View Full Version : TangTerra: A healing deck

5th February 2011, 2:58 PM
Hey guys, Manaphione here. There isn't really much to say here so I'll just get on to the deck.

Torterra LV.X (DP promo)
Torterra (DP 17/130)
Grotle (DP 49/130) x2
Turtwig (HS Unleashed 67/95)
Turtwig (DP 103/130) x2
Tangrowth LV.X (Arceus 99/99)
Tangrowth (Stormfront 29/100)
Tangrowth (Arceus 10/99)
Tangrowth (Call of Legends 34/95) x2
Tangela (Arceus 77/99) x2
Tangela (Call of Legends 72/95) x2
Carnivine (HS Triumphant 16/102)
Carnivine (DP 21/130) x2
Miasma Valley (Platinum 111/127)
Level Max (Platinum 107/127)
Potion (DP 118/130) x4
Life Herb (Platinum 108/127) x3
MooMoo Milk (HS 94/123)
Warp Point (Majestic Dawn 88/100)
Roseanne's Research (Secret Wonders 125/132) x2
Full Heal (HS 93/123)
Energy Search (DP 117/130) x2
Interviewers Questions (Call of Legends 79/95)
Expert Belt (Arceus 87/99)
Professor Elm's Training Method (HS 100/123)
Felicity's Drawing (Great Encounters 98/106)
Health Energy (Majestic Dawn 94/100)
Grass Energy x19