View Full Version : How do we catch Honchkrow?!

18th December 2010, 8:43 PM
Out of every pokemon I've captured in Guardian signs, Honchcrows the ONLY one I CAN'T catch. He keeps moving out of my reach no matter how hard I try to catch up even while on Latias/Latios.

I heard that you can increase your pokemons speed by upgrading the stylus, but where do I go to get the most stylus points? I've practically beaten the game except for the Lugia, Quest 14 and 52 parts of the game, but it looks like my attempts at leveling up the stylus is taking awhile, because all of the pokemon I'm trying to recapture to get the points are only giving 1 point per capture, and some of the ones I'm capturing don't give me points at all. *pouts*.

27th December 2010, 11:52 AM
anyone have the answer? I've even restarted my game completely, maxed out my stylers points as high as I can, and I STILL can't catch the blasted bird.

29th December 2010, 9:16 PM
You restarted the whole game just for that? Simple answer:
When you use the styler to draw Lati@s' Ranger Sign, hold the stylus in one place at first like you would charge the styler in a capture. The charge animation will show, and then you draw the sign. If the Lati@s face shown afterwards flashes (should if you do it right),Lati@s is now faster and can catch Honchkrow. It might take a while because Honchkrow is still somewhat tricky.