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1st November 2010, 9:40 PM
For Trade:
Lv. 55 Female Togekiss
Lv. 53 Azelf
Lv. 53 Phione
Lv. 52 Moltres
Lv. 50 Articuno
Lv. 50 Zapdos
Lv. 55 Giratina
Lv. 60 Female Arcanine
Lv. 60 Male Nidoking
Lv. 53 Female Floatzel
Lv. 60 Male Marowak
Lv. 56 Male Machamp
Lv. 55 Female Rhyperior
Lv. 55 Male Swampert
Lv. 60 Male Blaziken
Lv. 48 Female Gengar
Lv. 43 Male Aggron
Lv. 30 Shiny Male Weezing
Lv. 27 Shiny Female Geodude
Lv. 20 Shiny Male Ludicolo
Lv. 18 Shiny Male Alakazam
Lv. 5 Shiny Male Cloyster
Lv. 5 Shiny Male Teddiursa
Lv. 60 Male Graveler
Lv. 55 Female Onix w/ Metal Coat
Lv. 52 Male Scyther w/ Metal Coat
Lv. 37 Male Haunter
Lv. 35 Female Seadra w/ Dragon Scale
Lv. 21 Male Clamperl w/ DeepSeaScale
Lv. 1 Male Snorlax
Lv. 55 Female Abomasnow
Lv. 52 Male Bellossom
Lv. 52 Female Ariados
Lv. 50 Male Volbeat
Lv. 40 Female Swalot
Lv. 40 Female Smeargle
Lv. 36 Male Stantler
Lv. 36 Male Weavile
Lv. 35 Female Forretress
Lv. 35 Male Dodrio
Lv. 34 Male Snover
Lv. 32 Male Leafeon
Lv. 30 Ditto
Lv. 30 Male Corphish
Lv. 27 Female Jumpluff
Lv. 26 Male Manectric
Lv. 25 Female Cherrim
Lv. 22 Female Hippopotas
Lv. 22 Male Paras
Lv. 21 Male Kricketune
Lv. 20 Female Furret
Lv. 20 Porygon-Z
Lv. 20 Male Cranidos
Lv. 20 Male Shieldon
Lv. 19 Male Vigoroth
Lv. 19 Male Glaceon
Lv. 14 Female Shiftry
Lv. 6 Female Kricketot
Lv. 1 Male Wynaut
Lv. 1 Female Duskull
Lv. 55 Male Spinda
Lv. 46 Female Medicham
Lv. 46 Female Cubone
Lv.42 Male Glalie
Lv. 40 Male Cradily
Lv. 40 Male Raichu
Lv. 40 Female Gastly
Lv. 38 Female Purugly
Lv. 38 Female Poochyena
Lv. 30 Male Abra
Lv. 29 Female Shuckle
Lv. 28 Male Shinx
Lv. 27 Female Electrike
Lv. 25 Female Jynx
Lv. 24 Male Mightyena
Lv. 22 Male Drifloon
Lv. 22 Female Rattata
Lv. 20 Male Linoone
Lv. 20 Voltorb
Lv. 18 Female Igglybuff
Lv. 18 Male Castform
Lv. 18 Female Mime Jr.
Lv. 16 Female Snubbull
Lv. 15 Bronzor
Lv. 15 Female Larvitar
Lv. 15 Male Sentret
Lv. 12 Female Chansey
Lv. 10 Female Slakoth
Lv. 5 Male Hoppip
Lv. 1 Male Riolu
Lv. 54 Male Roselia
Lv. 53 Female Cacturne
Lv. 52 Male Vileplume
Lv. 50 Female Illumise
