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16th April 2011, 2:08 PM
I have around 15 PP max's, more than ten rare candies and I have pretty much every TM/Berry (Including Enigma/Jaboca) in my Soul Silver. Seeing as I've transferred most useful Pokemon to my White, I have very little use for them now, so all I'm asking for in return for any of these items is one of these Pokemon (I'd much prefer to trade six items for six Pokemon as it saves everybody time) anyway here's the list: Baltoy, Sableye, Seviper, Solrock, Kecleon, Castform. Please PM me as I'm literally on the verge of completing my dex, thanks in advance

16th April 2011, 9:13 PM
Wanted (from someone on Black/White, since items can't be ported):

Choice Band
Choice Specs
Life Orb
PP Maxes
Rare Candies

Offering (on White Version):

Razor Fang
Razor Claw
Draco/ Splash plate
Dragon Scale
Destiny Knot
Ring Target
Float Stone
Icy Rock
Poison Barb
Dragon Fang
Metal Coat
Spell Tag
Sharp Beak
Rocky Helmet
Soothe Bell
Soft Sand
Heart Scale
Exp. Share
Scope Lens
Miracle Seed
Fire/ moon stone

Growlithes (I have a lot, probs with nature u want)

and offering on Diamond version:

Shell Bell
Quick Claw
Black Belt
Heart Scales
Lucky Egg
Life Orb
Choice Band/Specs
Exp. Share
Amulet Coin
A lot of TMs I can't be assed to go through. Most of the ones available on diamond.

And, Salamence
Diamond starters

PM me if interested. Thanks.

FC: 2279 6713 7885, Pokemon White
FC: 1506 3190 2029, Diamond

NOTE: Seeing as I'm trading things on Diamond for things on White, the deal is this: you trade me what I want on White FIRST, then I promise to trade you whatever we have agreed on Diamond immediately afterwards.

17th April 2011, 12:58 PM
EDIT: Got one. :)

20th April 2011, 2:45 AM
I need Pokerus for my heartgold game.
FC:3697 0115 8307 CRISTAL

Dont know if i can really offer anything i have ALOT of items so...

20th April 2011, 4:36 AM
I'm looking for some master balls. I'll take any pokemon with them. c:

20th April 2011, 5:35 PM
Looking for TM76 Stealth Rock for my Pearl version.

- Pokerus
- Masterball x1 (or x2, your choice)
- Waterstone
- Leafstone

PM me if you think we could work something out, please.

Got an offer! Nevermind! ^_^

21st April 2011, 4:20 AM
Looking for TM24 Thunderbolt and TM31 Brick Break.

Offering: Big Root, Choice Specs, Leftovers (Taken), Psychic, Drain Punch, Dark Pulse, Payback, U-Turn, Flash Cannon

PM if interested.

22nd April 2011, 1:49 AM
Looking for Ice Beam TM. PM me what you want and we'll see what we can do.

22nd April 2011, 4:03 AM
Looking for two EXP Share

pm me

22nd April 2011, 4:10 AM
will trade a shiny ut trapinch for a electrizer


22nd April 2011, 6:28 PM
Looking for LEFTOVERS or ICE BEAM. PM to sort things out.

23rd April 2011, 3:39 AM

tm-80 rock slide
heart scale
tm-90 substitute

23rd April 2011, 10:41 PM
Need TM Thunderbolt and TM Ice Beam will trade for Rare Candies or some Pokemon...

24th April 2011, 7:23 PM
Looking for a Tamato Berry (#26) and Heart Scales Will IV Breed 2 31s for most pokemon in Gen IV. Will also trade Pokerus.

25th April 2011, 9:17 AM
Trade Complete

25th April 2011, 12:38 PM
I want thunderbolt, earthquake, ice beam and shadow ball tms and the power items for speed, attack and special attack.
I can give rare candies, pp ups and pokerus infections in return

26th April 2011, 8:14 PM
I need a "Roost" TM. If there is someone who can trade it, please write me a PM.

