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9th November 2010, 7:19 PM
Hello, welcome to my great trade shop. Here you will find almost everything you need or you are looking for.
As any tradeshop, this one has some rules, which are:

- No hacked or cloned pokemon.
- Don´t be rude or inpolite.
- Please be patient. Your trade will be taken in order of arrival. Your must also know that I´m not online all day and I don´t have a specific schedule to be online.
- When you have set a trade with me, don´t bother me constantly with PMs, and as I said before, try to be patient.
- For this trade shop, I will not offer by now any shinies. If in some point I want to offer shinies, I will post here, so don´t ask.
- To set a trade, I don´t care if you post here or if you do it through PM´s, but I definetely prefer PM´s.
- All other SPPf rules and Trade Forum rules apply here.


I currently have some pokemon already bred, which I will post below, the thing is that I can´t offer you all the times specific natures, but not be afraid to ask, I´ll see what I can do for you. I can also breed pokemon with some great egg moves, don´t be afraid to ask as well. For some pokemon, I only wrote name and level for space reasons, but if you are interested in some, you can send me a PM asking about gender, nature and moveset.
So, after that long introduction, here is my offering list:

senret, hoot-hoot, miltank, teddiursa, marrill, stantler, girafarig, slugma, shinx, snorlax, meditite, caterpie, psyduck, shelder, tentacool, poliwag, burmy, krabby, lapras, larvitar, magnemite, pichu, pinsir, meowth, slowpoke, wooper, voltorb, wrumple, bellsprout, tangela, mukrow, oddish, gastly, ponyta, slakoth, wobbuffet, weeddle, abra, vulpix, skorupi, stunky, bidoof, solrock, snorount, cacnea, makuhita, kecleon, onix, swablu, zigzagoon, doduo, ekans, mareep, lickytung, zubat, numel, spinda, delibird, hondour, spearrow, shuckle, growlithe, chinchou, elekid, yamma, koffing, drowzee, sneasel, spinarak, swinub, spoink, carnivine, chatot, hoppip, remoraid, nidoran male, nidoran female, wailmer, buizel, aron, tailow, dunparce, aipom, cherubi, buneary, surskit, riolu, smeargle, pidgey, nincada, dratini, natu, eevee, spiritomb, kricketot, wingull, bronzor, chingling, machop, togepi, grimer, kangaskhan, seel, aerodactyl, corsola, tauros, chansey, seedot, glamow, magby, phanpy, duskull, combee, anorith, goldeen, ralts, sandshrew, cranidos, hippopotas, lunatone, horsea, lileep, mawile, baltoy, starly, geodude, cubone, nosepass, poochyena, gligar, spheal, shellos, drifloon, pachirisu, mankey, scyther, gulpin, beldum, finneon, tropius, relicanth, croagunk, castform, rattata, trapinch, skitty, torkoal, roselia, shieldon, bagon, snover, misdreavus, feebas, bulbasaur, charmander, squirtle, chikorita, cyndaquil, totodile, treecko, torchic, mudkip, turtwig, chimchar and piplup

Turtwig, rash nature, male
Bulbasaur, hardy nature, male
Treecko, adamant nature, male
Treecko, careful nature, male
Treecko, timid nature, female
Treecko, serious nature, male
Charmander, lax nature, male
Charmander, lonely nature, male
Charmander, mild nature, male
Torchic, careful nature, male
Torchic, naive nature, male
Squirtle, modest nature, male
Squirtle, calm nature, male
Squirtle, rash nature, male
Mudkip, quiet nature, male
Mudkip, timid nature, male
Mudkip, serious nature, male
Cyndaquil, relaxed nature, male
Cyndaquil, naive nature, male
Totodile, mild nature, male
Totodile, quiet nature, male
Totodile, calm nature, male
Chimchar, modest nature, male
Turtwig, quirky nature, male
Piplup, timid nature, male (x2)
Charmander, gentle nature, female
Bulbasaur, naughty nature, male

