlax Y Bold T
144 Articuno* O Impish UT
145 Zapdos* O Lonely UT
146 Moltres* O Quirky UT
147 Dratini X Brave UT
148 Dragonair X Brave T
149 Dragonite Y Adamant T (HAD P)
150 Mewtwo* O Quiet BBT
151 Mew* O Bold PT
152 Chikorita Y Mild UT
153 Bayleef Y Mild T
154 Meganium^ Y Mild T
155 Cyndaquil Y Gentle UT
156 Quilava Y Gentle T
157 Typhlosion Y Gentle T
158 Totodile X Adamant UT
159 Croconaw X Adamant T
160 Feraligatr X Adamant T
161 Sentret X Naughty UT
162 Furret X Naughty T
163 Hoothoot Y Serious UT
164 Noctowl Y Serious T
165 Ledyba^ Y Na´ve UT
166 Ledian^ Y Na´ve T
167 Spinarak X Jolly UT
168 Ariados X Quirky UT
169 Crobat Y X Modest (M), Naughty (F) T
170 Chinchou X Serious UT
171 Lanturn X Serious T
172 Pichu X Hasty UT
173 Cleffa Y Relaxed UT
174 Igglybuff Y Lax UT (HAD P)
175 Togepi Y Mild UT
176 Togetic Y Mild T
177 Natu X Rash UT
178 Xatu^ X Rash T
179 Mareep X Modest PT
180 Flaaffy X Modest T
181 Ampharos X Modest T
182 Bellossom Y Quiet T
183 Marill Y Modest T
184 Azumarill Y Modest T
185 Sudowoodo^ X Jolly T (HAS P)
186 Politoed^ X Gentle T
187 Hoppip Y Adamant UT
188 Skiploom Y Adamant T
189 Jumpluff Y Adamant T
190 Aipom^ Y Lonely T (HAD P)
191 Sunkern X Na´ve UT
192 Sunflora X Na´ve UT
193 Yanma Y Timid UT
194 Wooper^ Y Rash UT
195 Quagsire^ Y Rash T
196 Espeon Y Impish T
197 Umbreon Y Impish T
198 Murkrow^ Y Hardy UT
199 Slowking Y Modest T
200 Misdreavus X Gentle UT
201 Unown
202 Wobbuffet^ X Quirky T
203 Girafarig^ X Relaxed UT
204 Pineco X Careful UT
205 Forretress X Careful T
206 Dunsparce Y Bashful UT
207 Gligar^ Y Hasty PT
208 Steelix^ Y Brave UT
209 Snubbull X Quirky UT
210 Granbull X Quirky T
211 Qwilfish X Jolly UT
212 Scizor^ Y Bashful UT
213 Shuckle Y Careful UT
214 Heracross^ X Adamant UT (HAS P)
215 Sneasel^ X Quirky UT
216 Teddiursa X Lax T
217 Ursaring^ X Lax T
218 Slugma Y Docile UT (HAD P)
219 Magcargo Y Docile T (HAD P)
220 Swinub Y Calm UT
221 Piloswine^ Y Calm T
222 Corsola Y Sassy UT
223 Remoraid Y Modest UT (HAD P)
224 Octillery^ Y Modest T (HAD P)
225 Delibird Y Bashful UT
226 Mantine X Calm T
227 Skarmory X Serious UT
228 Houndour Y Modest PT
229 Houndoom^ Y Modest T
230 Kingdra Y Sassy T
231 Phanpy Y Calm UT
232 Donphan^ Y Calm T
233 Porygon2 O Hasty UT
234 Stantler X Brave UT (HAS P)
235 Smeargle Y Naughty UT
236 Tyrogue Y Calm UT
237 Hitmontop Y Calm T
238 Smoochum X Careful UT
239 Elekid Y Naughty UT
240 Magby Y Modest UT (HAS P)
241 Miltank X Sassy UT
242 Blissey X Rash T
243 Raikou* O Timid BT (HAS P)
244 Entei* O Bashful UT
245 Suicune* O Docile UT
246 Larvitar Y Adamant T
247 Pupitar Y Adamant T
248 Tyranitar Y Adamant T
249 Lugia* O Hardy BT (HAD P)
250 Ho-Oh* O Hardy BT (HAD P)
251 Celebi*
252 Treecko Y Hasty UT (HAD P)
253 Grovyle Y Hasty T (HAD P)
254 Sceptile Y Hasty T (HAD P)
255 Torchic Y Hardy UT
256 Combusken^ Y Hardy T
257 Blaziken^ Y Hardy T
258 Mudkip Y Impish T
259 Marshtomp Y Impish T
260 Swampert Y Impish T
261 Poochyena Y Calm PT
