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29th November 2010, 2:00 PM
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Another week, another poll!

Hey guys, this week the challenge was to make a fusion of three Pokemon with the same types. You may vote for up to three entries per poll, and don't vote for your own entry.


29th November 2010, 5:19 PM
I voted for Fused, Lucario9, and Digit.

My favorite one here is Digit's. It is a nice blend of Genosect's colors, Scizor's body and the arm of...a Pokémon whose name I can't remember even though I can picture what it looks like.

30th November 2010, 3:42 AM
^^Yoshinichi^^ - A great job on an over-used type. I especially like the use of Enboo as the base. The arms and legs are size suitable.

Fused - Another great sprite. The left set of whiskers are a bit off, but overall, the use of Croconaw and Psyduck are quite unique.

Lucario9 - The positioning and shading are quite disapointing for this sprite. The mushroom is the obvious giveaway, as one, the colour is way different than the rest of the sprite, screaming to the audience, distracting the view from the rest of the sprite. Two is the shading of the shroom. Light comes in from the top left only. Not from the back of the sprite. The lower mushroom is badly shaded. The leaves have the same issues too. Odd colouring and horrid shading. If the shroom had been green, or the leaves gray, this sprite would have looked better. A bit more effort and things should work out.

Proby3 - I like this concept, but the eyes throw it off. Everything faces to the slight left, aside the eyes, which look directly forward. The hair is a bit iffy too, as only the top is shaded, but not the front. You did good. The colour is a great Pokemon shade. I like it, but a few more touch-ups would be nice.

Frosty Voltorb - This is your best sprite. Ever. This shows improvement and effort. Sadly, the shading throws it all to Hell and back in a handbasket. Within this sprite, especially the head and torso, multiple light sources become a factor. These are a no-no. Improve the shading, and you'll become a decent force to be reckoned with in these WSC contests.

Digit - Yet another great sprite, but I'm not at all fond with this one. I do not like the evident copy+paste. Nothing that was added -Genosect's legs and Shaburogo's lance- were just thrown there, then Genosect's colour was added. I find the sprite to plain too. Maybe adding a texure similar to Gennosects would have absolutley secured my vote. Keep trying. You're doing good.

Epwna is a Sceptile - One of your best sprites. I remember when you sprited for my failed sprite project, and this displays the upmost improvement. Utilizing a neat combonation too, this becomes an almost Fakemon looking sprite. A bit more shading on the beak and more detail under the beak would make this sprite amazing. Keep up the good work.

ReaperNeku - I really hate to say this, but this sprite scares me. The upper torso and head are quite jumbled and are a bit hard to look at. I do however, like the head spike and Dragonair gem. Adding to the upper torso, there is a lack of blackline shading. Of course, it isn't to be dominant, but a solid semi-dark gray shade line is just too strong of an issue. Of course in my opinion. Others may veiw this differently. Keep trying.

Overall, this was a great WSC. In my mind, one of the hardest to decide whom I shall vote for. So, without me and my usless rambling, I vote for:
^^Yoshinichi^^, Fused, and Epwna is a Sceptile get my votes.
I found these three quite attracting to my eyes. Epwna shocked me with the great improvement they displayed. I have personally seen their previous works. This can't compare. I hope everyone appreciates my crit and uses it. good luck everyone.

30th November 2010, 1:51 PM
O.o my entry is nowhere to be seen...I got it in before the deadline, didn't I? Or at least before the polls were up.

Anyhow, since i wouldn't be voting for mine anyway:

ReaperNeku and Fused for me, I just couldn't see any others that I really liked.