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22nd January 2011, 4:56 PM
My team for Pokemon White! With little comments along the way.

I have to say, the more I look at Tepig's line, the more I like them, but I feel far too strongly about how great Oshawott is not to use him. Plus, pure types come with a better deal as they can't be taken out by 4x damage, and in Water's case, only have two weaknesses. Pure Grass is a horribly weak type though (Fire, Flying, Bug, Poison, Ice).

Otto [Male] (Derivation of otter)
Moveset: Megahorn, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump/Surf, Dragon Tail.
Item: Draco Plate.
Stats: Gonna get that attack boosted up so its about the same as his Sp. Attack. Attack enhancing nature, probably.
Ability: Torrent.
Strategy (And Reasoning): Megahorn is available early-ish, especially if you follow a walk-through and collect at least one Heart Scale. Plus its rather powerful, and is a good second bet if Moe gets K.Od. He also has a nice powerful STAB move in Hydro pump, boosted by his reasonable Special attack. Surf replaces it until that level, and by the time I get to that level, I won't need him for surfing any more anyway. Finally, he's also going to be my primary Dragon killer. I got him ice Beam and Dragon Tail with a Draco plate to make these moves power up some more.

Seeing as I've already mentioned him, Moe is next. Moe is a Scrafty. I really love the whole Gangster/punk/chav/etc... look about him, and I also love his type. I also love yellow and orange, so I really like both of these Pokemon.

Moe [Male] (From Mohawk- just look at his head for that)
Moveset: Crunch, Drain Punch, Ice Punch/Dragon Claw, Head Smash.
Item: Leftovers
Stats: Obviously attack based, plus I'll try to make my defence good too, because my main threat here is fighting types.
Ability: Moxie.
Strategy (And Reasoning): A lot of this is mainly because of the huge amount of damage Head Smash will do Moe. Leftovers and Drain Punch are good ways to win back a little health from using it. Good defence helps me from receiving too much extra damage from the foe. Crunch takes care of the annoying Special mine-fielded area of Psychic and Ghost types. Ice Punch/Dragon Claw are there as a spare Dragon killer if I need it. As well as the extra healing side to it, Drain Punch also is rather useful for taking out Dark types. Finally, I get an attack boost from Moxie, which I need because Zuruzukin has no attack boosting moves to boost up his Crunch and Drain Punch.

Next we move on to a Special typed beast. I immediately fell in love with Woobat when I saw it, and Swoobat didn't disappoint either. He's a pretty powerful Pokemon, and I really love using him.

Chiro [Male] (Derives from the Latin name for bats)
Moveset: Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Psychic
Item: Meadow Plate.
Stats: Boosted Special attack, and both defences boosted a little each.
Ability: Unaware.
Strategy (And Reasoning): Psychic and Air Slash gain STAB and are useful for a variety of Pokemon. Shadow Ball is there as yet another Psychic and Ghost killer. Finally, the Meadow Plate-boosted Energy Ball. Kokoromori can't be taken out by Earthquake thanks to its Flying type. This makes it a good candidate for taking out those pesky Water/Ground types that have appeared in every Gen apart from Gen 1 and who people seem to love so much (Me included, I love Swampert). Plus any defence increasing will be ignored by Unaware!

Next, we move onto a veritable powerhouse. He's an extremely good Sweeper, and he is a Pure Fire type. Darmantian, and awesome Pokemon. He has a fantastic mischievous expression to him which I love, plus he is a great replacement to the Fire/Fighting types I love so much.

Dolly [Female] (Daruma DOLLS)
Moveset: Fire Punch, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Hammer Arm.
Item: Focus Sash
Stats: Attack boosted beast of DOOM. He's also going to have boosted Defence.
Ability: Sheer Force.
Strategy (And Reasoning): I Love Darmantian SO much. He has a really high attack stat, an ability that only increases this, and some really powerful attacking moves at his (or her, in my case) disposal. Case one, Fire Punch, Available really early on as a move, boosted by high attack and STAB. Powerful move number two, Earthquake, possibly the most spammed move ever. Takes out some seriously annoying Pokemon. Stone Edge, to take out any Flying types that won't fall to Earthquake, alos powerful. Finally, Hammer arm, my spare Fighting move if Moe faints. Also really powerful. You can't really lose with Darmantian, but his weakness to Ground, Rock and Water does make him vulnerable. That's why I hope his increased defence will protect him a little bit.

Nearing the end now, my next Pokemon is a Steel Mole. Excadrill and Krookodile were my two favourite Ground types this Gen, I really like "English" animals, and we have got a few moles here, as well as otters. I love cheerful Pokemon, and Drilbur has a cheerful and slightly crazy expression which I love. I also love Badass no fuss Pokemon, and Excadrill fills this fantastically.