262 Mightyena Y Calm T
263 Zigzaggoon Y Relaxed T
264 Linoone Y Relaxed T
265 Wurmple Y Adamant PT (HAS P)
266 Silcoon Y Adamant T (HAS P)
267 Beautifly^ Y Adamant T (HAS P)
268 Cascoon T
269 Dustox^ T
270 Lotad Y Naughty UT
271 Lombre Y Naughty T
272 Ludicolo^ Y Naughty T
273 Seedot X Lax UT
274 Nuzleaf^ X Lax T
275 Shiftry^ X Lax T
276 Taillow X Bashful UT
277 Swellow X Bashful T
278 Wingull X Serious UT
279 Pelipper X Serious T
280 Ralts Y Mild UT
281 Kirlia Y Mild T
282 Gardevoir Y Mild T
283 Surskit X Sassy UT
284 Masquerain X Sassy T
285 Shroomish Y Na´ve UT
286 Breloom Y Na´ve T
287 Slakoth Y Serious UT
288 Vigoroth Y Serious T
289 Slaking Y Serious T
290 Nincada Y Calm PT
291 Ninjask Y Calm T
292 Shedinja O Calm T
293 Whismur Y Serious UT
294 Loudred Y Serious T
295 Exploud Y Serious T
296 Makuhita Y Lax UT
297 Hariyama Y Lax T
298 Azurill X Modest UT
299 Nosepass X Jolly UT
300 Skitty X Mild UT
301 Delcatty X Mild UT
302 Sableye Y Docile T (HAD P)
303 Mawile Y Hasty UT
304 Aron Y Adamant T
305 Lairon Y Adamant T
306 Aggron Y Adamant T
307 Meditite^ X Modest UT
308 Medicham^ X Rash UT
309 Electrike X Quirky UT
310 Manectric X Quirky T
311 Plusle X Impish UT
312 Minum Y Careful T
313 Volbeat Y Relaxed UT
314 Illumise X Mild PT
315 Roselia^ Y Naughty T
316 Gulpin^ Y Serious UT
317 Swalot^ Y Serious T
318 Carvanha Y Lax PT
319 Sharpedo Y Lax T
320 Wailmer X Rash UT
321 Wailord X Rash T
322 Numel^ Y Serious PT
323 Camerupt^ Y Serious T
324 Torkoal Y Modest PT
325 Spoink Y Impish UT
326 Grumpig Y Impish T
327 Spinda Y Rash UT
328 Trapinch X Mild UT
329 Vibrava X Mild T
330 Flygon X Mild T
331 Cacnea Y Timid UT
332 Cacturne^ Y Timid T
333 Swablu X Relaxed PT
334 Altaria X Relaxed T
335 Zangoose Y Na´ve T
336 Seviper X Hardy UT
337 Lunatone O Careful UT
338 Solrock O Bold UT
339 Barboach Y Impish UT
340 Whiscash Y Impish T
341 Corphish Y Lax UT
342 Crawdaunt Y Lax T
343 Baltoy O Quirky UT
344 Claydol O Quirky T
345 Lileep Y Serious UT
346 Cradily Y Timid T
347 Anorith Y Jolly UT (HAS P)
348 Armaldo Y Jolly T (HAS P)
349 Feebas Y Timid UT
350 Milotic^ Y Timid T
351 Castform Y Modest UT (HAS P)
352 Kecleon Y Bashful PT
353 Shuppet Y Quirky PT
354 Banette Y Quirky T
355 Duskull Y Hasty PT
356 Dusclops Y Hasty T
357 Tropius Y Calm PT
358 Chimecho X Mild T
359 Absol Y Calm UT
360 Wynaut X Quirky UT
361 Snorunt X Relaxed T
362 Glalie X Relaxed T
363 Spheal X Hasty PT
364 Sealeo X Hasty T
365 Walrein X Hasty T
366 Clamperl X Na´ve UT
367 Huntail X Na´ve T
368 Gorebyss X Na´ve T
369 Relicanth^ Y Modest UT
370 Luvdisc X Serious UT (HAD P)
371 Bagon X Jolly UT
372 Shelgon X Jolly T
373 Salamance X Jolly T
374 Beldum O Modest UT
375 Metang O Modest T
376 Metagross O Modest T
377 Regirock* O Serious T (HAD P)
378 Regice* O Impish UT (HAD P)
379 Registeel* O Quirky UT
380 Latias* X Naughty UT
381 Latios* Y Bold UT
382 Kyogre* O Timid UT
383 Groudon* O Relaxed UT
384 Rayquaza* O Rash BBT (HAD P)
