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19th December 2010, 4:34 AM
I checked it for coverage, and it seemed secure. Please check for flaws in my EV calculating, in my item choices, and my attacks in particular. Everything else seems sound.

My next team will include a Shuckle -- I promise. :D

Daikenki @ Muscle Band
252 Speed, 252 HP, 4 Sp. Defense
Swords Dance
Shell Blade/Waterfall (Flinch or lower Defense? Flinch or lower Defense? >.<")
Dragon Tail

Kojondo @ Escape Button
Hi Jump Kick
Aura Sphere
Fake Out

Dageki @ Expert Belt
252 Attack, 88 Defense, 88 Sp. Defense, 80 Speed
Bulk Up
Close Combat
Stone Edge

Kirikizan @ Chople Berry
Competitive Spirit
28 HP, 120 Attack, 240 Sp. Defense, 120 Speed.
Swords Dance
Night Slash
Iron Head/Metal Burst
Psycho Cut

Rankurusu @ Wide Lens
Magic Guard
252 Defense, 252 Sp. Defense, 4 Sp. Attack
Trick Room
Focus Blast
Shadow Ball

Abagoura @ Rugged Helmet
Solid Rock
Brave (down Speed for Trick Room, up Attack for everything else.
92 Attack, 92 Sp. Attack, 160 Sp. Defense, 160 Speed
Aqua Jet
Rock Slide

Thank you for your rate. :)

EDIT: I'm torn between Shell Blade and Waterfall, because Shell Blade hosts a lower-Defense effect while Waterfall simply flinches. I also do not want to remove Psycho Cut. I like how it deals Physical damage especially, and the only real weakness that opponents will exploit is to Fighting, so I might as well be prepared.

19th December 2010, 10:16 AM
Waterfall over Shell Blade on Daikenki. Waterfall is better in every way.
Definitely Megahorn > Slash. You're better off going wholly physical rather than mixed if you want Swords Dance, Return gets amazing coverage with water meaning only Empoleon can resist this set(but Nattorei will annoy you). Muscle Band is better for it because the Battery only helps against one type. Give it a Jolly nature and 252 Spd/252 HP/4 Spdef

Escape button on Kojondo is a waste. If you want to escape then you should use U-turn. Hi Juump Kick is much better than Drain Punch too because you can easily get health by switching. Aura Shpere is useless compared to HJK, Return would fill that spot better.

Bulk Up + Defence lowering move = no no. But Dageki doesn't have much better to do other than Return. It can stay I suppose.
Dageki's defences are too bad to try and improve. Just go with a Jolly nature and max out the Speed and Attack EVs with the leftover 4 EVs dumped into HP.

Solid Rock
-Aqua Jet
-Rock Slide

1. Speed Boostig move + priority = bad
2. Defence lowering move + trying to be a wall = bad
3. Ancient Power/Blizzard = worse

You can actually get this guy as early as just after the third gym, which is some good news for you.

Shadow Ball > Gyro Ball on Rankurusu. It may be slow, but with that attack stat it couldn't hurt a fly. Shadow Ball gets dem pesky ghosts. His defence is pretty high when you consider his massive HP. I'm not against Trick Rooming oddly, Abagoura could use it well.

Brick Break is a simple alternative to Psycho Cut, most fighting type are so bulky that a Psycho Cut won't KO them in the one turn and they KO you with a fighting move. Brick Break gets Steel types out of the way as welll as many other types. If you see a fighting type then run with your tails between your legs.

There don't seems to be any glaring weaknesses on your team but two water types and fighting types feels like a waste of space to me. A Fire and Electric type maybe?
And your next team will use a Shuckle! GrumpySnorlax will be pleased indeed.