EDIT: Oh, I need more "Roost" TMs.

26th April 2011, 10:49 PM
Looking for a Power Weight, Power Bracer and a Power Anklet. Can offers quite a bit in return, PM me and we'll see what we can do.

27th April 2011, 3:12 AM
Looking for a Tamato Berry (#26). Will trade PP UP, Rare Candy, Heart Scale, Sacred Ash, Vitamin, Max Ether, Pokerus, Everstone, or Shed Shell.

27th April 2011, 6:35 AM
Looking for Electricizer will trade amulet coin, shell bell, dusk stone, master ball, rare candies, or even infect w/ pokerus for you

27th April 2011, 7:35 AM
Offering Lucky Eggs. PM or AIM me with offers

27th April 2011, 4:16 PM
Hi! I have a question: how do you trade items or search for items in general trades and in the global trading center?

I could really use some TMs

27th April 2011, 4:48 PM
Hi! I have a question: how do you trade items or search for items in general trades and in the global trading center?

I could really use some TMs

Items are traded by attaching an item to a Pokemon that you then trade. Usually, GTS Pokemon do not have items so GTS is not good for trading. If you are wanting an item, then post in this thread, asking for what items you want and what you have to offer.

28th April 2011, 2:15 AM
I need someone who can teach my Pokémon a Move Tutor move, so someone with enough Battle Points. PM me in case you have Battle Points left.

28th April 2011, 2:16 AM
looking for choice scarf, tm for will o wisp, tm for explosion, tm for stone edge, flame orb, dubious disk, tm for dark pulse
i have to offer: rare candies, pokerus, yache and wacan berry, focus band, and several other items and tms, if you have any of these that i want, pm me to make a deal

28th April 2011, 6:50 PM
Got Pokerus, looking for EV Stones/SS Exclusives/Rare Candys/PP Ups

28th April 2011, 9:48 PM
looking for tm64 explosion, pm with wants!!

28th April 2011, 11:32 PM
I have over 1,500 points in the battle frontier (SS) that I'm willing to spend, as I have no use for it now. In return for teaching a Pokemon a move using BP, I'd like a male Pokemon with good egg moves and preferably a supporting nature. I also have all TM's apart from sludge bomb and focus punch, and in return for these I'd like (Depending on rarity) an egg move male, an IV bred Pokemon, or an EV trained Pokemon.

Or for either of these, I'm looking for 9 Hoenn dex fillers, and will trade one of the above for two fillers

29th April 2011, 10:50 AM
Looking for a Power Weight, Power Bracer and a Power Anklet. Can offers quite a bit in return, PM me and we'll see what we can do.
Still wanting...

29th April 2011, 1:29 PM
I have most of the items.. I need Snorlax. I'd love to get Snorlax for free if you have some, but I will trade for him good things too

29th April 2011, 11:56 PM
I could really use something with pokerus in 4th gen. I've got a brand new save so not much to trade. I could certainly part with a rare candy or evo stone (one i could replace through the underground).

PM me if you could help out.

30th April 2011, 2:55 AM
looking for shiny stone for heartgold. i can offer pkrs in b&w

30th April 2011, 3:05 AM
Offering Pokerus for PP Ups, EV Stones, EV Items or other battle items (Muscle Band etc)

Leader Fred
30th April 2011, 10:00 PM
Looking for Dusk Stone, willing to give up most tm's, pm for offers.

Edit: got one through PBR. No more offers.

1st May 2011, 12:17 PM
I need tms (earthquake, stone edge, shadow ball, swords dance, thunderbolt, ice beam and flamethrower). I can trade pokerus, evolutionary stones, or legendaries/events for lots

1st May 2011, 6:16 PM
I would like the power items for attack, spred and special attack. I can give a shiny for all 3

2nd May 2011, 5:18 AM
I have a lucky egg, I would like a shiny for it. I would prefer it to be ut. Depending on the shiny I'll attach it to a pokemon of your choice (if I have it).