Lv. 50 Male Weepinbell
Lv. 45 Female Bellsprout
Lv. 40 Male Loudred
Lv. 39 Female Smeargle
Lv. 38 Female Muk
Lv. 36 Female Slaking
Lv. 27 Male Oddish
Lv. 26 Female Exeggcute
Lv. 24 Female Carnivine
Lv. 24 Male Yanma
Lv. 22 Male Arbok
Lv. 19 Male Espeon
Lv. 18 Female Happiny
Lv. 18 Male Jolteon
Lv. 18 Male Meowth
Lv. 17 Female Roserade
Lv. 16 Female Zangoose
Lv. 16 Male Budew
Lv. 15 Rotom
Lv. 13 Female Gulpin
Lv. 10 Male Kakuna
Lv. 10 Male Nincada
Lv. 8 Male Cherubi
Lv. 6 Female Sunkern
Lv. 5 Male Combee
Lv. 1 Male Munchlax
Lv. 54 Male Bibarel
Lv. 54 Male Chimecho
Lv. 53 Male Sneasel
Lv. 51 Female Machoke
Lv. 45 Female Lopunny
Lv. 44 Male Sableye
Lv. 42 Female Ampharos
Lv. 41 Female Mr. Mime
Lv. 37 Male Grumpig
Lv. 36 Female Froslass
Lv. 33 Male Lickilicky
Lv. 33 Female Aipom
Lv. 29 Male Gastrodon (Pink)
Lv. 27 Male Kadabra
Lv. 26 Male Cleffa
Lv. 22 Male Bidoof
Lv. 21 Male Marill
Lv. 20 Female Beedrill
Lv. 20 Male Azurill
Lv. 20 Male Psyduck
Lv. 20 Shedinja
Lv. 18 Porygon
Lv. 18 Male Bonsly
Lv. 18 Male Pikachu
Lv. 17 Female Dustox
Lv. 11 Female Cascoon
Lv. 10 Female Murkrow
Lv. 10 Female Silcoon
Lv. 10 Female Wurmple
Lv. 1 Male Shuppet
Lv. 55 Male Weezing
Lv. 55 Male Primeape
Lv. 54 Male Hippowdon
Lv. 52 Male Hariyama
Lv. 51 Female Skuntank
Lv. 51 Female Makuhita
Lv. 49 Male Wigglytuff
Lv. 45 Male Drapion
Lv. 44 Male Tyrogue
Lv. 41 Male Armaldo
Lv. 40 Female Geodude
Lv. 39 Female Whismur
Lv. 35 Female Ursaring
Lv. 35 Solrock
Lv. 35 Male Meditite
Lv. 34 Female Pineco
Lv. 31 Male Rampardos
Lv. 29 Male Aron
Lv. 26 Male Croagunk
Lv. 24 Male Gabite
Lv. 24 Male Skorupi
Lv. 23 Male Cacnea
Lv. 20 Male Lileep
Lv. 20 Male Hitmontop
Lv. 18 Male Togepi
Lv. 17 Male Gible
Lv. 16 Lunatone
Lv. 15 Male Seviper
Lv. 15 Female Probopass
Lv. 15 Female Drowzee
Lv. 67 Female Parasect
Lv. 65 Electrode
Lv. 54 Male Flygon
Lv. 54 Female Dusknoir
Lv. 54 Male Dusclops w/ Reaper Cloth
Lv. 53 Male Banette
Lv. 52 Male Raticate
Lv. 50 Female Haunter
Lv. 45 Female Blissey
Lv. 45 Male Luxray
Lv. 43 Male Sunflora
Lv. 41 Female Flaaffy
Lv. 40 Female Delcatty
Lv. 40 Female Machoke