Lvl 51 snorlax
Lvl 40 poliwhirl
Lvl 57 tyranitar
Lvl 35 altaria
Lvl 43 houndoom
Lvl 35 skuntank
Lvl 41 lanturn
Lvl 33 yanmega
Lvl 42 ursaring
Lvl 40 wailord
Lvl 55 dragonite
Lvl 46 ambipom
Lvl 38 luxray
Lvl 37 staraptor
Lvl 48 flygon
Lvl 30 gastrodon (pink)
Lvl 33 crawdaunt
Lvl 26 floatzel


Lvl 5 event jirachi
Lvl 51 cresselia
Lvl 40 registeel
Lvl 40 regirock
Lvl 40 regice
Lvl 1 phione
Lvl 20 mew


Here is what I want. Please do not make stupid offers (I think I don´t need to give any example). All the offers will be considered and taken only the best ones. Here is the list:

Any good and interesting pokemon you may want to offer.

metal coat, reaper cloth, evolutionary stones, magmarizer, electirizer, protector, amulet coin, exp. share, lucky egg, black belt, black sludge, deepseascale, deepseatooth, dubious disc, any of the incenses, leftovers, power anklet, power band, power belt, power bracer, power herb, power lens, power weight, quick claw, razor claw, razor fang, any of the Arceus plates, rare candy, up-grade and master ball

poison jab, grass knot, flash cannon, thunderbolt, focus punch, dragon claw, water pulse, ice beam, blizzard, hyper beam, solar beam, iron tail, thunder, earthquake, dig, psychic, brick break, flamethrower, fire blast, aerial ace, steel wing, overheat, focus blast, energy ball, dragon pulse, shadow claw, giga impact, dark pulse

That´s all for my great trade shop. As you can see, it is really big and you have plenty of choices to set a trade. The tradeshop will be updated constantly with wantings and offerings, so don´t go too far and keep checking back.

none yet

Trade with fallthenrise
Trade with Raingirl
Trade with LuciferHobo
Trade with ZeroTrouble

Everybody is welcome, happy pokemon shopping!!!!!!!

Edit: already got mesprit a couple of hours ago
Edit: new sections trades completed and trades not completed yet added to my trade shop (the names of the users in the trades not completed yet, are in order of arrival, that means, that is the order by which i will complete them)

mew master4-10-90
12th November 2010, 1:02 AM
jolly bagon with dd and outrage for mespirt

12th November 2010, 1:34 AM
sorry, i already got mesprit
but thanks for offering yours, anyway
anything else you may want to offer?

Frozen Sunset
12th November 2010, 4:17 AM
are your trained pokemon "ev trained"?
If so i would like to know more about (ev's/nature) crawdaunt, hondoom, and lanturn

12th November 2010, 2:32 PM
no, they are simply trained
i will probably EV train some pokemon for trade later

13th November 2010, 4:40 PM
Id like a snorlax, a chinchou, and a larvitar. Can offer dig, solar beam, thunder, hyper beam, fire blast, quick claw, and shadow claw.

13th November 2010, 5:32 PM
hi i am interesting about your jirachi mew regorock steel ice and i can offer you 100 lv infernape 100 lv alakazam metal coat reper cloth almost all evolutionari stones dialga giratina heatran ho oh lugia and many more

13th November 2010, 5:34 PM
hi i am interesting about your jirachi mew regorock steel ice and i can offer you 100 lv infernape 100 lv alakazam metal coat reper cloth almost all evolutionari stones dialga giratina heatran ho oh lugia and many more;444;;078;;492-s;;355;

14th November 2010, 2:15 AM
Hey, I was wondering what nature was your Jirachi.

14th November 2010, 2:21 AM
sorry, jirachi is already taken by infernape999

14th November 2010, 11:58 AM
franciasalex send mepm with the pokemon you want for the pokemon that i want

14th November 2010, 1:41 PM
i can offer you flash cannon, thunder, hyper beam, focus blast, solar beam, fire blast and dragon claw for the three regis, so choose which ones you would like!(2 tms for each)

15th November 2010, 1:38 PM
i can give you also 3 tms with all my pokemon and items (your choice) for all the pokemon i want

16th November 2010, 4:49 AM
I will trade a level 100 suicune or Scizor for your mew or jirachi.

27th January 2011, 5:57 AM
what are the natures of ur mew / jirachi... i have about 12 different lvl 100 ev'd pokemon to offer... depending on their natures that is..