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19th January 2011, 9:11 AM

I've been lurking on this site for a while now. I'm really starting to understand the B/W metagame. While I do think it is interesting, I want to be able to use the team I want and be able to use good strategies with them. So here is my team.
(in no specific order)

1) Lead? Or Lead Support?
Forretress w/ Leftovers
252 HP/ 4 Atk/ 252 SpD
Toxic Spikes
Rapid Spin

I needed a hazard set-up Pokemon on my team, so I picked this guy because he could set up the most of any of the other set-uppers. Toxic Spikes to poison, regular Spikes just in case the other gets disabled, or Swampert failed with it set-up, Payback because of his speed(although I could give it counter), and Rapid Spin, of course, to get rid of any hazards By giving it Max HP and Special Defense, it could withstand the average opposing specially based attacker. To be honest, I’ve mainly used Toxic Spikes, so I might switch out Spikes for something else, but seeing as how a Tentacruel made my T Spikes disappear one time, I don’t know as of yet…

2) SpeedLeech-tile
Sceptile w/ Big Root
4HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spd
Leech Seed
Hidden Power [Ice]
Leaf Blade

Used as my Water, Dragon, Bug, and, Flying counter. For the most part, with Max Speed it will for the most part go first more often than about 50% of the OU tier on this site. With Dragonbreath, it could help take down the occasional Dragon-type, and it is also used as a Paralysis infliction. Leech Seed is used to recover some health. Leaf Blade for STAB

3) SB-SDken
Blaziken w/ Wide Lens
Speed Boost
4HP/ 252 Atk/ 252/ Spd
Swords Dance
Blaze Kick
Stone Edge
Sky Uppercut

Giving her Max Attack and Speed gives it a good start if it is switched in after a faint, basically giving it clean-up duty. A nice STAB Blaze Kick can do considerable damage as well as give off Burn status, Sky Uppercut for STAB and to counter Ground types. If I can accurately predict a switch I could get off a good Swords Dance. Stone Edge would get rid of pesky Flying types.

4) Lead Support? Or Lead?
Swampert w/ Leftovers
240 HP/ 216 Def/ 54 Spd
Stealth Rock

He could be my lead, but most of all, he is my tank and set-up wall. Ice Beam to counter and Grass and or Bug Types. I thought about giving it Scald/Boiling Water as a Status infliction instead of Surf, this is still up in the air. I still gave it Stealth Rock just in-case Forretress fails. It has almost Max HP and 216 Def to be able to take hits from Grass types and Physical attacks. Should I switch Ice Beam with Avalanche due to its speed? It gives off base 60, since it may attack last, if hit, it automatically goes to 120, and for those weak against it, 240 or even 480. Nevermind, after having a couple of battle with Ice Beam, I’m going to go with Avalanche.

5) Special Forces
Jolteon w/ Magnet
Volt Absorb
4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Speed
Hidden Power [Ice]
Charge Beam
Shadow Ball

This one handle the inside operations of the team. By focusing on its Special Attack and its Speed, Jolteon can make the best of any situation on the field. I gave it Thunderbolt for STAB, Charge Beam to boost the already high special attack stat for its moves. Hidden Power to counter Ground types, and I added on Shadow Ball to take out the occasional Psychic type.

6) Para-Flinch-Kiss
Togekiss w/ Leftovers
Serene Grace
252 HP/ 36 SpA/ 220 Spd
Air Slash
Nasty Plot
Thunder Wave
This lil’ bundle of joy packs a pretty mean punch, or should I say, a mean “slash” lol. My failed attempt at humor. Sorry, moving on. Since most attacks that come against Togekiss have been special-typed, to go with its already high Special Defense, I just upped its HP to the Max, giving it a fighting chance to counter with a T-Wave, Nasty Plot or 2 to up its attack power, then sweep almost anything. Then, round him all the way out with a nice Roost.

19th January 2011, 10:38 AM
there's no such thing as dragon punch... u mean drain punch???

19th January 2011, 8:37 PM
Energy Ball > Recover on Alakazam. Give it Wise Glasses.

Blaziken@Leftovers/Focus Sash?
Adamant/Speed Boost
-Swords Dance
-Flare Blitz
-Hi Jump Kick
-Stone Edge/Protect

Now THAT's a Speed Boot Blaziken. Swords Dance, hold on with Sash( or Protect to survive to +1 then SD) and Hi Jump Kick everything to deadness.

Swampert wants Waterfall>Surf and Curse instead of Stealth Rock.

19th January 2011, 9:19 PM
Aurawarrior doesn't leave very much to rate huh. :rolleyes:

Brick Break > Cross Chop for accuracy and reliability reasons. It's the same as suggesting Rock Slide > Stone Edge (which I would apply everywhere you can). Additionally, as you are running Adamant, Thunderpunch > Thunderbolt.

Togekiss can benefit more from the SpAtk boost that Modest gives imo, rather than Calm's SpDef boost. Super Luck isn't the ability you're looking for, I think you meant Serene Grace. Or you should have anyway, lol. The ability works perfectly with Air Slash.

19th January 2011, 10:43 PM
i think he means dragon claw and if so thats a very bad move for a modest sceptile and so is leaf blade only because they are physical moves idk what they are in black/white but im referring to 4th gen games

20th January 2011, 7:56 AM
im sorry. not dragon punch, i meant to say dragon pulse.

20th January 2011, 9:17 AM
What is your overall strategy?

22nd January 2011, 10:56 AM
use swampert as lead, set up hazards, then some are sweepers. pretty much just go in and overpower. Im still new to competitive battling.

22nd January 2011, 6:37 PM
If use roost on togekiss, the leftovers aren't so necessary, so I'd give him a life orb to make him even stronger.