3rd May 2011, 6:52 AM
Offering Pokedus Fillers + Pokerus for Heart Scales. I can also breed a pokemon to any nature of your choice.

3rd May 2011, 4:14 PM
Offerind shinies stones, life orb and more good items!
I want 2 Snorlax, male and female, doesnt matter level / nature / Ev training

4th May 2011, 7:31 AM
need masterball or shiny stone. can give pokerus

4th May 2011, 7:49 AM
I need one Masterball and TM 03, 23 and 34

Will offer for PP ups, evolution stones, shards, ether/elixirs... Berries ^^

Aizle Syracuse
5th May 2011, 6:07 PM
>w< I'm only looking to reacquire that silly TM23 (Iron Tail) that I accidentally wasted back when I didn't know what I was doing... <XD I'm not exactly sure how one is supposed to trade items as I've never done it before, but I can learn quickly. OwO I have a few things... lots of hold items, some TMs, berries... I think I have a leaf stone floating around somewhere. I'm also pretty fast at getting points for the Pokéathlon prize corner so I can get ahold of any items from there. OwO If you're willing to help, please PM me; thank you ~

6th May 2011, 11:23 PM
I need the TM Roost and the TM Bullet Seed. And I need someone to teach a special Pokémon one move from a move tutor which means he needs to have Battle Points. I have many things to offer.

Epic Togepi
6th May 2011, 11:28 PM
I have a Japanese level 12 piplup with pokerus am willing to trade for any egg because i just started and really do like to control a pokemon over level 10. PM me if you are interseted.

6th May 2011, 11:40 PM
For a limited time I'm offering Pokerus for Free!

Check my shop for more details!

7th May 2011, 3:03 AM
I am looking for the hp/def ev training items along with roost and the earthquake tms,message me with what you would like

7th May 2011, 9:50 AM
Looking for electrizer and magmarizer! I have lots of tms, masterballs, and lots of other items and pokes! PM me if you have one and we will negociate a trade :)

7th May 2011, 12:52 PM
I need the TM Roost and the TM Bullet Seed. And I need someone to teach a special Pokémon one move from a move tutor which means he needs to have Battle Points. I have many things to offer.

7th May 2011, 3:00 PM
offering any tms, Lucky eggs Ev vitamins, exp shares, pokerus, light balls, and a slew of items, pm me offers

7th May 2011, 4:01 PM
For a limited time I'm offering Pokerus for Free!
I'm also looking for Tms, Metronome, Life Orb and other Items

Check my shop for more details!

7th May 2011, 4:56 PM
If anybody interested in Any TMs or Battle Frontier Moves and attacks... Just pm me back and i would like a pokemon back in return.

7th May 2011, 7:04 PM
i have the choice specs if you want them

8th May 2011, 12:14 AM
I'm looking for a Lucky Egg.

In exchange I can offer rare evolution items (Magmarizer, Electirizer, Protector, Reaper Cloth, Upgrade, or Dubious Disc) or a Lucky Punch. If items aren't your thing, I could also offer practically any legendary pokemon (except Arceus which is the only one I am missing).

If you don't have a Lucky Egg but would like one of my rare items, I'd also accept rare hold-items in exchange (scope lens, brightpowder, focus band, etc.). However at the moment I will only consider trading one of my legendaries in exchange for a Lucky Egg.

PM me with offer if interested and I'll get back to you.

8th May 2011, 12:23 AM
im looking for a UT never used for the event tornadus i can give pokerus and a dusk stone pm me

8th May 2011, 2:12 AM
I need the TM Bullet Seed and the TM Roost. I can give you many things. Just PM me.

8th May 2011, 4:08 AM
Looking for masterballs and/or a lucky egg. Offering a level 100 rash azelf.

8th May 2011, 10:41 PM
offering :

Any TM's
EV power items

Want :

A murkrow of any level below 20

8th May 2011, 11:49 PM
I need someone with 40, 64 or 104 Battle Points in Heart Gold or Soul Silver.

