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Severus Snape
21st January 2011, 10:54 AM
Urugamosu Lv 90 @ Shell Bell
Ability: Flame Body
-Butterfly Dance
-Bug Buzz

Urugamosu is mainly my Special Attacker, and she's got some strong moves. I'm planning on replacing Butterfly Dance with Flame Dance when she reaches Level 100.

Jaroda Lv 65 @ Big Root
Ability: Overgrow
-Giga Drain
-Leaf Blade
-Wring Out

Jaroda's my starter Pokemon. I know that you'll go on about how not to have Cut, but it's mainly the only Pokemon on my team that can learn Cut. I'm replacing Wring Out with Aerial Ace, once I find the TM.

Goruggu Lv 65 @ Lucky Egg
Ability: Klutz
-Hammer Arm

I first thought Goruggu has a slow, useless Pokemon. When I found out it had a good moveset, I took out Gamageroge for this. Unluckily, it has Klutz, so Lucky Egg will be sticking with him for quite a long time.

Shibirudon Lv 64 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Levitate
-Grass Knot
-Volt Change

I like to earn money, and this Pokemon goes out in battle a LOT. She's got a fairly good moveset, and Volt Change just in case she's in trouble.

Shanderaa Lv 60 @ Expert Belt
Ability: Flame Body
-Energy Ball
-Shadow Ball
-Flame Burst

She's a good type coverage Special Attacker. You might have noticed by now that all my Pokemon are more of Special than Physical, apart from Goruggu. This Pokemon can easily defeat any threat, apart from the fact that I don't bother to train it.

Abagoura Lv 60 @ Lustrous Orb
Ability: Sturdy
-Rock Slide

Hoping to switch out Rock Slide for Stone Edge. This is mainly a HM Slave, ironically, with a Lustrous Orb.

21st January 2011, 2:07 PM
• Ulgamoth @ Leftovers
• Modest Nature
- Fire Dance
- Butterfly Dance
- Substitute
- Bug Buzz

When you get around to it, but sure to use Fire Dance > Flamethrower. Due to its SpAtk boosting, it is far more efficient. If you plan on spending a lot of time setting up with Butterfly Dance, you can also go with Substitute > Gale (which is pretty pointless for Ulgamoth imo anyway). Leftovers for consistency.

Get Cut off of Jalorda when you can since you only ever need it once. After then, it's a complete waste of space.

I'm replacing Wring Out with Aerial Ace, once I find the TM.

Then include that in the moveset. We want to know your final plans, not how they are currently.

• Goruugu @ Leftovers / Muscle Band
• Adamant Nature (with No Guard if possible)
- Fly / Dynamicpunch
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide / Stone Edge
- Rock Polish

Really, if you can get No Guard, then you have a much, much better Pokémon to work with. In this case, it's too good to waste a moveslot on Fly, so drop that. Otherwise, Fly can stay for utility. With only Rock Slide (Stone Edge with No Guard) and Earthquake, it's fine in terms of coverage anyway.

• Shibirudon @ Leftovers / Wise Glasses
• Modest Nature
- Grass Knot
- Charge Beam / Thunderbolt
- Flamethrower
- Hidden Power [Ice]

• Shandera @ Expert Belt / Life Orb / Leftovers
• Timid Nature
- Flamethrower
- Energy Ball
- Shadow Ball
- Calm Mind

21st January 2011, 6:36 PM
Careful/Solid Rock
-Aqua Jet
-Rock Slide

I won't bother explaining how useless Dive is.
Waterfall is also very useless as an HM in Black/White. Both of these HMs first use is after the friggin' elite four and for fairly insignificant reasons too.
Surf gets little use but it allows you to get to the TMfor Thunderbolt and the TM for Focus Blast/Ankle Sweep. However it has little use pre-elite 4 as well.

Jalorda wants Coil > Giga Drain and Dragon Tail > Cut. leech Seed is an option over Aerial Ace.

22nd January 2011, 6:52 AM
Waterfall is still a decent (nothing better) move for Abagoura, just not for that set. But you get it after the E4.

22nd January 2011, 8:12 AM
Waterfall is obtainable before the Elite 4. It is on route 18 which is avalible after the 6th gym.