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12th July 2012, 11:47 AM
Anyhow, it was a decent enough movie as far as these go. Mostly it was just nice finally seeing Raikou get to do something, and this movie spawned lots of nifty merchandise of the beasts, even Shiny versions, and neat Event Downloads for the game.


And that's really all that matters these days isn't it? I mean I got a dozen shiny beasts, and 4 Celebi, what more did I want? :P Oh, and hey, it got me a Zoroark and Zorua in my White game as well, and the same for my girlfriend's Black :P

I like how Peg made a cameo at the end of Pokemon Black. I guess she's from Unova, but she was a fan of the Sinnoh team, not the Unova team in the World Cup. Hmm.


12th July 2012, 12:02 PM
The Pokémon Baccer fan. (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Peg) She isn't seen much, since she evacuates Crown City.

12th July 2012, 12:23 PM
The Pokémon Baccer fan. (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Peg) She isn't seen much, since she evacuates Crown City.

Aha.. Perhaps she's from Virbank City? Considering Magnemite can be found around there? :P

Kutie Pie
20th September 2012, 12:16 AM
It was okay, I guess. Rowena being an undercover journalist was a neat little twist, I suppose, and I think she was slightly more fleshed out than Karl was (or heck, most of the other characters in here), so she was my favorite of the cast, but she stopped looking mysterious and potentially awesome about half-way through like she was as the secretary, where I thought she was plotting against her boss. That would've been neat. Kodai, I thought, was like your classy villain, except that he is willing to kill anything and everyone to get what he wants, so... eh, I suppose. He annoyed me a bit, and I did not like his close-ups, he was creepy looking... though I guess that worked being part of his character.

It was an okay story, I thought, and the movie at least flowed pretty nicely this time around, though Celebi was rather wimpy in this one. At least Celebi did a few neat things in the fourth movie to show off some Legendary power. Here, Celebi kept cowering behind Zorua, and I was screaming in my head the whole time, "You are a Legendary Pokémon, do something awesome!"

I didn't feel anything toward Zoroark's sacrifice, honestly. It could be because I knew she (I'm sure this Zoroark's a she) died at some point, but of course, they brought her back to life, so that didn't help matters in my opinion, but oh well. At least some of the illusions were neat, and the animation was good-looking, even if some of the CGI was really obvious. If anything annoyed me more, it was more or less the voice acting in some parts, and Celebi being a wimp.

So yeah. It was rather decent. There weren't any plot holes that I could see (except for Zorua's telepathy and Zoroark's lack of such powers, that was really jarring to me), and everything was explained, even though flashbacks were a bit too much. It honestly played out more like a long episode than a movie because of that. Not something I'd watch over and over again, but if I'm ever bored enough, or if I'm having a Pokémon movie marathon for any reason, I'd watch it again. At least it was able to stand out on its own unlike the previous couple of movies that were a continuation of each other.

30th September 2012, 2:44 AM
One of the better movies. However pokemon just cant seem to find that spark that was there for the first 3 movies. Non of the one ghat came later ever felt as good.

30th September 2012, 3:02 AM
I liked this movie, but I wish Zoroark talked like Zorua.

It's pretty weird that Zorua could talk and his parent, Zoroark, couldn't.

11th December 2012, 8:04 AM
A good way to introduce us to Gen 5, one of my more liked movies.

31st December 2012, 4:01 AM
Two parts about this movie that made me like this movie alot better then some others. Not as much as movie 9...But still, this is my favorite pokemon movie minus the "friend ones." (Movie 5, 9, and 11 respectively. I didn't like the jirachi one that much...)

the two parts are...

Zorua-Dawn. Kill me <///3...xD

and number two...I REALLY liked the vision idea. Not the vision itself...but the irony of the illusion that he saw. Kodai didn't plan as much as he should of BECAUSE he saw himself grabbing the time ripple in his vision. He didn't care that Rowena was going to betray him, and that over confidence from seeing the future might of been his downfall. If he hadn't seen that one part...how much do you wanna bet he would of won this?
The illusion at the end was just beautiful. I loved it. It was satsifying...Irony is the word right? My friend called it witty...

Foreseeing the illusion, not the reality. Overall I liked it. That part was just satisfying and I can't help smile when I think of the trick that zoaraok pulled.

My main problem in this movie is the fact that zoaraok thinks its a good idea to RAM an entei using the real flare blitz using his fake one...GREAT THINKING ZOAROARK. GREAT THINKIN' D8.

12th February 2013, 4:12 AM
This movie was okay. I didn't enjoy it as much as the Arceus movie, but I did enjoy the running gag with Zorua continuously making itself look like the twerps. Too bad this is also two movies out of three straight with the main pokemon being a bit of a little brat (Shaymin and zorua).


22nd June 2013, 3:43 PM
Not going through 11 pages to see if anyone else mentioned this, but watching the movie now I just noticed that Karl is wearing a crude Woobat on his hat.