9th May 2011, 12:03 AM
offering : any TM's

need : sneasel below lv. 20 / umbreon below lv. 20

9th May 2011, 2:33 AM
Looking for lucky egg / rain dance tms, can also give pokerus, pm me.

9th May 2011, 5:29 PM
I need someone with 40 Battle Points and I also need the TM Roost. Roost x2, actually.

kaiser soze
10th May 2011, 7:03 PM
I need a masterball. offering event legendaries

EDIT: found one

10th May 2011, 9:35 PM
I have PokeRus, if anyone wants their Pokemon to be infected ^^

Edit: also I have items for trade, just click my SoulSilver FC banner for them, nya~

11th May 2011, 3:17 PM
Need a lucky egg, pm me if you have.

12th May 2011, 6:34 AM
Want: ice beam/earthquake tms
have:pokerus and some pokemons

12th May 2011, 8:04 PM
Items and tms for trade

focus punch, water pulse, hail, bullet seed, taunt, giga drain, iron tail, psychic, shadow ball, shock wave, sandstorm, rock tomb, attract, thief, skill swap, snatch, overheat, roost, charge beam, dragon pulse, drain punch, embargo, shadow claw, dark pulse, rock slide, sleep talk, poison jab, swagger, pluck, u-turn and trick room.

Held items

Everstone, miracle seed, silk scarf, choice specs, smoke ball, muscle band, focus sash, laggin tail, nevermeltice, choice scarf, destiny knot, upgrade, spell tag, leftovers and reaper cloth.

Pm me offers

13th May 2011, 1:08 AM
Offering: Cloned Masterballs and Exp. Shares

Trading agreements: 5-10 Assorted items for a reasonable Shiny (non-legendary/event)

15-20 assorted items for legendary/ event non shiny non legendary

30 assorted items for Event legendaries/ shiny event or shiny legendaries

If this is unreasonable, let me know. Offer via PM.

13th May 2011, 8:39 AM
I have a couple of Lucky Eggs for trade. PM offers.

13th May 2011, 3:32 PM
For all those who are looking for lucky eggs, I have several! :) PM or AIM me with offers!!!

13th May 2011, 4:03 PM
Just aquired TM Ice beam, pm me with offers.

14th May 2011, 12:14 AM
I am offering Lucky Eggs.
Seeking Masterballs, TM's, Shinies, Events(Particularly the Events in my sig).

14th May 2011, 12:44 AM
I have most TM's (No Sludge Bomb / Iron Tail) and multiples of some rare ones; 4x Roost, 7x Ice beam/Flamethrower, 2x T-Bolt. I'll trade Any one item for one of these Pokemon: Sableye, Seviper, Lunatone. I'll also trade multiple TM's an items (I have pretty much every item and no use for it) for shiny's/events. Pm offers :)

14th May 2011, 7:34 AM
i am i need of pokerus. not really sure what i can offer apart from TM's and such. any help would be appreciated :)

14th May 2011, 10:45 AM
I have multiple lucky eggs for trade. Also have pokerus.

14th May 2011, 11:57 PM
Looking for a lucky egg urgently. PM me what you want for it.

15th May 2011, 6:32 AM
I have two masterballs and a lucky egg for trade. Pm me good offers. I don't want items in return.

16th May 2011, 8:01 PM
Offering a lucky egg in return for a leftovers. Pm me if you are interested.

17th May 2011, 2:08 AM
Need Mew on my pokemon White game will trade lucky egg and couple other items if you wish PM me if intrested

17th May 2011, 6:59 AM
in search of a lucky egg, I don't know what i could offer though, i have a few items and tms i could part with. (i'm new to this.)

18th May 2011, 5:14 PM
in search of a lucky egg, I don't know what i could offer though, i have a few items and tms i could part with. (i'm new to this.)

I pm'ed you

19th May 2011, 4:17 AM
Hope this is the correct place.

I'm looking to trade 2-3 items power/choice etc to anyone whose willing to teach my Scyther Bug Bite and then trade it back to me.

