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24th January 2011, 6:42 PM
OK so i'm thinkin' of startin' a fire type team. Anywhere I have more than one move on one line means I need you to help me choose. So here it goes:

Blast Burn
Fire Blast, Overheat, Hidden Power (Psychic), or other.

Fire Blast or Other
Sacred Fire

Fire Blast
Hyper Beam

Blaze Judgement
Bursting Flame

Nitro Charge
Boiling Water
Heat Stamp
Fire Oath

Draco Meteor
Cross Flame
Blue Flame

Comments and Critisism are welcome!

24th January 2011, 9:15 PM
Since you are doing a fire type team, you need more coverage of the fire type weaknesses.

- Eruption
- Flamethrower/Fire Blast
- Wild Charge
- Brick Break/Focus Blast/Hidden Power

Never, ever use hyper beam or other moves that require recharging like Blast Burn. The power may be tempting, but you have to recharge, risking quite a lot. Eruption is brilliant for the start of a battle, but it's power drops eventually with the loss of HP. This is when you start using the second fire type move. Flamethrower is much more reliable than Fire Blast, unless you have Sunny Day active. Wild Charge covers the water type weakness, and gives a physical side to Typhlosion. Lastly, Brick Break or Focus Blast covers the Rock weakness, and can go either way, Physical or Special. Hidden Power of some kind could also work.

- Sacred Fire
- Fly
- Solarbeam
- Sunny Day

Sacred Fire is a good move to have on a Ho-Oh, and 100 base power plus STAB can never go wrong really. Fly is excused as this is an in game team, and it is needed to get around. Solarbeam covers weaknesses while still being powerful, and Sunny Day powers up your entire party.

- Flamethrower/Fire Blast
- Thunderbolt
- Solarbeam/Psychic
- Sunny Day/Confuse Ray

The fire move is really up to you. Reliability in Flamethrower or extra power in Fire Blast. Thunderbolt covers water and flying, Solarbeam and Psychic both cover other types, and Sunny Day and Confuse Ray are there as a status move. Magmortar needs to have its SAtk abused with tons of different moves of different types,

- Flare Blitz/Blaze Judgement
- Zen Headbutt/Psychic/Psycho Shock
- Reversal/Shadow Ball
- Endure/U-Turn

Victini is sooo versatile that it's not even funny. 100 Base stats for everything. Look at its Atk and SAtk before deciding on anything. If it's Atk is higher, use Flare Blitz and Zen Headbutt. If SAtk is higher, use Blaze Judgement and Psychic/Psycho Shock. Psycho Shock is there in case something else uses TM Psychic and you can't get another. If running Endure, run Reversal. If running U-Turn, run Shadow Ball, as it can already get itself to safety with U-Turn if it is on 1HP.

- Heat Stamp/Flare Blitz
- Hammer Arm/Brick Break
- Boiling Water
- Earthquake/Head Smash

You don't need three fire type moves on a pokemon. It will do enough fire type damage with one. Heat Stamp or Flare Blitz, pros and cons in both, the choice is yours. Hammer Arm is there for Fighting type power, but Brick Break is there if you don't want to sacrifice Speed. Boiling Water is a good idea, and EQ or HS for extra power and coverage.

- Draco Meteor/Dragon Pulse
- Blue Flame/Cross Flame
- Hyper Voice
- Extrasensory

This set gives great coverage on a high SAtk legend. Draco Meteor for power, but there is Dragon Pulse if you don't want to sacrifice SAtk. Blue Flame for power, Cross Flame if you want something more reliable. Extrasensory to hit extra types hard and Hyper Voice for anything you can't hit at least neutral. Hyper Voice can be switched if you find you don't have to use it.

Hope this all helps!

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24th January 2011, 9:27 PM
YES! Everything helped! Thanks! I know I put too much fire moves in some of them. My team is really gonna improve.