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3rd November 2010, 1:31 AM
So, I need a little assistance with my future Pokemon White Team. Some info from experienced players, opinions, and suggestions on movesets, to be precise...

1.) Lucario (Rukario)
- Fighting/Steel
- Male
- Steadfast/Inner Focus/Heart of Justice
- Serious

2.) Zoroark
- Dark
- Female
- Illusion
- Naughty

3.) Doredia
- Grass
- Female
- Own Tempo
- Modest

4.) Burunkeru
- Water/Ghost
- Female
- Cursed Body
- Calm

5.) Hihidaruma
- Fire
- Male
- Encourage
- Adamant

6.) Shibirudon
- Electric
- Male
- Levitate
- Quirky

*I like to consider Rukario my partner Pokemon (Like Pikachu is to Ash). This is why he is the only GEN4 on my team. I may try to get him with his dream ability to "GEN5 him up"...
**I plan on using Doredia as my "contest" Pokemon. I want her to be shiny...
***Though Zoroark and Hihidraruma are pretty much definites, I wouldn't mind Sazando (Dark/Dragon) and Ulgamoth (Bug/Fire) as alternates, respectively...

NOTE!! I chose my team based on what Pokemon appealed to me, but any and ALL suggestions for alternatives are welcomed. ThanX in advance!! :D

3rd November 2010, 2:30 AM
It'd be very helpful if you were to post some movesets you had in mind, even if you think they're not very good. Although I'll overlook this one because you clearly did put some effort into the RMT.

For now, I'll suggest for Doredia and Hihidaruma because they both have good natures for you to work with.

• Doredia @ Leftovers
• Modest Nature
• Own Tempo
- Petal Dance
- Butterfly Dance
- Sleep Powder
- Hidden Power [Fire] / Leech Seed

I understand that you want to keep your Shiny and therefore getting Hidden Power [Fire] will be almost impossible for you. Leech Seed is the second best option I guess. It'll help aid your setup by recovering some of the health that you'll almost certainly be losing, and works quite well in tandem with Leftovers and Sleep Powder. Given how shallow this thing's movepool is anyway, it's more or less the best you can do for now. As far as attacks go, Petal Dance is really perfect for this Pokémon as it has the Own Tempo ability to prevent self-confusion.

• Hihidaruma @ Muscle Band / Choice Scarf
• Adamant (Jolly is better but you have Adamant which can work too) Nature
• Encourage
- Flare Blitz
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- Brick Break

3rd November 2010, 6:07 PM
**I plan on using Doredia as my "contest" pokemon...

Contests don't exist in BW, moves don't affect musicals as far as I know and even then a contest pokemon doesn't work among other team members.

Modest, Bold, Timid/Water Absorb
-Ice beam
-Energy Ball
-Shadow Ball

modest could mean more power, Bold better defences or timid to out speed slow electric and grass types.

Zoroark@Life Orb
-Night Burst
-Grass Knot/ Hidden Power (fighting)
-Sucker punch

You can use night Burst because the AI does do s*** when it knows you have Zoroark. Flamethrower for steels and bugs. HP fighting is your best option for the third slot but seeing as you don't care much for natures (or not know much) you won't bother with IVs. Grass Knot takes out dem heavy rock and ground types. Sucker Punch, with a little prediction this is awesome for Zoroark.

3rd November 2010, 6:44 PM
IMO, Heart of Justice is rather useless unless Game Freak finally makes a way to turn all your opponent's attacks into Dark-type.
And regardless of ability, only a stupid AI would even think of hitting a Lucario with a Dark-type move.....

Lonely/Naughty Nature
~Dragon Claw

I prefer Spark due to no recoil, and having high paralyze chance that will help Shibirudon and the others.
Acrobat does a lot of damage if its user does not holds any item. Fire + Dragon for coverage.

Adamant Nature
~Close Combat
~Rock Slide/Stone Edge
~Bullet Punch
~Claw Sharpen