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16th December 2010, 9:12 PM
Well It was a little hard with japanese but i made my way through with some helpful quick to learn japanese guide
Anyways i currently have all the pokemon but nor the desired moves or levels anyways here they are

Shandela- Flamethrower, Pshychic, Shadow Ball, Protect

OnonoKusa - Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail, X scissor and Rest

Gigigear - Toxic, Protect, Gear Saucer and Thunderbolt

Rankurusu - Psychic, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, Recover

Kenhorou- U-Turn, Fly, Tailwind, Roost

Denchura - Thunder, Bug Buzz, Energy Ball, Protect

I am also taking suggestions such as items and what not. natures too.

18th December 2010, 12:08 AM
Follow the rules and please post in the correct format.

Nature/Ability(if they have a choice)
-Move 1
-Move 2
-Move 3
-Move 4

'Cos I feel kind today, here it is.