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6th February 2011, 9:25 AM

I don't trade hacks, so don't offer them

I offer pokemon breeding for gender and natures. Just specify the pokemon, you would like.

These Items were found through out the game or in the underground.
They we in no specefic order so if you want it. Find it. :)

If there is an X in behind the Item or TM it has already been traded or reserved for a trade sorry. :)

Yellow Shard x20
Green Shard x19
Red Shard x12
Blue Shard x21
Heart Scale x25
Silver Powder x1
Ever Stone x13
Damp rock x6
Heat rock x3
Leaf Stone x24
Up-Grade x3
Mind Plate x2
Posion Barb x1
Oval Stone x1
Sticky Barb x1
Magmarizer x1
Big Root x1
Fire Stone x8
Water Stone x30
Dusk Stone x3
Grip Claw x1
Dawn Stone x2
Soothe Bell x2
Smoke Ball x1
Shell bell x1
Splash Plate x2
Pure Incense x1
Spell tag x1
Protector x2
Light Clay x3
Soft Sand x1
Never Melt Ice x1
Sun Stone x6
White Flute x1
Reaper Cloth x2
Full Incense x1
Dubious Disc x2
Metal Coat x1
Black Flute x1
Moon Stone x14
Thunder Stone x5
Razor Claw x3
Wave Incense x1
Earth Plate x1
Rose Incense x1
Yellow Scarf x1
Dragon Fang x1
Honey x3
Dread Plate x1
Armor Fossil x9
Root Fossil x5
Old Amber x2
Claw Fossil x1
Helix Fossil x2
Smooth Rock x9
Odd Keystone x3
Iron Ball x4
Magnet x1
Scope lens x1
Razor Fang x1
Lax Incense x1
Lagging Tail x1
Life Orb x1 X
Charcoal x1
Meadow Plate x1
Leftovers x1
Destiny Knot x1
Toxic PLate x1
Shiny Stone x1
Cleanse Tag x1
Quick Claw x1
Icicle Plate x1
Fist Plate x1
Icy Rock x2
Sky Plate x1
Spooky Plate x1

TM list:

No.01 Focus punch X
No.03 Water pulse
No.04 Calm mind
No.05 Roar
No.06 Toxic
No.07 Hail
No.08 BUlk up
No.09 Bullet seed
No.10 Hidden Power X
No.11 Sunny day
No.12 Taunt
No.13 Ice beam
No.14 Blizzard
No.18 Rain Dance
No.19 Gige drain
No.21 Frustration
No.26 Earthquake X
No.27 Return
No.28 Dig
No.29 Psychic
No.32 Double team
No.34 Shockewave
No.36 Sludge bomb
No.37 Sandstorm
No.39 Rock tomb
No.40 Ariel ace
No.41 torment
No.42 Facade
No.43 Secret power
No.45 Attract
No.46 Thief
No.47 Steel wing
No.48 SKill swap
No.49 Snatch
No.50 Overheat
No.51 Roost
No.53 Energy Ball
No.55 Brine
No.56 Fling
No.57 Charge Beam
No.59 Dragon Pulse
No.60 Drain punch
No.62 Silver wind
No.63 Embargo
No.65 Shadow claw
No.66 Payback
No.67 Recycle
No.69 Rock polish
No.71 Stone edge
No.72 Avalanche
No.76 Stealth rock
No.77 Psych up
No.78 Captivate
No.79 Dark pulse
No.80 Rock Slide
No.81 X-Scissor
No.82 Sleep talk
No.84 Posion jab
No.85 Dream eater
No.86 Grass knot
No.87 Swagger
No.88 pluck
No.89 U-Turn
No.90 Substitute
No.91 Flash Cannon
No.92 Trick room

If you want to know natures and stats lemme know. Be for warned I don't know anything about Iv's I only know natures and genders for pokemon. heh not much but it gets the
breeding done.

Pokemon I have:
Rayquazza UT
Kyrogue UT
Groudon UT
ALL Starters from Lg/Rr UT
Suicine event (From GS)UT
Ash's pikachu event (from GS) UT
Shiny Magikarp UT
SHiny gyaradose UT

As for my wants:
Shiny Mew
Shiny Sableye
Shiny Kabuto
Shiny Mewtwo
Shiny Paras
Shiny Maril or any of it's forms
Shiny Torkaol
Shiny Teddiursa MUST BE Nicknamed Theodore
Shiny Ninetales
Shiny Venonat
Shiny Licky Licky
Shiny Lapras
Shiny Furret MUST BE Nicknamed Cheshire
Shiny Bellossom
Shiny Shedinja
Shiny Cherubi
Shiny Cherrim
Shiny Mantine MUST BE Nicknamed Finn
Shiny ponyta or rapidash
normal or shiny (prefered) Politoed