Arthur [Male] (Excalibur, so Arthur the king.)
Moveset: Claw Sharpen, Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Rock Slide.
Item: Sky Plate
Stats: High attack and high Defence.
Ability: Mold Breaker
Strategy (And Reasoning): Claw Sharpen to get him super powerful. Earthquake, Rock Slide and Aerial Ace (boosted by his Sky Plate) are his killing moves. Earthquake mainly. His ability is useful too.

My last Pokemon! A Good Electric type, plus it's really, really cute in my opinion. I really like Galvantula. I admire Gamefreak's ability to create a cute Spider. Joltik is ADORABLE! And Galvantula isn't bad either. I also like Electric types a lot too, so these Pokemon are perfect for me.

Aria [Female] (Sounds a bit like Araignée, the word for Spider in French)
Moveset: Electra Ball, Thunder, Signal beam, Energy Ball
Item: Wide Lens
Stats: Really, really high speed and good special attack.
Ability: Compoundeyes
Strategy (And Reasoning): Accuracy and Speed based Special attacker, Aria. Giving her Thunder may be risky in some people's eyes, but Compoundeyes and Wide Lens means the accuracy of this move is instantly boosted. Electra ball is an excuse to have a really good speed, and Signal beam has a lovely confusion bonus. Those are the STAB moves. I couldn't choose any other moves I liked, so I went for two Electric ones. Energy Ball is there in case Chiro faints, as a back-up.

Now for the really powerful replacement. I'll only use this guy in game. He is one of the main reasons I'm choosing White, for exactly the same reasons I chose Diamond; I prefer the Legendary I'll get. Zekrom screams badass and power, so I really like him. I'm unlikely to ever get him to level 100, so that's why I'm not using Lightning strike.

Zack (This will change if this is my trainer name, to Zekky. Both uncreative, but whatever.)
Moveset: Cross Thunder, Outrage, Crunch, Fly
Item: Persim Berry
Stats: High attack, high Defence.
Ability: Teravolt
Strategy (And Reasoning): Pretty explanatory really. He's a Physical attacker, so he gets physical moves. Two of them get STAB, and I need a spare Dark type. And a Flyer, cos Chiro can't have it, not seeing as he's a Special attacker. The Persim berry is there so that he isn't confused after his first Outrage.

22nd January 2011, 6:55 PM
Oh my gawd...

-Move 1
-Move 2
-Move 3
-Move 4

Here's a tip. No single type boosting items unless it uses one attacking move(which is still risky at best).

22nd January 2011, 8:27 PM
No rules say that I HAVE to use that exact format. I've clearly stated the Pokemon, Item, Ability and Moveset. I'm not bothered about natures so I didn't put them in. It even says on the rules post "It doesn't have to be EXACTLY like this". It's clear. You can see what I'm saying.

And n.2 I don't get what you're talking about... For each Pokemon I've given a plate, they all have an attacking move of that type... So I don't see why you're criticizing that bit, especially seeing as most of the time the plates are boosting a weaker attack. I don't get why you're criticising that bit...

23rd January 2011, 12:01 AM
It's not exact but it's got to remotely resemble the stated format.

There are items that can boost all your moves at once rather than just one. You're much more likely to benefit from a 10% boost to all your attacks rather than a 20% boost to just Doryuuzu's Aerial Ace which will most likely be used very rarely compared to Earthquake or Rock Slide.

23rd January 2011, 10:12 AM
OK, thanks. With all due respect though, I'll keep it as it is.

So, should I go for something like an Expert Belt? I rarely use an attack if it isn't super-effective against the Pokemon I'm using it on.

23rd January 2011, 2:41 PM
itt: format nazis. :rolleyes:

the op is a little hard to read for the raters but meh, all the info we need is there.

just for future reference, please use the normal format. as a poster it won't matter much to you but for raters who are used to working with the normal format for everything, it's really off putting. i'm not having a go here, i understand and respect your point of view, but yeah. just giving you the raters' viewpoint too.


Yeah I'm agreeing with Aurawarrior8 when he says that Plates don't really work. Their use is far too specific to really help anything out.

Expert Belt is a good choice on anything with really good coverage on it. Otherwise, the Life Orb works pretty well on a non-attack boosting attacker or the Leftovers on Pokémon which are bulky or require setup.

Surf on Daikenki. It's got more field use and better accuracy, and therefore reliability and overall usefulness, than Hydro Pump. Dragon Tail is pretty redundant alongside Ice Beam and since you're mixing, Return will fit in pretty well instead. It gets good neutral coverage alongside Water attacks.

Kinda busy atm so this is all I'm saying for now. I'll finish it later if no-one else does. Hope this helps a bit.

23rd January 2011, 3:01 PM
Bah, humbug.

Brick break onstead of Darmanitan's Hammer Arm. Darmanitan likes his speed because it allows him to kill before fainting himself and Brick Break's loss of power is worth it.

Bug Buzz over Denchura's Signal Beam once you're high-levelled enough. It isn't too often you're able to confuse the opponent. Volt Change gets you out of trouble if you are. Electra Ball should be replaced for this.