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16th January 2011, 10:28 PM
I breed pokemon (mainly OU) for IVs, and it's gotten a bit tiring to post them all in their respective threads, so I'll give it a go here.


-don't ask me what EVs/IVs are, there are plenty of resources on serebii

-follow all other rules of serebii

-don't ask me for pokemon to complete your pokedex, you can do that elsewhere in the trade forum

-don't offer/ask vaguely, state what you want and what you can offer

-don't ask for hacks, I have no access to any anyways

-don't offer hacks; I'm not interested (RNG and cloning is okay)

-PM offers, you can post if you want, but PM'ing will have a better, faster response

-I won't EV train for you, I'm too busy

-I'm usually very busy so it may take a while for a response

-you can PM me for questions regarding hidden power, ability, etc.

-you may suggest future breeding projects

**denotes standout stats, assuming you want each pokemon to play a particular role (physical sweeper, special sweeper, defensive wall, etc)


RIOLU/LUCARIO http://www.serebiiforums.com/images/avatars/platinum/448-m.png


A2(male): DOCILE 19/31/31/11/26/31 **31 speed/atk

A5(male lucario): IMPISH 16/31/31/31/12/31 **31 speed/atk/sp.atk

A18(male): CALM 7/26/19/31/29/31 **31 speed/sp.atk

B1(male): TIMID 31/24/31/31/17/30 **31 sp.atk

B4(male): BOLD 23/29/31/31/12/31 **31 speed/sp.atk

B9(male): MODEST 2/27/31/31/28/31 **31 speed/sp.atk <--GONE

B10(male): TIMID 20/31/31/31/22/27 **31 atk/sp.atk

B13(male): TIMID 14/26/31/31/12/28 **31 sp.atk

B15(male): TIMID 31/24/1/31/22/31 **31 speed/sp.atk <--Pending...

B16(male): TIMID 16/8/19/31/27/31 **31 speed/sp.atk

B18(male): TIMID 1/17/31/31/28/31 **31 speed/sp.atk

B19(male): TIMID 16/12/27/31/21/31 **31 speed/sp.atk <--GONE...


A1(female): BRAVE 14/31/31/7/15/31 **31 speed/atk <--GONE

A2(female): QUIRKY 23/17/31/16/19/31 **31 speed <--GONE

B1(female): TIMID 0/31/3/31/0/31 **31 speed/atk/sp.atk

B4(female): TIMID 16/31/6/31/5/28 **31 atk/sp.atk

SNEASEL http://www.serebiiforums.com/images/avatars/platinum/461-f.png **All have egg move pursuit**


B2(male): JOLLY 4/26/29/23/30/28

D3(male): MILD 2/31/23/26/31/31 **31 attack/speed

E1(male): JOLLY 2/31/7/23/7/31 **31 attack/speed <--GONE

E4(male): BRAVE 24/31/23/31/26/31 **31 attack/speed <--GONE

F2(male): JOLLY 9/31/31/26/31/31 **31 attack/speed <-- GONE

F4(male): JOLLY 24/29/27/31/15/31 *31 speed

F5(male): JOLLY 6/31/22/13/26/31 **attack/speed


D6(female): ADAMANT 28/31/23/31/11/31 **31 attack/speed <-- GONE

E5(female): JOLLY 11/31/31/26/25/31 **31 attack/speed

F3(female): JOLLY 20/16/7/31/26/31 **31 speed

F4(female): JOLLY 31/28/11/31/19/31 **31 speed

ELEKID http://www.serebiiforums.com/images/avatars/platinum/466-m.png **All have egg move cross chop**


B5(male electabuzz): ADAMANT 25/31/30/3/0/28 **31 atk

C11(male electabuzz): BASHFUL 26/31/28/31/31/31 **31 speed/atk <-- GONE

D1(male): ADAMANT 6/31/22/31/1/31 **31 speed/atk <-- Pending...

D2(male): MILD 31/31/29/15/16/31 **31 speed/atk

D4(male): ADAMANT 19/31/6/10/31/31 **31 speed/atk

D6(male): LONELY 16/31/16/9/31/31 **31 speed/atk

D7(male): ADAMANT 0/31/4/31//31/29 **31 atk

D12(male): ADAMANT 31/31/31/3/31/26 **31 atk <--GONE

D13(male): TIMID 6/31/3/31/8/31 **31 speed/atk

D15(male): SERIOUS 10/31/23/31/8/31 **31 speed/atk


C2(female): MILD 31/31/14/15/25/28 **31 atk

C3(female): ADAMANT 25/31/31/31/6/22 **31 atk

D1(female): RELAXED 13/31/1/31/27/31 **31 speed/atk

I'm looking for the following pokemon with *good* IVs (evolved or pre-evolved): yanma, gligar, magnemite, snorlax, togepi, gyrados, tyranitar, hippowdon, skarmory, scizor, swampert, metagross, garchomp, salamence, wobbuffet, bronzong, ninjask, roselia, starmie, froslass, and kingdra.

I also need items, especially battling items like expert belt, life orb, choice items, etc. along with TMs such as stone edge, roost, energy ball, dragon pulse, u-turn, and other 4th gen moves.

21st January 2011, 2:33 PM
Do you have any shinies?

21st January 2011, 7:01 PM
wow ur looking for a lot of the ones im gonna start breeding soon!

yanma, gligar, snorlax, togepi, gyrados, tyranitar, hippowdon, skarmory, swampert, metagross, garchomp, salamence, wobbuffet, bronzong, ninjask, starmie, and kingdra

i think we can help each other out here, ill send over a good scyther =]

22nd January 2011, 4:35 AM
Do you have any shinies?

Sorry, I don't have any shinies up for trade, unless one pops up in my breeding (which is about as probable as finding one).

Crimson Loner
22nd January 2011, 6:01 AM
I am interested in Lucario #B19 and Elekid D12

I have a lvl 1 Togepi that hatched shiny, 31/20/31/28/31/18

Think that's good for both if he's holding an Expert Belt or Life Orb for you?