385 Jirachi* O Serious UT
386 Deoxys* O Adamant T (HAD P)
387 Turtwig Y Lax UT
388 Grotle Y Lax T
389 Torterra Y Lax T
390 Chimchar X Lax UT
391 Monferno X Lax T
392 Infernape X Lax T
393 Piplup Y Lax UT
394 Prinplup Y Lax T
395 Empoleon Y Lax T
396 Starly^ Y Brave UT (HAD P)
397 Staravia^ X Timid BT
398 Staraptor^ X Timid T
399 Bidoof^ Y Careful UT
400 Bibarel^ Y Careful T
401 Kriketot^ Y Careful UT
402 Kriketune^ Y Bashful T
403 Shinx^ Y Serious UT
404 Luxio^ Y Serious T
405 Luxray^ Y Serious T
406 Budew Y Naughty UT
407 Roserade^ Y Naughty T
408 Cranidos X Bold UT
409 Rampardos X Bold T
410 Shieldon Y Rash UT
411 Bastiodon Y Rash T
412 Burmy (Grass Cloak) Y X Rash UT
412 Burmy (Sandy Cloak) Y Rash UT
412 Burmy (Trash Cloak) Y Rash UT
413 Wormadam (Grass Cloak) X Rash T
413 Wormadam (Sandy Cloak) X Rash T
413 Wormadam (Trash Cloak) X Rash T
414 Mothim Y Rash T
415 Combee^ X Mild UT
416 Vespiquen X Mild T
417 Pachirisu^ X Sassy UT
418 Buizel^ Y Impish UT
419 Floatzel^ Y Impish T
420 Cherubi X Modest UT
421 Cherrim X Modest T
422 Shellos - West Sea (Pink) Y Relaxed UT
422 Shellos - East Sea (Blue) X Relaxed UT
423 Gastrodon - West Sea (Pink) Y Careful T
423 Gastrodon - East Sea (Blue) X Careful T
424 Ambipom^ Y Lonely T
425 Drifloon X Bashful UT
426 Drifblim X Bashful T
427 Buneary Y Docile UT
428 Lopunny Y Docile T
429 Mismagius X Gentle UT
430 Honchkrow Y Hardy UT
431 Glameow X Quiet UT
432 Purugly X Quiet T
433 Chingling X Mild T
434 Stunky Y Careful UT
435 Skuntank Y Careful T
436 Bronzor O Docile UT
437 Bronzong O Docile T
438 Bonsly X Jolly UT (HAS P)
439 Mime Jr. Y Calm UT
440 Happiny X Rash UT
441 Chatot Y Calm UT
442 Spiritomb X Quirky UT
443 Gible^ X Modest UT
444 Gabite^ X Modest T
445 Garchomp^ X Modest T
446 Munchlax Y Bold UT
447 Riolu Y Hardy T
448 Lucario Y Hardy T
449 Hippopotas^ Y X Hasty (M), Quiet (F) UT
450 Hippowdon^ Y X Hasty (M), Quiet (F) T
451 Skorupi Y Adamant UT
452 Drapion Y Adamant T
453 Croagunk^ X Na´ve UT
454 Toxicroak^ X Na´ve T
455 Carnivine X Lax UT
456 Finneon^ Y Modest UT
457 Lumineon^ Y Modest T
458 Mantyke X Calm UT
459 Snover^ Y Quiet UT
460 Abomasnow^ Y Quiet T
461 Weavile^ X Quirky T
462 Magnezone O Mild T
463 Lickilicky X Bashful T
464 Rhyperior^ X Hasty T
465 Tangrowth^ Y Gentle T
466 Electivire Y Naughty T
467 Magmortar Y Modest T (HAS P)
468 Togekiss Y Mild T
469 Yanmega Y Timid T
470 Leafeon Y Impish T
471 Glaceon Y Impish T
472 Gliscor Y Hasty T
473 Mamoswine^ Y Calm T
474 Porygon-Z O Hasty UT
475 Gallade Y Mild T
476 Probopass X Jolly T
477 Dusknoir Y Hasty T
478 Froslass X Relaxed T
479 Rotom O Brave UT
480 Uxie* O Calm UT
481 Mesprit* O Mild UT
482 Azelf* O Timid UT
483 Dialga* O Jolly T (HAS P)
484 Palkia* O Modest T (L100)
485 Heatran* Y X Quiet (M) Modest (F) UT
486 Regigigas* O Jolly BT
487 Girantia* O Docile UT
488 Cresselia* X Na´ve BT
489 Phione* O Adamant UT
490 Manaphy* O Docile UT
Other Trades/ Items/ Pokerus:

