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22nd December 2010, 7:56 PM
SYT 2010

In this world, everybody is one pixel,
Letís gather together and make some beautiful art!

This is the poll of the 3th round of the SYT.
You have 3 votes for every poll. (and you cannot vote for yourself!)
The 4 participants with the least votes of every poll, will be 'eliminated'.
But know that you still can participate in 1 round to get back in the competition.

If there stands '~no entry~', it means that the entry is either to late or I didn't receive any entry.
So please send me your entry as soon as possible an I'll add your sprite.

I also have put stars if the participant does it's call back-entry. One star (*) means 75% of the votes count, 2 stars (**) mean 50% of the votes count

Here are the entries:







Extreme Floatzel
~no entry~

~no entry~

If you are still i nthe race and you still want to enter, but your name isn't one the list, just Pm me and I'll fix the polls :)

deadline: 09/01
size: 96*96
theme: scratch a sprite of a fakemon (an invented pokemon of your own) that is the cute ledgendary (like mew,celebi,jirachi,...) It doesn't have to have a specific typing.
Extra: you can't use glows but you can (don't have to) make an animation. This animation can have a maximum of 10 images. It has to be 4/5th gen style.

If you want to see who is still in the race, just look at the first page...

Good luck

23rd December 2010, 1:24 AM
I voted for V4Lover, ReaperNeku, and Fourthbeat. Those are the ones that looked best to me...

Epwna is a Sceptile
29th December 2010, 6:02 PM
I decided to vote. Reaperneku and Fourthbeat, good job!