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18th January 2011, 3:54 PM
Ability: Teravolt
+Atk, -SAtk
Lightning Strike
Zen Headbutt
Hone Claws

Ability: Shell Armor
+Atk, -Speed
Hydro Pump
Ice Beam

Ability: Sheer Force
+Atk, -SAtk
Flare Blitz
Giga Impact

Ability: Motor Drive
+Atk, -SAtk
Volt Charge
Nitro Charge
Volt Change

Ability: Sand Rush
+Atk, -SAtk
Drill Liner
Stone Edge
Swords Dance

Ability: Competitive Spirit
+Atk, -SAtk
Sky Drop
Shadow Claw
Hone Claws

This is the team I have planned for Pokemon White.

I'm open to all suggestions about what I have here, but don't recommend me dropping any actual Pokemon for something else (though there is a possiblity I could switch out Zebraika for Shibirudon). I want to use these Pokemon (give or take Zebra/Shibi). No items are listed as I haven't decided who gets what (I don't just throw Leftovers on every Pokemon). I have been bouncing back and forth between Zebraika and Shibirudon. Shibirudon is clearly much better than Zebraika. Zebraika has a shallow, horrible movepool and inferior stats, but I personally love it tenfold over the derpy Shibirudon. I love Luxray, and Zebraika reminds me of it. A lot.

18th January 2011, 8:15 PM
Rock Slide > ZenHeadbutt for Zekrom. It hits Ice types and generally more and better supereffectives than the Psychic type.

Surf gets field use, perfect accuracy and a lot more PP than Hydro Pump. I strongly recomend it.

Giga Impact = nonono. Rock Slide as well please, it gets awesome coverage with Earthquake.

Volt Charge = Wild Charge? Either way Volt Charge doesn't exist.(Unless some crazed fan wants Volt Tackle and Wlid Charge added together to make a 210 power-never- missing-no-recoil-ultra-smexy-Haxorus-beating-game-breaker. It should also have a Nuaghty(+atk -def) nature that doesn't hurt Overheat's power.

Earthquake over Drill liner on Doryuuzu. There are very few doubles and about six triples even in White. EQ gest moar power and accuracy. 'Tis da win. Sandstorm only hurts the rest of your team and is not worth using therefore. Swords Dance and a Jolly(+spd -spatk) nature should be enough to KO most.
Actually Wargle, Zekrom and hihidaruma could all use a jolly nature too.