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23rd January 2011, 6:22 PM
Might as well make a team for the third and final starter...

-Leaf Blade
-Dragon Tail
-Leech Seed

Standard set is standard.

Darmanitan@Life Orb
Jolly/Sheer Force
-Flare Blitz
-Rock Slide

The world's strongest Flare Blitz. EQ for Rocks and Rock Slide for QuakeEdge. U-turn gets me out of deep trouble.

Gamergeroge@Expert Belt
Relaxed/Water Absorb
-Drain Punch
-Hyper Voice/Return

Surf is Surf. Earthquake gives me Ground stab. Hyper Voice/Return gives Water/Normal coverage. Drain Punch heals me and deals with Nattorei.

-Hi Jump Kick
-Rock Slide
-Dragon Dance

It's risky but I think DDZZ wouldn't be so bad. Jolly nature makes the most of the speed boost while Intimidate helps setting up.

Maggyo@Wise Glasses
Modest/Sand Veil
-Earth Power
-Yawn/Thunder Wave/Toxic
-HP (Ice)

He needs moar luv.
Earth Power and T-bolt for STAB. Yawn/Thunder Wave/Toxic for status. HP Ice for Boltbeam.

Modest/Analyse, Synchronize
-Shadow Ball
-Energy Ball
-Nasty Plot

Needs moar luv too.
If I'm right Analyse increases the power of any attacks you use if you're last in the turn. If it is just physical attacks boosted then Synchronize it is.
Psychic 4 STAB. Shadow Ball covers dem pesky ghosts. Emergy Ball covers Water types and was chosen over T-bolt as Maggyo has the exact same move. Energy Ball can cover pokemon Jalorda can't like Abagoura.
Nasty Plot: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Now no-one will treat me as inferior to Reuniclus!

Rate away!

24th January 2011, 4:48 AM
Jalorda: Yeah, pretty standard set, but works nice. I'd reccomend Aerial Ace over Leech Seed, but you've got Darmantian for bugs.

Darmaintian: See nothing wrong with it, nice set to work with its beastly attack.

Zuzuriken (can't spell XD): Pretty good, just keep in mind the slight risk of Hi Jump Kick.

Gamageroge: Not really sure, but seems fine for a bulky water.

Oobemu: Good set, just watch out for his slow-as-tar speed (good for Analyse, bad because of fast darks, ghosts, etc.)

I'll leave the more complex ratings for other raters.