Lv. 40 Male Venomoth
Lv. 35 Female Smoochum
Lv. 35 Magneton
Lv. 28 Male Tropius
Lv. 25 Female Nidoran
Lv. 25 Male Butterfree
Lv. 25 Male Nidoran
Lv. 25 Female Dratini
Lv. 22 Female Girafarig
Lv. 21 Female Wormadam (Trash Coat)
Lv. 18 Female Plusle
Lv. 15 Female Clefable
Lv. 15 Female Mismagius
Lv. 15 Male Ledyba
Lv. 15 Male Burmy (Leaf Coat)
Lv. 10 Male Spinarak
Lv. 70 Male Wobbuffet
Lv. 57 Male Magcargo
Lv. 55 Male Torkoal
Lv. 55 Female Camerupt
Lv. 45 Male Rapidash
Lv. 40 Male Magmar
Lv. 37 Male Houndoom
Lv. 37 Male Infernape
Lv. 36 Male Typhlosion
Lv. 35 Male Magby
Lv. 35 Male Ponyta
Lv. 24 Male Flareon
Lv. 23 Male Umbreon
Lv. 22 Male Numel
Lv. 20 Male Slugma
Lv. 18 Female Eevee
Lv. 8 Female Arcanine
Lv. 1 Male Cyndaquil
Lv. 52 Male Pidgeotto
Lv. 51 Female Pidgey
4 Lv. 18 Male Eevee
Lv. 1 Female Eevee
Lv. 41 Female Clefairy
Lv. 55 Female Sandslash
Lv. 55 Female Marowak
Lv. 54 Male Steelix
Lv. 54 Female Dugtrio
Lv. 53 Female Rhydon
Lv. 52 Female Scizor
Lv. 44 Female Mawile
Lv. 42 Male Bastiodon
Lv. 41 Female Exploud
Lv. 37 Female Toxicroak
Lv. 36 Claydol
Lv. 35 Female Piloswine
Lv. 35 Male Machop
Lv. 34 Female Steelix
Lv. 29 Male Golem
Lv. 28 Female Sudowoodo
Lv. 26 Female Breloom
Lv. 26 Male Kecleon
Lv. 26 Male Hitmonlee
Lv. 25 Female Kangaskhan
Lv. 25 Male Dunsparce
Lv. 25 Female Donphan
Lv. 25 Male Rhyhorn
Lv. 25 Male Tauros
Lv. 25 Female Trapinch
Lv. 24 Female Granbull
Lv. 24 Female Shroomish
Lv. 23 Male Diglett
Lv. 20 Female Mankey
Lv. 20 Male Anorith
A-Z and ? ! Unown at assorted levels (Lvs. 15-25)
Lv. 29 Female Nidorina
Lv. 2 Male Doduo
Lv. 55 Male Dewgong
Lv. 53 Male Golduck
Lv. 53 Male Sharpedo
Lv. 53 Female Kingler
Lv. 52 Male Krabby
Lv. 50 Female Slowbro
Lv. 50 Female Lumineon
Lv. 50 Male Corsola
Lv. 48 Female Octillery
Lv. 45 Female Relicanth
Lv. 42 Female Gastrodon (Blue)
Lv. 40 Female Poliwrath
Lv. 40 Male Seaking
Lv. 40 Male Omastar
Lv. 40 Male Kabutops
Lv. 40 Starmie
Lv. 40 Male Mantine
Lv. 40 Male Cloyster
Lv. 40 Male Mantyke
Lv. 27 Female Lanturn
Lv. 25 Male Goldeen
Lv. 25 Female Remoraid
Lv. 24 Female Wooper
Lv. 20 Male Omanyte
Lv. 19 Female Shellos (Pink)