All Legendary Pokemon (Excluding; Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus)

All Starter Pokemon

All Rare Pokemon

All Non Shiny Pokemon (Excluding; Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus)

All Berries (All 64)

All TMs (All 92)

All Obtainable Pokeballs (Including Masterballs and Luxury Balls)

All Medicine Items (Including Rare Candies and Berry Juice)

All Battle Items (Including Blue, Red and Yellow Flutes)

All Items (Including Lucky Eggs, Exp. Shares, Black Sludges, Lucky Coins, Heal Bells, Shell Bells)

All Type Specific Items

All Fossils

New Battledome Items (Including Power Anklets etc..., Flame Orbs)

Rare Items (Soul Dews, Sacred Ashes, Berry Juices, Light Balls)

Items I don't Have:

None, I officially have all of the items in the fourth generation :)

This page is to detail the legitimacy of the pokemon I'm trading.

I clone all pokemon before I trade. (Using the Emeald Cloning Glitch and/or the GTS Cloning Glitch).

I do not take responibility if the pokemon I trade you is hacked as I only have the word of those who traded it to me, however, they shouldn't be hacked as explained below.
I have put all of my shinys on the list onto Pokemon Battle Revolution and none of them turned into Bad Eggs so they should all be legitimate.

If I trade you a hack (I wouldn't do it on purpose as i don't like hacks) don't expect me to give you a complementary pokemon.

If you are trading me a pokemon it must be legit, english and non-nicknamed. (Unless it is a spare and we are doing a double trade then it only has to be legit.)

My Shinys: This is a list of the shinys which I, myself, have caught, they have been cloned, so I can guarantee that they are 100% legit:

Tentacruel Naive

Golbat x2, Crobat x2 Modest (Male) Naughty (Female)

Staravia, Staraptor Timid

Drifloon, Drifblim Bashful

I have put all of my shinys on the list onto Pokemon Battle Revolution and none of them turned into Bad Eggs so they should all be legitimate. :)

What I Want:
Shiny Versions of all 28 Unown

ALL MUST BE LEGIT (and not Nicknamed if Nicknamable):
10 Anniversary Concert Chatot
Shiny Crown Beasts (Which Unlock things in Black and White)

25th October 2010, 4:59 PM
I am interested in your Timid Raikou, Adamant Deoxys, and Calm Uxie

I can offer:

Crown Entei (ID No. 06180) Jun. 18, 2010 - Adamant - Likes to fight
Crown Raikou (ID No. 06180) Jun. 18, 2010 - Rash - Likes to run.
Crown Suicune ( ID No. 06180) Jun. 18, 2010 - Relaxed - Alert to sounds.
Movie Celebi (ID No. 07100) Jul. 10, 2010 - Calm - Highly persistent.
Movie Celebi (ID No. 07100) Jul. 10, 2010 - Timid - Sturdy body.
Movie Celebi (ID No. 07100) Jul. 10, 2010 - Modest - Proud of its power.

