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1st February 2011, 1:28 PM
Welcome to my New shop
Make sure to follow my shop rules and our trades will flow easy!

1.NO hacked pokemon.
2.Please OFFER for any pokemon you like.DO NOT ask me what I want for it.
3.Please offer reasonable pokes such as EVD for EVD or events for events.
4.Do not spam this thread about when we will trade.I'll leave u a notification.
5.If you offer me hacked pokemon you'll go on my Blacklist
6.If I offer you hacked pokemon,then we may trade back.
7.Failing to follow these rules result in us not trading again.

Crown Beast Entei lv 31
Crown Beast Suicune lv 30 UT
Crown Beast Raikou lv 30 UT
Eigeken Celebi lv 51
TRU Regigigas lv 100
N Zone Pikachu lv 20
Poketopia Surfing Pikachu lv 10
Poketopia Electivire
SMR 2010 Jirachi
WishMaker Jirachi lv 5
PR Manaphy lv 33
Sinjho Ruins Shiny Giratina lv 1
Sinjho Ruins Dialga lv 1.
Shiny Lv 100 Palkia
Shiny HG/SS Rayquaza
Pikachu Colored Pichu

ⒺⓋ'Ⓓ Ⓟⓞⓚⓔⓜⓞⓝ ALL LV 100
Shiny Abomasnow

Timid nature

Shiny Ambipom
Adamant Nature

Evd Shaymin
Timid Nature
Seedflare/hp ice/earthpower/rest

Evd Lucario
Modest Nature
Aura Sphere/Calm mind/Dragon Pulse/Dark Pulse

Evd Vaporeon(Nice sp attacker Vaporeon)
Modest Nature
Hydro Pump/Ice beam/HP Electric/Signal Beam

Shiny Evd Infernape*
Adamant Nature
Close Combat/Blaze Kick/Stone Edge/Shadow Claw

Evd Leafeon
Jolly Nature
Leafblade/Swords Dance
X scissor/Aerial Ace

Shiny Evd Gliscor*
Jolly Nature
U-Turn/X scissors,Swords Dance,EQ

Evd Honchkrow
Naughty Nature

Shiny Evd Dragonite*
Adamant nature

Evd Suicune
Timid Nature

Shiny Evd Blissy*
Bold Nature

Evd Heatran
Naive Nature

Evd Jirachi
Quiet Nature
Zen Headbutt,Cosmic Power,Doom Desire/Draco Meteor

Shiny Evd Crobat*
Lonely Nature
Bite,Steel Wing,Poison Fang,Fly

Shiny Evd Darkrai* ITS LEGIT! ! !

Shiny Evd Jolteon*
Adamant Nature

Shiny Evd Aggron*
Careful Nature

Evd Tangrowth
Adamant Nature

Shiny Evd Rhyperior*
Bold Nature

Shiny Evd Scizor* and Non shiny
Adamant Nature

Brave Nature

Evd Typlosion
Mild Nature

Shiny Evd Tyranitar*
Adamant Nature

Shiny Evd Metagross*
Adamant Nature

Metagross Nn Besourinho
Adamant Nature

Shiny Evd Absol*
Adamant Nature

Shiny Evd Flygon*
Adamant Nature

Shiny Evd Weavile*
Adamant Nature

Shiny Evd Magnezone*
Modest Nature

Shiny Evd Kingdra*
Modest Nature

Shiny Evd Heracross*
Adamant Nature

Ⓟⓞⓚⓔⓜⓞⓝ Ⓢⓗⓘⓝⓨ/Ⓝⓞⓡⓜⓐⓛ
Articuno lv 60 UT Rash nature

Sceptile lv 73 Modest Nature

Lv 32 Cynthia Togepi Docile Nature

Rileys Lucario lv 35 Impish Nature

Aerodactyl lv 20 UT Timid Nature

Veilstone Porygon2 Lv 25 Serious Nature

Blaziken Lv 37 Calm Nature

Stark Mt Heatran lv 50 UT Careful Nature

Blaziken lv 74 Bashful Nature

Victory Lapras lv 57 Serious nature

Jpn Eevee Lv 41 Hasty Nature

Pkrus Machamp lv 50 Lonely Nature

Kyogre lv 67 Lax Nature

Swampert lv 44 Mild Nature

Giratina lv 100 Rash Nature

Walrein lv 49 Docile Nature

Dragonite lv 100 Jolly Nature

Masterball Beldum(Legit) Adamant Nature

Rampardos lv 100 Quirky Nature

Lapras lv 1 Adamant Nature

Leafeon lv 3 Gentle Nature

Rampardos lv 31 Calm Nature

Staraptor lv 52 Gentle Nature

Pidgeot lv 58 Impish Nature

Rapidash lv 40 Lonely Nature

Chansey Lv 21 Bold Nature

Gardevoir lv 35 Serious Nature

Hariyama Lv 40 Naive Nature

Empoleon lv 100

Shiny Geodude Lv 18 Quirky Nature

Licktung lv 30 Calm Nature Focus Punch/Flamethrower/SD/Sub

Castform lv 25 UT Rash Nature

Registeel lv 40 UT Bold Nature

Regice Lv 40 UT ADAMANT Nature

Empoleon lv 100 Bashful Nature

Shiny Munchlax Lv 19 UT Bashful Nature

Munchlax With Fire punch lv 1 UT Bold Nature

Dusknoir lv 46 Bashful Nature

Turtwig lv 1 UT SwordsDance/GrassKnot/Subsitute/Stealthrocks

Shiny Pinsir lv 13.

