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13th January 2011, 9:52 PM
The whole Pokemon Dojo thing is because I love fighting types... and I plan on making a site named Pokedojo. So yeah.

My best retype in my opinion, a Dark/Steel Turtwig

Gallade Flying re-type, another of my best retypes.

Espeon Ghost Re-type. Mask is scratch.

I have to say, my splicing skills have improved a lot since I last made a thread like this. Here is some of my work, Some of it extremely recent, some older.

Ok then! The next sprite is the one using 5th gen Pokemon. It uses Landlos and Chaobuu. There was, quite recently, a WSC where you had to make a sprite out of only orange Pokemon. My entry was too late, but I still have the sprite, so here you go!

ANOTHER 5th gen sprite now, and for this one, I took all of the 5th Gen fire Pokemon's final evos and mixed them all in one big happy sprite.

FInally, some interesting sprites. Again, these were inspired by WSC. They are "middle sprites" basically what a Pokemon would look like in between their evolutions. They're basically just fusions between evolutions, as you can see with one of them, which doesn't look like it's in between two Pokemon.

Let's do the time warp again! WSC 105, Fuse 4 Pokemon, one from each Gen so far (so including Gen 5)

My ability at making chaos has been getting better recently, mostly due to my shop, where I've had a lot of these requested. Here are some of them, going from oldest to newest.

Gallade, for a competition.

The oh so frequently requested Ninetails and Espeon.


And Meganium.

I'm not great at scratch spriting, as I have little grasp of shading. It takes me a long while just to make a sprite. However, I have made some. These are pretty much all for a region that disintegrated that I may resume when i have more sprites, the Guaru region. Note that some of them are evolutionary lines in one sprite and on one of them I haven't made a start on the shading yet. Let us commence.

My oldest two, made for the Community region that -Raiga- started a while back. This is Kashourisu and Chatoucan, the evolutions of Pachirisu and Chatot, who i feel need them. Kashourisu (Kashou, meaning burn and Risu meaning squirrel in Japanese) is Electric/Fire and Chatoucan (Chat and Toucan) is just plain old Normal/Flying.

Chuppy, a Cheerful Puppy based off a Spaniel.

Kitute, a Cute sleeping kitten Pokemon. It evolves into a Tiger Pokemon, hence the stripy pattern.

The Holivy line, based of the evergreen plants Holly and Ivy. Holivy is plain grass but the other two, Snollivy and Wintivy are Grass/Ice.

The Ellash line, the first sprite for which is ancient. Based of Elephants, the first two, Ellash and Cindphant, are pure fire, whilst Ellava is Fire/Ground. They are sort of based off Indian Elephants who are frequently adorned with patterns. Ellava's patterns are more GLOBAL (see if you can spot it) to reflect its ground type..

The Aqueaver line, based of Beavers. Aqueaver is just Water type, but his evolutions, Beavojo and Beavoxer, are Water/Fighting. I am especially proud of Beavojo's sprite. Beavoxer hasn't been shaded yet.

Rubbless and Bladarp. Rubbless, Pure Rock type, is an idea for a split line of Chess pieces, incorporating all of them to make Rock/Dark Rook and then King/Queen and a Rock/Steel Knight then Bishop. Bladarp should be bigger, is based of swords and is pure Steel type with no evolution and no prevolution.

I quite like doing trainers. They are mostly edits when I do them, but nevertheless, I like doing them.

A Gym leader for my Guary Region. He is the Bug Gym leader. Not a great sprite, I must admit, but it was the first trainer I'd made in a while.

Alex Slasher, a Character of mine for Pokemon: A New Era, a roleplaying thing on GTS+ forums. I am hcanging this sprite soon, by the way, as I'm not happy with the eyes and I think he's too tall.

Now we get on to some of my best (again, my opinion) trainers. These were made for people in my art shop. I really like both and they were actually for the same person ironically.

The vast majority of these are contest entries that are just fun to do for me.

First, Is my first ever good revamp in my opinion anyway), of Heracross, done for the SYT, I believe. If I make more revamps I'll make a new Spoiler for them in this thread.

Next is a winter scene for the most recent WSC of Carolling as the theme. I had huge fun making this.

Some re-patterning as I like to call it. I simply changed the texture/pattern of the Pokemon in these. Electabuzz has a cloudy, sky-like patterning and Beachorb the beach ball.

Please comment on my sprites! Keep it constructive please if you can, and don't steal my sprites.



15th January 2011, 8:26 PM
I don't know how you plan to base an entire site off of fighting types, but I might be able to help.

I've pretty much seen and or have responded to mostly everythin aside from the scratches, so I'll comment on them.

I honestly really don't care for a few of the concepts that concern your scratches. I also find that the shading, proportioning, and outlines need to be fixed. However, the shading and the outline on the second Aquabeaver is better than all the rest.

Keep up the good work!

5th February 2011, 5:34 PM
Finally, a new sprite! Been meaning to start again on the whole spriting thing, but haven't had the time, been busy with exams.

WSC week 105 entry, Time Warp. I added a glow to this one (we're not allowed in the actual contest, I added one because I like glows)

Miss Alexis
5th February 2011, 6:07 PM
Finally, a new sprite! Been meaning to start again on the whole spriting thing, but haven't had the time, been busy with exams.

