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18th January 2011, 5:33 PM
Hi there!
I just realised that there's only a month until PKMN White!
So I want you to help me improve my team.
In this team, I don't EV train. I also don't know about the items. This is my first ingame-white-team, so I normally don't breed for attacks.

So here it is:
Daikenki , as a mixed attacker
- Surf/ Hydro Pump/ Boiling water?
-Shell Blade
-Ice Beam
Shell blade because it usually lowers the foe's defense.
megahorn and ice beam against grass, surf/hydropump/b water for special STAB

special attacker:
- shadow ball /evil eye
- flamethrower /purgatory
-energy ball
first two for strong STAB. Either 'normal' attacks or purgatory+evil eye for 100 Base power. energy ball against most of his weaknesses
psychic makes him the ultimate weapon against fighting-types.

Physical attacker:
Ononokusu ( what a name!)
- Dragon claw
- Earthquake
- rock slide
- Outrage/ x-scissor/ maybe dragon dance...
Dragon claw-STAB, QuakEdge for brutal coverage. yeah, and...
outrage: strong; X-scissor: ideal against grass, dark and psychic; DD: I don't like boosting moves that much, but this one could be good.

- x-scissor
- gyro ball = win!
- iron head?
- aerial ace?
first two for STAB. iron head for very slow PKMN? and aerial ace because I didn't find a better thing.

Zuruzukin or Zorro-zucchini
- Hi Jump Kick
- Stone edge, later head smash
first two for STAB, then a strong rock-attack against flyers.
what should I use for the last slot? drain punch is good, but it's a breeding attack, so no.

Zekrom (oh no, it's an uber! so what? nobody will die of it. except for the foes.)
- Cross Thunder
- Dragon Claw
- zen headbutt?/ rock slide?
- fly
again, first two for STAB. rock slide or stone edge would be against ice-types, and zen-headbutt against fighting and... poison. I think I'll use a rock-attack. fly is silly and ugly, but I think I'll have to use it.

yeah. and two questions:
1) do the E4 use EVs? if not, can I give my ononokusu ~20 speed EVs so that he's faster than the sazandora( Ithink there was one in the 5th battle or somewhere)

2) These baloons... Are they one-time-use-items? I know that they pop, but does my PKMN have them again after a normal battle? I probably wanted to use them on shandera.

So, please rate it and make suggestions. Thanks.

18th January 2011, 5:46 PM
I'm not good with 5th gen teams but I can answer ur questions
1) I'm pretty sure that the e4 doesn't use evs
2) Balloons r one time use items

18th January 2011, 7:41 PM
could always use giga impact when you need that extra push to win but i'd use dragon claw for zuruzukin but i think its a good unova team i never played yet i cant wait

18th January 2011, 8:33 PM
- Surf/ Boiling water
-Ice Beam

Hydro Pump's has to little PP and to little accuracy. Surf for power and field use. Boiling Water if you want could be used.

- shadow ball
- flamethrower
-energy ball
-Calm Mind

Never use 100 power 50% accuracy moves unless you have No Guard. You're immune to fighting which is enough to KO them easily with Calm Mind boosted Flamethrowers coming from a spatk stat worthy of a legendary.

- Dragon claw
- Earthquake
- rock slide
- dragon dance

I gurantee that you will love Dragon Dance. It is so powerful for him it should be tried for almost putting the world into a nuclear war.

shubarugo- x-scissor
- Iron Head
- Swords Dance
- Aerial ace

It doesn't get Gyro Ball...
Iron Head is STAB and so is Megahorn/X-scissor. Swords Dance boosts that nice attack to that of Ononokusu post-Dragon Dance.

- Hi Jump Kick
- Stone edge
-Bulk Up

Hi Jump Kick>>>>>Any other fighting move ever. Bulk Up boosts ZZ's best stats and the power of the ultimate Hi Jump Kick. Stone Edge doesn't hurt you which would've defied the purpose of Bulk Up. Oh, and don't use Giga Impact. Never. Ever.

- Lightning Strike
- Dragon Claw
- Rock slide
- fly

Lightning Strike is just as epic as Hi Jump Kick. Cross Thunder will suffice 'til then. Rock Slide covers Ice types whereas ZenHeadbutt would effectively only cover Poison because of Fly.

18th January 2011, 10:10 PM
On Daikenki:
- Surf
- Return
- Ice Beam
- Night Slash/Aqua Jet

Surf for field use and general reliability, Return because it's pretty powerful and hits stuff water can't. Ice Beam for grass, and Night Slash covers more types if you can be bothered with the egg move process, but Aqua Jet will work well with Daikenki's average Speed.

19th January 2011, 4:37 PM
WHAT??Noooooooooooooooo! Why can't shubarugo learn gyro ball? against a Base speed 100 foe, that attack would be as powerful as a STAB-giga impact! + the 135 attack base stat.
Damn. thenI will use iron head, x-scissor or maaayyyybe megahorn, aerial ace and... swords dance. I don't like stat-boosting moves. I always fear that I will be KOed before I can attack. But I think with shuba, I will only have to fear fire attacks. But the Tm is late in the game. are there other options?
Kinda the same thing with shandera: If my fighting-enemy has stone edge or rock slide, he will KO me after I spent a round on calm mind. So I think I prefer Psychic.
Daikenki: I know that I will use Megahorn. Because it is a strong and ultra-cool attack( especially in HG/SS). and I take surf, and ice beam. but return? I have never used it before. against who should it be used? megahorn, ice beam and surf cover alrady every type imo. But thanks for the hint. Maybe aqua jet instead, like Dusknoirdude23 said.
Zekrom: lightning strike is a cool attack, but lv 100??? I don't think I will ever get there... and cross thunder is also cool. for the 3rd slot, I use rock slide or stone edge, I'll look.
And ZZ: I also thought of bulk up, but the same thing as before. But maybe I'll like it. maybe.