26th October 2010, 9:29 AM
Well I'm fine with trading for the three crown beats... providing there's nothing you wanted to know about the three shinys you listed?

Also, which Deoxys form did you want (You can easily change it, but meh)?

26th October 2010, 10:23 AM
Are they legit and UT?

26th October 2010, 10:51 AM
what lvl is your lax shiny infernape

26th October 2010, 11:09 AM
They are all legit tstormhunter.
Shiny Raikou is Level 40, Has Active Pokerus and only a little EXP (Not even a level).
Shiny Deoxys is level 72, Had Pokerus, is T.
Shiny Uxie is Level 50, is UT.

Shiny Infernape is Level 36 and seems to be nicknamed CHIMCHAR... (I only just realised)

I am currently working on a template to make trading easier. It will list ALL of my shinys, natures, genders and whether they are UT (for those of you who care...).

26th October 2010, 11:11 AM
Just a tip, add pictures, most people hate reading everything.

26th October 2010, 11:16 AM
Only looking for UT, but I'll still trade for the Uxie if you want.

26th October 2010, 2:48 PM
I have Crown Raikou and shiny female Heatran, I can trade you one for your shiny Timid Kyogre.

27th October 2010, 7:24 AM
MokKish - Sure, my Shiny Kyogre for your shiny female Heatran?
tstornmhunter - Shiny Uxie for the Modest Movie Celebi you listed?

Note: I will not be able to trade right away (maybe not even tonight)
Note 2: My FC may have changed as I had to change DS.

27th October 2010, 7:46 AM
Sure. Just PM me when you're ready to trade.

27th October 2010, 10:01 AM
My shinys list and friend code have now been updated!

Happy shopping!

27th October 2010, 10:20 AM
Trade with tsstormhunter officially complete.
I would like to give them 100% positive feedback.
I now no longer need a 10th Movie Celebi.
Thanks for the trade tsstormhunter.

27th October 2010, 4:03 PM
MokKish - Sure, my Shiny Kyogre for your shiny female Heatran?
I noticed that after posting last night you've updated your list, and saw a shiny Celebi there, which I'm very, very much interested in. Is there any way I could trade for both the Celebi and Kyogre? I'm still offering ut legit shiny female heatran and legit ut crown raikou, but might add one of these as an extra:
shiny lv 100 deoxys
shiny ut giratina with adamant nature
shiny lv 100 mewtwo
shiny ut zapdos
shiny ut suicune

28th October 2010, 9:13 AM
To be honest MokKish, I would really like a shiny celebi too.

You see, the list is a template, and, as mentioned above the spoiler tab, if no nature is listed, then I don't have it, yet. I fill in the list when I get the shinys. So no, I don't have a shiny celebi.

Incidentally, I am ready to trade with you. Just PM me when we're both online.

28th October 2010, 2:12 PM
To be honest MokKish, I would really like a shiny celebi too.

You see, the list is a template, and, as mentioned above the spoiler tab, if no nature is listed, then I don't have it, yet. I fill in the list when I get the shinys. So no, I don't have a shiny celebi.

Incidentally, I am ready to trade with you. Just PM me when we're both online.

ah sorry about that. i'll be checking if i see you online then.

2nd November 2010, 9:27 AM
Trade with MokKish officially complete.
I would like to give them 100% positive feedback.
I now no longer need a Shiny Female Heatran.
Thanks for the trade MokKish.

Shiny Female Heatran (Modest and UT) added to the list!

2nd June 2011, 8:56 PM
i want to trade you a WIN2011 shiny entei for your shiny spiritomb.please answer

3rd June 2011, 3:34 PM
What would you want from my sig for the shiny magcargo, and what lvl is it