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Chief Nightly
6th February 2011, 8:14 PM
Most of these cards were got by trade so i dont know what expansion most of them are from.

1x Feraligtr
1x croconaw (big bite)
2x Totodile (from hs)
2x Togepi (1x plead. 1x lvl 4)
2x Togetic (chase up)
2x Piplup (lvl 10)
2x Prinplup (1x lvl 24, 1x lvl 20)
1x Pidgey (from hs)
1x Delibird (from hs)
2x Aron (from hs)
2x Lairon (from hs)
1x Agron (from hs)

9x Water
10x Steel

4x Pokeball
4x Switch
2x Life Herb
3x Pokemon Communicator
2x Energy Exchanger

1x Oaks New Theory
1x Team Rockets Trickery
3x Interviewers Questions
1x Engineer's Adjustments
1x Elm's Training Method

All trainers and supporters are from hs expansion sets.
Please rate this deck out of 10, suggest a name and offer suggestions.
Thank you.

6th February 2011, 8:54 PM
Add in an Empoleon. Preferrably the Diamond and Pearl one. Its Ice Blade attack is low energy and very annoying to your opponents. Does your deck focus on high power attacks that also hit your opponents bench? If so then call it "Washed Away".

9th February 2011, 6:22 AM
Why not use pt, which is in the format, and snipe for 70 instead of standing there and dealing 70 (it's also the hands down prefered empoleon).

First you're lines are uneven, If you want the most out of you're stage lines usualy go 2-1-2 with 3-4 rare candy so you can pump out you're stage evo's faster and attack faster, switch 4 pokeball's for 3 collector and a luxary ball (whats more useful auto search or a 50/50 fail/search). Get rid of pidgy for smeargle ud.

Chief Nightly
9th February 2011, 5:07 PM
Thanks ven, the reason i didnt put in empoleon is because this deck relies on getting Agron or Feraligtr out fast, so i didnt want to get tied down with too many stage 2s. I have pokeballs in there because collectors only get me out basics, wot about stage 1 nd 2s? prinplups and delibird are in their to set up feraligtr (their are only 3 of these because i would really b aiming on getting out agron). but i will definately incorperate some of your ideas

11th February 2011, 5:45 PM
Then switch the pokeball for bebe's or something thats more reliable, flip can be sheilded (shiftry RR) and you could get nerfed by trainer lock (vileplume UD) or getting 3/4 tail's (it does happen).

With a stage deck to make the most of you're line's, weather or not it's setting up you're poke's or helping them get out has nothing to do with setup or what cards you add into you're deck it's all in how you setup you're pokemon line's. If you run a pyramid line, 3-2-1, 2-2-1, 3-1, 3-3-1, etc (you're not going anywhere these way's), where there's less basic's in ratio to final stage evo it will run slower because you're not drawing that stage 2 or 1 card on par with that basic so you can get it out faster. Running cards like rare candy and Broken time-space also greatly improve's the speed of stage evolution deck's, mixed with fine tuning you're pokemon line's you're deck will greatly improve, I garuntee that.

Chief Nightly
16th February 2011, 5:24 PM
I just had an idea and was wondering if it would work. What if i Added a Dialga (time walk and metal burn), Togekiss (serene grace), Broken time space, seekers, energy returners, junk arms, Azelf (the one that lets you look at prize cards and replace one), Rotom (mischievous trick), and some cards that help me get the previous ones out.
Now, this is the plan, Azelf and Rotom get ANY of the above cards out of the prise cards. Play broken time space, Dialga and Togekiss. Togekiss will more than likely get Dialga up and running straight away. Dialga uses metal burn, on my next turn I play seeker and bring Togekiss back into my hand and use energy returner to get the lost energy back into my deck. Play Togekiss again to get dialga back running. Use junk arm when you are running out of cards like Seeker and Energy returner. Play cards like Pokemon communicator to get the right cards out (are there any cards that get trainers and supporters out of your deck?). Repeat Until Dialga dies, in which case you use good rod to get him back (are there any cards with a 100 percent chance of getting Pokemon back from discard pile?) and start the whole thing over again.

So, what do you all think, would it work?

23rd February 2011, 10:50 AM
Um yes it's a good idea, stack your deck with seeker's and ssu and keep on droping togekiss, suggestion though add in a bronzong SF so your constantly redrawing the energy and you can save the junk arm for togekiss.

Dark Sharpedo
23rd February 2011, 1:21 PM
Why not take out Pidjey, and maybe pop in a Togekiss to compliment Togetic? or even an Empoleon for Prinplup? All in all, solid deck.... no doubt in my mind, it's gonna win you battles.