Shiny Bidoof lv 1

Shiny Munchlax lv 89

Mr. Mime lv 80

Floatzel lv 81

12th February 2011, 9:45 PM
I want your sinjoh ruins shiny girantina how did you get 2 sinjoh pokemon though?

Will offer pkrs
any 3 tms
any 5 berries
Lvl 30 ut island shiny mew
doesn't plz you? I have tons more

14th February 2011, 10:13 PM
Shiny Evd Kingdra*
Modest Nature

Evd Typlosion
Mild Nature

for my

EVd Laparas
Modest Nature
Heal Bell-Ice Beam-Surg-Thunderbolt

EVd Electrivire
Jolly Nature
Thunder Punch-Ice Punch-Cross Chop-EarthQuake

Non EVd Shiny Leafeon

16th February 2011, 12:31 AM
Im very interested in your

Shiny Evd Kingdra ( would give so much for!)
Shiny Evd Absol
and some others, i like all of them to be honest!

but i was wondering if you would trade any of them for anything in my shop. I have events, shinies, flawless pokemon (soon evd?), and others.

16th February 2011, 1:02 AM
i will give shiny carvanhas/ shiny sharpedos(with pokerus, unhacked but cloned in emerald) for the shiny leafyon, any jirachi, Shiny Evd Crobat, Eigeken Celebi lv 51, TRU Regigigas lv 100, N Zone Pikachu lv 20, shiny dialga, shiny palkia, shiny rayquaza, Shiny Evd Darkrai, shayman. or if your willing to compromise please comment on my profile :)

17th February 2011, 4:39 AM
i'm interisted in your Zapdos
Timid nature
and your
Shiny Evd Blissy*
Bold Nature
will offer a 10 aniv typlosion a enigma event shiny latios a 10 aniv celebi a shiny mewtwo and a tru arceus pm me if interisted

19th February 2011, 2:44 PM
iam interested in
N Zone Pikachu lv 20
Poketopia Surfing Pikachu lv 10
Poketopia Electivire
ill trade u any 10th anniversity or the new gamestop trio dogs or jap oblivia deoxys all forms

20th February 2011, 7:37 PM
Interested in ur shiny rayquaza and absol.
Will offer any of the shinies in my sig(unfortunately not many) and for a legendary shiny, I'll give two of the shinies in my sig(sceptile,riolu-taken) I also will offer a ice punch&shard sneasel- in an egg for rayquaza. Srry to bother u tho...

23rd February 2011, 12:41 AM
Hey I'm interested in your NZone Pikachu, and any other events I don't yet have. Pm me or check my trade shop for the full list, thanks!

23rd February 2011, 5:37 AM
What is the ability and moveset of the shiny Adamant Scizor?

25th February 2011, 10:19 PM
How about your I would like the:
SHINY Dratini

Nature:Mild Ability:Shed Skin
IV's:31/31/31/31/31/31 Hidden Power: EV's:NONE
Egg Moves:Extreme Speed
Availability:UT level 1

For my Shiny Manaphy LV 100

25th February 2011, 11:27 PM
i like ur
Shiny Evd Blissy*
Bold Nature

I offer 1 set of shiny dogs (the events for past three weeks)

26th February 2011, 3:50 AM
I'll trade a 10th Aniv Pikachu for your NZ Pikachu, pm me

13th June 2011, 1:57 PM
i will trade a legendary bird of your choice (dont know natures, ahve 2 of each so can try get the one you want) for kyogre. i will attach an item you want if i have. list about 3 or 4 and i'll try and attach it.

13th June 2011, 3:45 PM
I'd like your 2 untouched dogs and shiny Giratini, please drop by my shop and drop an offer

14th June 2011, 12:06 AM
Hello I'm very much interested in your shiny ev'd dragonite. I could offer any of the following for it.

XD lugia:
level 53 / caught in a master ball / modest nature / Stats: 186-101-146-116-182-127 / Moves: Psycho boost 5/5 - FeatherDance 15/15 - Earthquake 10/10 - Hydro pump 5/5 / Ribbons: National

speed form / lvl 100/ caught in pokeball / careful nature / Stats: 210-223-201-177-217-385 / Moves: Hyper beam 5/5 - Thunder 10/10 - Psychic 10/10 - Psycho boost 5/5 / Ribbons: Sinnoh Champ

normal form / lvl 100 / caught in a master ball / impish nature / Stats: 244-360-167-306-122-337 / Moves: Psycho boost 8/8 - Recover 10/10 - Psychic 10/10 - Shadow ball 15/15 / Ribbons: Champion - Sinnoh champ

lvl 100 / caught in a pokeball / modest nature / Stats: 319-198-210-228-227-212 / Moves: Water pulse 20/20 - Aqua ring 20/20 - Supersonic 20/20 - Dive 10/10

Your free to look through my shop (link is in my sig) for something you might be interested. I'm pretty much willing to trade anything thats on there Except for
-Shiny Deoxy's(mainly due to me not cloning it yet)
-My japanese normal pokemon (except for the Rhyperiors)
-Deoxy's number 9
-SMR2010 Jirachi's
-Shiny Azelf (I'm very much willing to negotiate on this one)

9th May 2012, 10:57 PM
I'm interested in your N Zone Pikachu,Poketopia Surfing Pikachu, and Poketopia electivire. I can do an event swap! If you want i'll PM you the event's I have

24th May 2012, 4:54 AM
What are the natures for the following pkmn? Anyway CMT for:

TRU Regigigas lv 100
WishMaker Jirachi lv 5

Must be willing to cross-gen trade.

24th May 2012, 5:05 AM
ill trade a thudurus for the evd shaymin if u dont want thunderus than i can just offer diff pokemonn in the trade screen