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3rd January 2011, 1:03 AM
Well apparently my last post wasn't explained enough so I'll explain my Pokémon Red team in this one. Here it is:

1.Venusaur ;003;
-Swords Dance
-Sleep Powder
-Hyper Beam
-Razor Leaf
Basically, this pokemon's for sleeping. It also has swords dance which boosts its attack and helps him finish pokemon with hyper beam or razor leaf.

2.Wigglytuff ;040;
-Body Slam
-Thunder Wave
Flash is in here because combined with thunder wave, it makes Wigglytuff almost invincible, since it paralyzes a pokemon and then lowers its accuracy so when it isn't immobilized by paralysis, it probably won't hit anyway. I think double team would have been better than flash though.
Bubblebeam is there for golem and onix, but i'm thinking it's not that useful since Wigglytuff has really low special. Body slam is good, since it paralyzes as well.

3.Muk ;089;
-Mega Drain
-Acid Armor
Well Acid armor helps boost muk's defense. Sludge and mega Drain are its attacks and Explosion's in case it's about to die. I'm thinking acid armor isn't that good of an idea, but I don't know what else to give it.

4.Dragonite ;149;
-Fire Blast
-Ice Beam
With agility once, dragonite becomes super fast. Ice beam and Fire blast are in case it can KO something, and wrap is basically for everything else, since it can completely stop a pokemon from attacking.

5.Raichu ;026;
-Seismic Toss
-Body Slam
-Thunder Wave
Thunder wave paralyzes and body slam and thunderbolt do so too. Seismic toss is for Golem and Onix, but I'm thinking 100 steady damage isn't enough. Surf isn't an option since I don't have stadium.

6.Nidoking ;034;
-Rock Slide
Well basically this has lots of special attacks to counter almost everything.

Just tell me what you think and thanks :) Also thanks to the ones who commented on my last post, I really appreciate it.

3rd January 2011, 1:18 AM
Same comments I had last time.