Lv. 18 Female Magikarp
Lv. 15 Male Milotic
Lv. 15 Staryu
Lv. 13 Female Feebas
Lv. 50 Male Lapras
Lv. 45 Female Seel
Lv. 44 Female Walrein
Lv. 43 Female Wailord
Lv. 41 Female Crawdaunt
2 Lv. 40 Male Tentacruel
Lv. 40 Female Qwilfish
Lv. 39 Male Shellder
Lv. 36 Male Politoed
Lv. 36 Female Kingdra
Lv. 34 Female Huntail
Lv. 32 Female Seadra
Lv. 30 Female Gorebyss
Lv. 30 Male Poliwhirl
Lv. 25 Male Azumarill
Lv. 25 Female Quagsire
Lv. 25 Male Slowpoke
Lv. 23 Male Chinchou
Lv. 23 Female Buizel
Lv. 21 Male Shellos (Blue)
Lv. 20 Female Poliwag
Lv. 20 Male Kabuto
Lv. 19 Male Carvanha
Lv. 16 Female Ludicolo
Lv. 16 Male Prinplup
Lv. 16 Female Finneon
Lv. 14 Female Barboach
Lv. 2 Male Surskit
Lv. 1 Male Piplup
Lv. 60 Female Noctowl
Lv. 60 Male Staraptor
Lv. 60 Female Pidgeot
Lv. 60 Male Scyther
Lv. 60 Male Skarmory
Lv. 60 Female Golbat
Lv. 54 Female Xatu
Lv. 54 Female Pelipper
Lv. 54 Male Staravia
Lv. 52 Female Fearow
Lv. 52 Female Ledian
Lv. 52 Male Wingull
Lv. 51 Male Beautifly
Lv. 45 Male Spearow
Lv. 42 Male Honchkrow
Lv. 41 Male Chatot
Lv. 40 Male Drifblim
Lv. 40 Female Taillow
Lv. 35 Male Altaria
Lv. 33 Male Yanmega
Lv. 32 Female Delibird
Lv. 24 Female Hoothoot
Lv. 22 Male Masquerain
Lv. 21 Female Swellow
Lv. 20 Male Mothim
Lv. 20 Male Ninjask
Lv. 20 Female Natu
Lv. 16 Male Starly
Lv. 15 Male Farfetch'd
Lv. 15 Female Zubat
Lv. 30 Male Vaporeon
Lv. 30 Female Wailmer
Lv. 30 Female Whiscash
Lv. 30 Female Gastrodon (Pink)
Lv. 30 Female Poliwrath
Lv. 30 Male Nidoking
Lv. 30 Female Nidoqueen
Lv. 30 Female Hypno
Lv. 30 Male Ninetales
Lv. 30 Female Jumpluff
Lv. 30 Male Aerodactyl
Lv. 30 Female Pupitar
Lv. 30 Female Pinsir
Lv. 30 Male Stunky
Lv. 30 Male Luxio
Lv. 30 Male Electabuzz
Lv. 30 Female Gardevoir
Lv. 30 Female Absol
Lv. 30 Female Huntail
Lv. 30 Male Dragonair
Lv. 30 Male Pachirisu
Lv. 30 Male Buneary
Lv. 30 Female Chingling
Lv. 30 Male Sneasel
Lv. 30 Female Luvdisc
Lv. 30 Female Wingull
Lv. 30 Male Koffing
Lv. 30 Male Tentacool
Lv. 30 Male Horsea
Lv. 30 Male Pikachu Colored Pichu (GameStop Event) (Can't find it, must have traded already)
Lv. 55 Male Flygon

