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29th December 2010, 8:09 AM
Hi everyone, well this is my first time ever introducing my in-game team like this, so here goes. Anyway, ever since I got my SoulSilver game in March, I've been playing all the other games as if they were all the playable character, Tucker (younger brother of Jimmy from The Legend of Tunder), on his journey. Soul Silver started off with his first journey in Johto, then used Leaf Green for his adventures in the Sevii Islands, returning to Soul Silver for the Kanto Saga, then shifting to Emerald for both Hoenn & the Battle Frontier, Platinum for Tucker's journey in Sinnoh, currently going back to Soul Silver for the second Battle Frontier, and then go to pokemon White for Tucker's journey in the Unova region. There are six things I should let you know before I introduce my team:

1. My way of catching & training pokemon is similar to Ash's, so there will be a couple of pokemon are unevolved
2. Because of how Unova originally features no old pokemon until after the Elite 4 & the theories of how Ash was getting a remake of his Kanto team for best wishes, I decided to catch Unova equivalents to the pokemon I caught in SoulSilver for the first time, whether by nature, appearance, the personalities I gave them, etc. If you guys like my roster I'll show my reserves too
3. I'm a big role player & I always love imagining stories and characters so I develop personalities for all of my pokemon. This is also how I decide natures sometimes. For example, I may give a menacing-looking pokemon a jolly nature because I think it would be funny to see them still act like a little kid. So after the stats, you'll get explanations as to why I chose them
4. I am not a big fan of HM slaves, so practically everyone will know at least one HM move
5. I don't know how to do EVs so I'm not adding them
6. I haven't fully thought of all of the items my pokemon may or may not hold
Ok, then, here's my team

Cyndaquil (Male) (Naive) @Everstone
Ability: Blaze
- Flamethrower
- Cut
- Eruption
- Wild Charge

Since I started off with Soul Silver, Cyndaquil was Tucker's first pokemon, so I've been using it for every single game, same gender and same nature. Tucker's Cyndaquil is like Ash's Pikachu & Dawn's Piplup, because he hates being in his pokeball & it wishes to become strong without evolving, which is why I gave it an everstone. The first three moves have always been on Cyndaquil's attack roster but I decided to teach it Wild Charge because it can really be handy against water types

