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23rd December 2010, 10:24 AM
I plan for this to be my in-game (Black) team. I must say I quite like it.

EMBOAR ("Barbecue")
Ability: Blaze
Desired Nature: Mild or Rash
-Hammer Arm
-Head Smash
-Boiling Water
*I think Emboar has become my favorite Gen V Pkmn, due to its great power and massive movepool. I was originally going to use Wild Bolt for coverage against Flyers and Waters, but decided Head Smash with its much greater power was the better option. I prefer Hammer Arm over Superpower because it doesn't lower the Attack and Emboar shouldn't really mind the Speed drop. The Sp. Attack raising natures are there because of the slightly lower said stats, and this is a mixed set.

WARUVIAL ("Sobek")
Ability: Overconfidence
Desired Nature: Adamant or Jolly
-Stone Edge/Knock Down
-Hone Claws/Dragon Claw
*I liked Meguroco when it was first announced, and then fell in love with it when I looked at its evolutionary line! I have an attachment for crocodilians (bet your can guess which Johto starter I always chose then). It also has a great new ability that could make it a swift killer. Stone Edge has more base power, but Knock Down can expose annoying things Skarmory and Bronzong to STAB EQs. Dragon Claw is mostly for coverage, but if I go w/ Stone Edge I'll use Hone Claws for the accuracy boost.

BLOONGELL ("Apparagua")
Ability: Cursed Body
Desired Nature: Modest or Quiet
-Shadow Ball
*This Pkmn has both of my favorite types combined into one, so I just had to include it! I really like this set; it's like a wall that also attacks, hence why I would prefer a nature that boosts the Sp. Attack. W-o-W helps out with the lower defense, and Recover sheds any damage taken in the process. It has a cool ability as well. I plan to get a female of the species as well, as I think they look better than the males.

Ability: Frisk
Desired Nature: Bold or Modest
-Psychic/Psycho Shock
-Shadow Ball
-Light Screen
*Rankurus is probably more popular overall, but in my book Gothiruzel wins because I think it looks cooler; it's one of the reasons why I ultimately decided to get the Black version (first) over the White, and may be my personal favorite Psychic-type (both Rankurus and Orbem are close seconds, though). It has good defenses and can hit hard, too. It is also something of an opposite compared to Bloongell - Will-o-Wisp covers physical attackers, so Light Screen is used here over Reflect.

DENCHULA ("Spyder")
Ability: Compound Eyes
Desired Nature: Timid or Modest
-Bug Buzz
-Energy Ball
-Thunder Wave
*I love spiders, especially tarantulas; I have many as pets! Denchula has also become my favorite Electric-type this generation, in part because it's an arachnid, but also because it can fire off 100% accurate Thunders thanks to Compound Eyes! Zebraika and Shibildon are also neat, but I'm not drawn to them as much as much because the zebra relies on the recoil-inducing Wild Bolt for a STAB move, and the monster eel (I imagine) thanks a long while to raise (or to just find!).

CRIMGAN ("Spike")
Ability: Encourage
Desired Nature: Brave or Adamant
-Dragon Claw
-Rock Slide
*This last slot was difficult to fill. I finally decided on Crimgan, who I actually didn't care much for at first (I rarely use Dragon-types) but it grew on me. I suppose I could "go the extra mile" and add Ononokus instead, but I'll bet you anything it'll ultimately end up in the Uber tier w/ Garchomp and I really don't like Ubers. Besides, Crimgan has plenty to offer with great power and defenses. Never mind the forgettable speed, it doesn't need speed anyway! The fact that it doesn't suffer from the 4x weak Ice curse is also a plus. The Encourage ability was used here in place of Rough Skin (or Mold Breaker) just to give Crunch and Rock Slide extra power - Crunch now has 120 and Rock Slide 105. Revenge is tempting since Crimgan is likely going to move second anyway but EQ is an awfully hard attack to say no to.

23rd December 2010, 3:58 PM
Defintely use Stone Edge on Waruvial. Skarm and Bronzong don't appear until post-E4 and there are no levitating/flying rock resistant pokemon pre-elite 4 too. Jolly(you have hone Claws for attack raising), Intimidate(same reason) and Hone Claws(QuakeEdge provides all the coverage you'll need) are best for it as well.

I see no reason to lower Bloongel's speed with Quiet when you don't use you're attack at all. Modest all the way.

Bold for Gothiruzel.

Timid for Denchura and give it Volt Change instead of Thunder Wave. Thunder has a great paralysis rate already and Volt Change gets you out of trouble should you meet it.

I don't think encourage boosts moves 1.5 times the original amount, only 1.2 times if memory serves me well. It could still abuse it well though. Revenge is better thn EQ in the last slot, especially with a Brave nature.

24th December 2010, 5:04 PM
BTW, Ononokus will probably not get in Ubers, simply because it is too slow (Troll 97 speed) and frail. If anything gets promoted to Ubers, my guess is Skymin, Darkrai, Manaphy, and Shadow Tag Shandera. If you change your mind, here is a Ononokus moveset.

Ononokus @ Life Orb/Leftovers/Muscle Band
Adamant/Mold Breaker
~ Dragon Dance
~ Dragon Claw
~ Earthquake
~ Rock Slide