What I want:
I'm mainly a collector of sorts now that I finished my Nat. Dex, mainly looking for Lv.100s of certain pokemon and legendaries which include:
Three Regis (I've got Regigigas), Medicham, Gardevoir, Bronzong, Jolteon, Magnezone, Aerodactyl, Starmie, Scizor, Blissey, Togekiss, Rhyperior, Magmortar, Shaymin, Dusknoir, Luxray, Rapidash, Arcanine, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, etc.
It really depends on what you offer me for my pokemon. You can have a combination of 2-3 pokemon for one of your lv. 100s of which you offer me. It doesn't matter to me if they're EV trained or not, just please, no hacks.

My FC is 0088 0660 8367 (DPPt)
Just vm/pm me or post your offer here and I'll get back to you asap.

Thank you and have a nice day,


P.S. I would also like to say at this time that I may have traded some of the pokemon on this list from the time I made this thread. I apologize in advance if I don't have what you were looking for and had on this list.

4th November 2010, 9:43 PM
I want your pikachu colored pichu, and your dragon scale seadra. I don't have anything you want though. I've got many items and some other good pokemon. Could we work something out?

4th November 2010, 11:12 PM
I have the fallowing pokemon you want...

Medicham, Bronzong, Jolteon, Magnezone, Aerodactyl, Starmie, Scizor, Rapidash, Arcanine, Flareon

I am interested in your shiny pokemon. I'm sure we can figure out a trade for the pokemon, The easiest way would be I could trade you all of the pokemon I listed for the shinys you listed. Do we got a deal? Give me a PM and we can work out the details!

4th November 2010, 11:42 PM
interested in your shiny male cloysyer and ludicolo, i can offer lv 100 aerodactle and blissey

5th November 2010, 2:09 AM
-Thread updated.-

Also I've got some other ones I've gotten from trades that are up for grabs as well, just ask me what you're looking for and I'll see if I have it. lol

6th November 2010, 12:30 AM
Im interested in Lv 55 Rhyperior for my Lv 68 Espeon. ps I dont have any lv 100s.

6th November 2010, 8:33 AM
I'm interested in your Zangoose, and Duskull. I've not got any level 100s though. I've got some events if you're interested.

6th November 2010, 3:04 PM
What nature and ability does your shiny ludicolo have? As ill trade 2 things from your want list for it if sp.atk boosting nature and rain dish. Also i would like your shiny Cloyster, which i will also offer 2 for.

6th November 2010, 4:50 PM
What do you want for the shiny male weezing?

6th November 2010, 4:50 PM
What do you want for the shiny male weezing?

7th January 2011, 6:09 PM
and we are open again! sorry for the hiatus. had to get my ds fixed and was busy with school. i may not have some of the pokemon on the list in the first post anymore, so just ask me what ur looking for and ill search my pc. ive also got some trades at lv100 if anyone's interested so just come by and ask! :D

7th January 2011, 7:38 PM
I was wondering if you wanted to trade that Shiny Ludicolo for a shiny mantine?

7th January 2011, 7:56 PM
sure fc and name plz? mine is in my sig and i vmed u mine too lol

7th January 2011, 10:49 PM
hey i like
Lv. 20 Shiny Male Ludicolo
i can offer a Japanese Crown Beast of your choice. Please PM me as i will more than likely forget about this post

10th January 2011, 7:50 AM
Want: Lv. 52 Female Scizor
Offering: Shiny Eevee.

PM if you want to trade.

10th January 2011, 8:30 PM
do you have a male brave teddiursa?

10th January 2011, 10:49 PM
Hey , I'm interested in :
- Togekiss
- Whismur
- Shiny Alakazam
- Azelf
- Phione

Can offer plenty of Ev'd Lv100s / close to Lv100's
Tell me what your looking for.

10th January 2011, 10:50 PM
Hey , I'm interested in :
- Togekiss
- Whismur
- Shiny Alakazam
- Azelf
- Phione

Can offer plenty of Ev'd Lv100s / close to Lv100's
Tell me what your looking for.

11th January 2011, 5:21 AM
I am interested in any nature / sex gabite, phione, any starter from diamond or pearl, riolu and snorunt.

Offerring the following lvl 100s:

lvl 100 Male Charizard modest with fire blast dragon pulsw air slash and focus blast

lvl 100 Male Ampharos relaxed with thunderbolt toxic protect and reflect

lvl 100 female Luxray bold with thunderwave thunderbolt hidden power ice and roar

lvl 100 starmie modest with recover confuse ray psychic and surf

lvl 100 male flygon adamant with earthquke tailwind uturn and dragon claw

lvl 100 adamant dragonite male with dragon claw thnunder wave rockslide and dragon dance

lvl 100 hasty typhlosion male with solarbeam focus blast sunny day and lava plume

11th January 2011, 3:24 PM
Hey, could I have info on the shiny closter and teddyursa?
like natures and IVs

11th January 2011, 3:25 PM
Hey, could I have info on the shiny closter and teddyursa?
like natures and IVs