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17th December 2010, 9:53 PM
This is my in game team, so i really do not care about items or natures at this point. Basically I am going to plan a couple teams to get some ideas for when the English versions come out.


Boiling water/surf
Mega horn
Ice beam
Aqua Jet

If surf is needed to advance in game I'll use it, if not then I'll use BW. Ice beam because I always put ice beam on my water pokemon, just seems fitting. Aqua jet for a quick attack if my hp is low. Megahorn for additional coverage.

compound eyes

Bug Buzz
Energy Ball
Volt Change

Thunder gains accuracy with ability. Bug Buzz for STAB. Energy ball to deal with ground and volt change to get out if I need to.

not sure which ability

dragon claw
hi jump kick

He is really slow so payback will do double damage. HJK is for stab. Dragon claw I'm not really sure on, it was just a filler pick. Bulkup if I use overconfidence or rest if I use shed skin. Help me decide.

magic guard

calm mind
focus blast

Calm mind to up stats. Psychic and focus blast because his special attack is huge. Recover for health regain...duh. Not much else to say.

iron fist

Shadow Punch
Hammer Arm
heavy bomber/rock polish

EQ for stab, shadow punch and hammer arm to abuse iron fist. I'm not sure on heavy bomber, instead I might use rock polish to up speed and make him a better sweeper.

Shadow Claw
Super Power

I am open to suggestions on who to switch wargle with. I do not really like him but I feel I need a pokemon with fly for ingame, not sure though.

Just for the record I refuse to use Shandera or Baibanira out of principle. Ice cream and a chandelier (sp) are not pokemon. I have the same feeling for the Rotom forms but thats not BW version.

17th December 2010, 11:31 PM
If you don't want to use Wargle then Goruugo learns Fly. Seriously.
It could use Fly over Heavy Boomber/Rock Polish as those are more filler moves.

Bulk Up and Shed Skin for Zuruzukin. Zuruzukin is a dedicated tank. Rest leaves you a sitting duck for a turn but Bulk Up allows you to hit harder and wall better. Rock Slide over D-Claw too. ZZ fears flying types more than Dragons.

Shadow Ball over Recover for Rankurusu. You want to heal? Use items.