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25th January 2011, 12:56 AM
-Flamethrower/ Flare Blitz
-Boiling Water
-Brick Break
-Wild Charge
I plan on sticking with flamethrower until Emboar learns Flare blitz. I chose Brick break over super power and Hammer arm because those moves would make him very frail.
-Air Slash
-Ice beam
My flyer, It's stats are not the greatest but I love it's movepool. Air slash for some STAB and sometimes flinch hax. Surf for surfing and STAB. Ice Beam for coverage over grass,flying and Dragon types.

-Brave Bird
-Rock Slide
-Super power
Now this is an awesome pokemon I just wish it could be male or female so it would've gotten more moves. But it's Moveset is fine. Brave Bird does massive damage, Return for STAB and more massive damage, Rock slide for coverage, Super power for even more damage :D

http://www.serebiiforums.com/images/avatars/blackwhite/623.png (Well I do need a ground type to protect my flying guys)
-Shadow Punch
-Rock slide/ Stone Edge
-Rock polish
Now this is one of my "Heavy Fella's" along with Emboar. Earthquake for STAB Shadow with STAB and an Iron Fist boost, Rock slide/Stone edge for coverage because without it This Fella couldn't lay a finger on Normal/Flying types. And Rock Polish for a speed boost. But I may replace Rock Polish with something else since you cannot get it before the E4

-Calm Mind
-Thunder/Shadow Ball
-Focus Blast
I find this guy a very awesome Pokemon. It learns great special attack moves. Psychic for STAB. Calm Mind to boost it's already good Sp atk and SpD. Thunder maybe risky but it hurts bad. Shadow Ball is there for coverage over other Psychic types. And Focus Blast for the dark guys.

-Wild Charge
-Ice Fang
And my final "Heavy Fella". With Return this thing is a beast. Return gets STAB and hurts like heck. Wild Charge for coverage. Ice Fang for even more coverage. And Crunch for even more coverage than before.

Mr. Marowak
27th January 2011, 12:04 AM
The funny thing is that your flyer protector can learn fly itself. Epic lol.

However, all attacking moves may not be the best choice. Rock poilsh, it's along the lines of what i'm talking about. for example, my reuniclus looks like...

reuniclus @ leftovers
Trick Room
Psycho Shock
Flash Cannon

mixed sets aren't usually good unless the atacking stats are within 5 points of eachother.

27th January 2011, 3:06 AM
mixed sets aren't usually good unless the atacking stats are within 5 points of eachother.
MixVire says Hi. 125Atk/95SpA, yet a Physical Based Mixed set is commonly used. That Rankurusu wants Focus Blast/Shadow Ball>Flash Cannon, btw.

@TC: Rankurusu could use Calm Mind>Energy Ball to become a setup booster.

Wargle wants Superpower>Shadow Claw. A STABed Brave Bird does more than a Super Effective Shadow Claw ever will.

27th January 2011, 11:22 PM
But due to Calm Mind and Rock Polish only being avalible after the E4 what should I use instead of those.