Murando (Male) (Brave) @None
Ability: Sand Paddle
- Ice Fang
- Return
- Strength
- Cheer Up
Murando is the first pokemon I plan to catch in the Unova region, and it is also the equivalent to the first pokemon I caught in SoulSilver, a male Furret, also with a Brave nature, that I imagined as a big brother/leader figure. Murando first meets Tucker as a Yoterri on Route 1 after an intensive battle with its long time rival, a wild Choroneko (a play on the whole cat & dog rivalry), and severely lost. After Tucker helped heal Yoterri and team up with it to beat Choroneko, Yoterri decides to join him, eventually evolving all the way to Murando. It should also be interesting to know that I thought that Tucker's rival would also catch the same Choroneko & it would evolve into a Lepardas, continuing it's rivalry with Murando. I personally find Murando as the physical powerhouse of my team, so naturally I decided to beef it up with physical moves. Ice Fang was something I thought up as a homeage when I thought of having Murando being an equivalent for my Mamoswine, but after I decided it was more of an equivalent to Furret, I kept it anyway because I thought it would be a good move to have. I gave Murando Strength because I think I'll need it to move the boulders in the game.
Jalorda (Male)(Serious) @Meadow Plate
Ability: Overgrow
- Grass Mixer
- Dragon Tail
- Leaf Blade
- Coil Around
Jalorda is my team's serious, bad ***, tough guy warrior, similar to Ash’s Sceptile & Buizel. His SoulSilver counterpart is a Scizor I caught as a Scyther at the Bug Catching contest, enough said. Jalorda will be the Snivy I receive from Prof. Juniper at the beginning of the game, but I plan on keeping him in my storage box until Karakusa town, because I plan on “catching” him on Route 2. The thing is Snivy was once part of a nest that lived on Route 2, until a poacher with a Doryuzuu attacked the nest and caught all of the Snivy except for one because he was too weak to defend the nest from Doryuzzu and ran away. Sadened and feeling like he lost his honor, Snivy wandered around tired, sick, and starving until he found a hidden log cabin inhabited by a man who makes move-enhancing items for pokemon and his five-year-old daughter Emily. Emily and her father both tended to Snivy and gave him a spiked collar with a meadow plate shaped like a leaf, meant to boost both his grass type attacks and his confidence, though now if Snivy loses the collar, he immediately becomes stricken with fear believing he can’t be strong without it. Anyway, Snivy bonds with Emily during this experience, making her the first human he ever trusted. However, in a short period of time, Emily became very sick and her father is hardly able to support her; so, both being grateful & feeling that he is in her family's debt, Snivy has stayed at the cabin and searched for plants and herbs to heal Emily, while training to sharpen his battling skills. In time, Tucker ran into Snivy, Emily, & her father and learned of everything that’s happened and decides to help Snivy heal Emily; unfortunately, the same poacher, who has been looking for Snivy ever since, found the cabin and with the help of Tucker and Cyndaquil, Snivy defeated Doryuzzu, saved Emily, and avenged his old nest. Though Emily was still sick, she insisted that Snivy would go with Tucker because after seeing how they battle together, going with Tucker would be the best thing to make him stronger; so, Snivy becomes the second pokemon from the Unova region to join Tucker’s team. Anyway, Jalorda is definitely THE powerhouse of my team, so I am giving it a great combination of physical and special attacks, as well as Coil Around as a good status move. I decided to use Grass Mixer instead of Leaf Storm because I see it more as Jalorda’s signature move.
Wargle (Male)(Adamant) @None
Ability: Keen Eye
- Fly
- Brave Bird
- Crush Claw
- Superpower
Though this team will be for pokemon white, where Wargle is catchable, I'm hoping to find someone who'll trade me a Washibon egg for a Hiyapuu from the Abandoned lot of dreams. Anyway, Wargle is the Unova equivalent of my Tyranitar because I caught it as a Larvitar from the Safari Zone with a lonely nature, so it started off shy & meek and then became a brute force. Wargle is basically an egg pokemon that acts kiddy at first, sometimes even disobeying Tucker and doing a few comic things even after evolving, like perching on Tucker's head with it's sharp talons piercing into his scalp, but eventually evolves into a powerful pokemon and a major contender. Like Murando, Wargle's main strength is physical power, so I beefed him up with powerful attacks. I was originally going to have Sheer Force as its ability until I read Aurawarrior8's comments so now I think Keen Eye would be a better ability.
Ranculus (Female)(Quiet) @None
Ability: Dust Proof
-Recover/Pain Split
-Psycho Shock
-Trick Room/Skill Swap/Heal Block
-Dizzy Punch
Ranculus is based off my Togekiss, who hatched from the Togepi that I, like everyone else, received from Mr. Pokemon. Ranculus basically started off as a timid, babyish little Yuniran who is completely unconfident and unsure of her own psychic ability, only with the help of Tucker she is able to show the world what she can do. Out of all of the pokemon belonging to Tucker's rival, Ranculus has a rivalry with a Darmanitan who has Daruma mode for its ability, since they clash with psychic attacks. Ranculus is defientely my special attack powerhouse, which is why I equiped her with psycho shock. I would use psychic, but I used it on tons of my pokemon and I am not sure if it feels like it's been done. However, I never had a psychic pokemon that has all of the special status moves psychic types usually know, which is why I beefed her up with moves like recover, trick room, pain split, skill swap, though I'm still debating which ones to use. As for Dizzy Punch, well, it's one of my favorite moves.
Koaruhie (Male)(Bashful) @None
Ability: Big Pecks
-Aqua Ring
-Windstorm/Air Slash
I have debated over & over again on who my perfect Water type would be, & more importantly, who would its equivalent be, When I saw Koaruhie's Sugimori artwork, I knew right then and there it would be my equivalent to Tucker's Delibird, which was a goofy comic relief kind of character. I did think of evolving Koaruhie to Swanna, making a Swanna vs Swanna match at the Fukiyrose Gym, but then when I thought of Koaruhie's voice in my head, it always sounded like Donald Duck which I thought was hilarious. Then, I thought for Koaruhie's back story, Tucker meets Koaruhie at the Hodome Drawbridge and it eventually joins Tucker's team; however, since he owned two flying types, he decides to have Washibon and Koaruhie practice flying, the only problem is that while Koaruhie is an excellent swimmer, he is absolutely horrified to fly. Just the thought of flying makes him cringe in fear. So Tucker would help Koaruhie overcome his phobia, which would be near the time I'd battle the Elite 4 a second time. I may evolve Koaruhie by then, as a symbol of spreading it's wings and all that jazz, but I'm still debating. Anyway, aside from that, Koaruhie, in my opinion, is second only to Oshawott as far as it's water type movesets. It has tons of great moves like bubblebeam, and aqua ring, which I know will really come in handy

Well, that's it. Please tell me what you think as far as roster, moves, how I pick my pokemon, or any other constructive criticism you may have. Pretty please?

29th December 2010, 11:10 AM
Sand Throw
-Ice Fang
-Wild Charge

You'll never need to use Stregth or Rock Smash, and we all know how bad Giga impact is compared to Return. EQ could make it more like Mamoswine(assuming it had Earthquake) and handle Steels and Rock types. Wild Charge goes great with Ice Fang and provides another Electric move should Cyndaquil faint.

Your Wargle still receives recoil and still gets a defence drop from Superpower but still use them for their huge power. If your adamant on keeping Sheer Force it is fine, but Crush Claw is weaker than Return even with the boost of Sheer Force and gets a handy 50% defence drop with Keen Eye.

Magic Guard protects you from weather as well as status and other non-direct attacks. Suprior to Dust-proof in every way.
Recover on Ranculus. Pain Split should only be used if there are no other options. Trick Room would help the most too considering Cyndaquil and Koaruhie a quite slow.
Dizzy Punch will cause appoximately 6 HP damage to the average opponent. It really is useless on Ranculus. Shadow Ball helps it more than anything else.

Ice Beam > Bubblebeam on Koaruhie.

30th December 2010, 6:01 PM
cool team nice Jalorda

31st December 2010, 1:03 AM
Wow, you have a biography of your Pokemon too! I'm not the only one! I'd like to know your entire story because it sounds pretty awesome. I'm in the midst of making one, with Ambipom equivalent to your Cyndaquil.