View Full Version : mirrior mock deck

25th January 2011, 9:30 AM
so I was thinking the other day, since my buddy smeargle SW the awesome garchomp donk is out for good, what else is left to use as an easy garchomp counter, well why not garchomp. So I made some proxy's (of garchomp) deck tested and pwned at my league and here it is, the real mans luxchomp deck.

2-1-2 luxray LA
2-2 garchomp CX, SV
2 uxie LA

4 dce
6 electric

4 quick ball
1 palmer's
3 Interviwer's Question's
2 rare candy
2 emcee's chatter
1 communication
2 vs seeker
3 copycat
1 judge
1 luxary ball
1 cynthias feelings
1 cynthias guidance
3 egain
3 bebe's search
3 plus power
2 ebelt
2 preimer ball
2 poke turn
1 volkner's philosophy

Strategy, thin out the deck to get what you need and hit hard, at the same time.

It's surprisingly fast and doen't take much of a problem from trainer lock decklist's so it's all good.