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8th November 2010, 3:25 AM
I did this re-edit after looking at possible scenario's with garchomp, It over power's luxchomp, and It out play's garchomp by a ratio due to consistency.

3-3 toxicroak AR
3-2-3 luxray LA

3 fighting energy
3 dce
3 psychic energy
6 electric energy

3 energy search
2 pluspower
2 ebelt
2 rare candy
1 cynthia's feeling's
1 judge
1 twins
1 warp point
1 volkner's philisophy
2 life herb
4 bebe's
2 IQ
2 quick ball
2 prof oak's visit
3 quick ball
2 copycat
1 luxary ball
1 fisherman

strategy: there is none, play either luxray or toxicroak asap, toxicroak is the setup for luxray or luxray is the tank for toxicroak, it all depends.

28th November 2010, 10:50 PM
yay for using my favorite tech of all time (Toxicroak AR) as a main attacker

i dont see how the SP cards you have fit in the deck, personally Ambipom G is a better Garchomp killer than Dragonite IMO

and here's a weird but cool marowak combo to do: use 4 marowak and at least 1 cubone TR. So you get all your marowaks in the discard pile (either by force discarding them or by getting them knocked out), then get cubone out with an ebelt and start flipping heads. Cubone will have 60 HP with an 80 HP buffer from all the marowaks in the discard, rendering it impervious to any and all attacks from SP pokemon LOLOLOLOLOLOL that's just funny

8th December 2010, 3:45 AM
80 hp isn't that great, could easily be donked by either garchomp or machamp (and I have to keep the fact of the over use of garchomp in my area in mind), interesting strategy though. the reason why I chose dragonite fb over ambipom g is simple, ambipom's attack can be nerfed if a single energy is on your opponent's pokemon rendering ambipom at 40 dmg max to a garchomp making it useless but dragonite still hit's for 160 to garchomp irregardless. Anyways I changed my deck around so you might want to check it out.

P.S. I was useing toxicroak before it first came out, japanese poxie's, hehe.