23rd June 2013, 3:21 PM
This is the only Pokemon movie out of the entire series that I don't remember that much of. Yesterday was my first time seeing the opening and most of the beginning and middle. That sports game that the Pokemon were playing was kind of a surprise and would make for a nice mini-game in the future.

30th October 2013, 11:59 PM
I liked this movie a lot... might even be my favourite so far. Finally there's a competent antagonist that gets **** done and isn't afraid of using brutal methods to get what he wants. Finally an antagonist with a somewhat realistic goal, unlike the ones from previous movies. That alone is worthy of praise in my opinion. And his voice actor was pretty good, too, that certainly helped.
Zorua's one of those Pokémon I never really cared that much for, but this movie helped me like it. Zoroa was pretty cute, and I liked his attitude when playing tricks on people. I felt a little sad during the moments it showed missing its mother. One thing though that seemed strange to me was why Zoroa would keep its tail when it transformed into a human, but its illusion was completely perfect when changing into any Pokémon. That doesn't make much sense...
Maybe it's because I happened to have a high quality video of this movie, but the art and animation quality seemed higher than previous movies. Other small details that I liked were the Celebi theme playing twice during the movie, and how the design of the town seemed to have been based on something from the Netherlands (really, it does).

2nd November 2013, 5:59 AM
This was a decent DP movie, and it also had gorgeous animation. I liked seeing Zorua and Zorowak for the first time, it was a nice way to introducing 5th genaration Pokemon.
It's funny when Zorua was changing into Dawn every time, it sure was a mischievous Zorua. I liked seeing the three legendary dogs in this movie, Celebi's appearance was nice too.
At the end, it was surprising when Ash and Pikachu were saying goodbye to Dawn and Brock, but later they turned out to be Zoroark and Zorua in disguise.

9th May 2014, 2:21 AM
Not going through 11 pages to see if anyone else mentioned this, but watching the movie now I just noticed that Karl is wearing a crude Woobat on his hat.
I noticed that when he first showed up. Nice one, Game Freak.

Anyways, I just watched the movie on YouTube today, and I like it. Incredible villain, and his actions actually made me hate him. I also liked seeing the Generation 2 legendaries coming back, including shiny Suicune, Raikou, and Entei. I might get on DVD to make watching it better.

26th June 2015, 3:37 AM
I've seen this one twice now and I'm just now noticing something I didn't the first time.
Its not every day that two of my top favorite Pokemon (Suicune and Zoroark) are in the same movie. :)

26th June 2015, 4:08 AM
This is the only Pokemon movie out of the entire series that I don't remember that much of.

It's the opposite for me: I remember practically everything about the film. Granted, I've seen it many times since I own the Japanese DVD but still, I felt that this was DP's best film. It just had so many good things in it like Zorua and Zoroark, as well as a great villain who wasn't redeemed. Plus I thought the soundtrack was really good.

31st March 2016, 4:53 AM
Zorua whining about his mama got annoying after a while, and Celebi's presence was almost entirely eclipsed by Zoroark's...

1st May 2016, 12:31 AM
This movie was amaze balls in my opey. I enjoyed the action scenes for sure. It shows how much Piplup has evolved as a battler. It also did a great job at giving us the exclusive "Lucario" treatment of the 5th generation. The plot was strong enough to make the movie commendable and the turn around where the good overpowers the bad with the illusions was very well plotted. Seeing the shiny beasts and destruction scenes made the movie give us a bit of an apocalyptic feel to it which is always interesting to see how our heroes will get out of. And side note, Dawn and Zorua were a blast to watch. And Kodai was a baddie, always shocking and harming Zoroark. I truly felt bad for it.

4 out of 5 stars for this one.

15th May 2016, 5:38 AM
This is a great movie. Zorua, Zoroark, Celebii, Shiny Entei, Shiny Raikou and Shiny Suicune made the movie awesome. Pretty decent bad guy too. 10/10

5th June 2016, 2:42 AM
Zorua was kind of spoiled at 1st and Zoroark played the villainous role perfectly even if she had no choice. Kodai was such a selfish person but he was still an enjoyable bad guy. 7.5/10

Mrs. Oreo
3rd July 2016, 1:11 AM
I liked watching when Zorua used his illusion powers to transform into Dawn hee hee. Kodai was such a greedy and manipulative villain with his time ripple hunt and I was pleased to see him get arrested in the end.

7th July 2016, 3:43 AM
I liked this movie because we got to see two Isshu Pokemon animated even before Black and White came out, and Zorua and Zoroark were good main characters. Kodai was a bastard, but strangely enough, I thought he was a good antagonist. Crown City looked good, and I liked how Zoroark made illusions of Entei, Suikun, and Raikou appear when Kodai blackmailed her. I also liked when Kurt recorded all of Kodai's schemes on camera, and when Celebi made flowers bloom in the end.