WSC week 105 entry, Time Warp. I added a glow to this one (we're not allowed in the actual contest, I added one because I like glows)

I just saw this in zadros' thread :D
but theres something iffy about the face that seems to bug me..
or it could be that poliwraths hypnotic tummy is placed incorrectly
but it looks like that because poliwrath lacks a mouth so they gave his belly more of a mouthy shape,
but the sprite you fused also has a mouth of its own
IMO, maybe if you edit its mouth to nostrils, or change its belly to a more round state, you might get better results, but i could be wrong.
Overall, its a very simple (with shown effort of course) and unique sprite/fusion, i love it ^^

2nd April 2011, 11:41 PM
Wanted to keep the gallery alive, so made this guy. It's another of one of my mroe complicated fusions:

I used: Gallade, Shellmet, Monferno, Aggron, Aron, Ralts and Escavalier. He's called simply "The Warrior".

Also, a few trainer sprites, some form the requets thread, others gym leaders for my fake region, and of course my new sprite for Alex Slasher, my PANE character (GTs+ Forums).

http://www.iaza.com/work/110403C/iaza18507247001600.gif http://www.iaza.com/work/110403C/iaza18507263238400.gif http://www.iaza.com/work/110403C/iaza18507242718800.gif http://www.iaza.com/work/110403C/iaza18507211785900.gif
From left to right: A Trainer with a (hard to create) robotic arm, like the guy in XD//Edit on Paul the Bug Gym leader. Shirt was too bright and "default colour" ish//Dora, the Rock and Ground backpacker gym leader. Last of the region.//Cece, the Water type gym leader.
The props are deliberate. They all have a prop. Least happy with Cece, happiest with Dora probably. Beach ball was taken from the beach ball Voltorb I made.

Now onto Alex:
http://www.iaza.com/work/110403C/iaza18507294384500.gif http://www.iaza.com/work/110403C/iaza18507262717400.gif http://www.iaza.com/work/110403C/iaza18507240891000.gif http://www.iaza.com/work/110403C/iaza18507244340200.gif
Different outfits for whatever environment he finds himself in. Really happy with him, finally got a good hairstyle. He has a proper expression and looks normal.

3rd April 2011, 9:36 PM
I was scared out of my wits when I saw the final evo of the water-fighting squirrel. There was no shading and it had insane carnivine eyes. You're absolutely right, you have no grasp of shading :P

That aside, you're really good :) I wish I could make fakemon like that! Your complex splices could do with a bit of work, as there's too much going on at the same time, plus it looks entirely 2D. Try to keep your splices flowing nicely. The point is for it to look like a new pokemon, not like a radioactive experiment gone wrong :P Your second complex splice is better, but you could've found a better place to put chandelure in =\ I would've put the crown with the fire on top of simisear's curls. Your basic splicing is much better, everything flows nicely. Your re-types on the other hand are basicly just parts taken from pokemon of that type and placed on a different pokemon -.- For example, you could try making gallade have talons like braviary and actually in the air, otherwise it's just a fighting-type with wings.

As for your shading Isshu (Get it? Isshu? I crack myself up...) you should try remembering where your light source is (usually from left to right) and add darker parts where something blocks it. It's much harder with newer games as the pokemon look not completely left but slightl to the right, and that proves for more pain in shading. Other than those minor Isshu's (Get it? I did it again xP) you could have some real potential in splicing!

3rd April 2011, 10:40 PM
Thanks for the crit/comments/compliments!

The Water/Fighting is actually a BEAVER. But yeah. I can see how you might think squirrel. And he's a WIP. Here is my current progress...


I basically just get Pokemon vaguely similar in pose and make my shading from that.

Yeah, I do need to work on my complex splices. How about the one in the post before yours. That one up to scratch (another witty pun- even though it's not scratch)?

I made my retypes before 5th gen in those two cases, just to let you know. But yeah, thankies for crit anyway. I'll try working on that more.

Thank you overall again!

4th April 2011, 2:53 AM
Haha, I love it! It's an interesting combination, you made a completely original way of looking at the sprite. I like the way you used the pieces, making shelmet into a helmet, making escavelier's arm a lance, making aron (or is it aggron?) a shield... I might try something like that :P However, you made him short and tiny... at first I imagined him to be kneeling down and in a defensve position, but then I looked closer and saw aggron's legs and monferno's body... Another thing, the shading you made for your squirrel is still a bit off. The left foot, the foot that's pointing to the light source, is shaded, while the right foot, away from the light source, isn't. You're improving, but a few more changes still need to b made.

4th April 2011, 6:38 AM
So I'm not gonna comment on the splices because, splices are splices.

On the FC's you're suffering from Pillow-Shading syndrome. Pillow shading is something spriters whisper under hushed tones. It's a true work of the devil. Pillow-Shading=Bad, and it makes it so there is no distinguishable light source, or if there is, it's very unnatural. Also, your lines seem kind of choppy.

Your sprites also lack Anti-Aliasing. Even though official sprites don't use this technique, you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Anti-Alias.


Hopefully this helps demonstrate what it is. While it is a very minor change, and what may seem unchanging actually makes quite a difference. Like so:


Hope this helped.

4th April 2011, 6:49 AM
Most are very good :)