PM me if interested. Thanks.

20th May 2011, 1:32 AM
im looking for a razor claw to evolve my sneasel, i can offer anything in my sig pm me

20th May 2011, 3:14 AM
Trading: Heartscale, Big Root, some evo stones, Reaper cloth, and some plates. pm with offers.

20th May 2011, 5:37 AM
Hey guys looking for rare candy and pp ups! Will trade six for a shiny! Shinies are in my shop!

20th May 2011, 3:54 PM
I have these items for trade:
Metal Coat x1
NeverMeltIce x1
Smoke Ball x1
Adamant Orb x1
Lustrous Orb x1
Lagging Tail x1
Red Shard x1
Dawn Stone x1
Green Shard x1
Lax Incense x1
Razor Fang x1
Damp Rock x1
Skull Fossil x2
Everstone x4
Flame Plate x1
Odd Keystone x1
Smooth Rock x2
Toxic Plate x1
Heat Rock x4
Icy Rock x2
Amulet Coin x1
Sticky Barb x1
Leftovers x1
Destiny Knot x1
Life Orb x1
Protector x1
Scope Lens x1
Iron Ball x1
Shiny Stone x1
Shed Bell x2
Hard Stone x6
Razor Claw x2
Wave Incense x1
Magnet x1
Mystic Water x1
Leaf Stone x1
Miracle Seed x1
Honey x15
Water Stone x3
Sun Stone x2
Stone Plate x2
Pure Incense x1
Splash Plate x1
Thunderstone x4
Zap Plate x1
Fire Stone x6
Insect Plate x1
Fist Plate x2
Moon Stone x4
Black Flute x1
Heart Scale x12
Silver Powder x1
Rose Incense x1
Soft Sand x1
Light Clay x1
Mental Herb x1
Icicle Plate x2
Dubious Disc x1
Dusk Stone x2
Full Incense x1
Reaper Cloth x1
Black Glasses x1
Dragon Fang x1
White Flute x1
Spell Tag x2
Cleanse Tag x1
Odd Incense x1
Mind Plate x2
Shell Bell x1
Poison Barb x2
Dread Plate x1
Oval Stone x2
Big Root x1
Up-Grade x2
Soothe Bell x1

Berries for trade:
Chesto Berry x3
Pecha Berry x3
Aspear Berry x1
Leppa Berry x3
Persim Berry x1
Lum Berry x2
Sitrus Berry x5
Figy Berry x4
Wiki Berry x3
Mago Berry x4
Aquav Berry x3
Iapapa Berry x12
Razz Berry x8
Bluk Berry x7
Nanab Berry x2
Kelpsy Berry x6
Hondew Berry x1
Grepa Berry x4
Tamato Berry x2
Wacan Berry x1
Colbur Berry x3

Looking for shinies. Pm me if interested!

21st May 2011, 9:17 PM
I have these items to trade(4th gen only!)
Master Ball x2
Amulet Coin x2
Dawn Stone
Pure Incense
Silk Scarf
Fist Plate
Flame Plate
Focus Band
Dragon Scale x2
Sun Stone
Fire Stone
Choice Scarf
Luck Incense
Focus Slash
Muscle Band

I'm Looking For A Water Stone Or Lucky Egg. I might take other offers.

22nd May 2011, 12:10 AM
aquired one now.

mew master4-10-90
22nd May 2011, 5:56 AM
looking for a hondew berry pm me if u can help me out

22nd May 2011, 2:21 PM
Looking for the power items, pm me what you want in return.

EDIT: Items aquired.

23rd May 2011, 1:36 PM
Looking for TM Dark Pulse, I can offer chained shiny Shinx and Togepi, Lucky Eggs and more, including most other TMs and PokeRus. PM with offers.

24th May 2011, 2:08 AM
i would really like the items that boost EV's (the ones that you obtain at the battle frontier) i can offer what's in my sig and other items so pm me please!

24th May 2011, 3:12 AM
Looking to trade a chained shiny Marill for pokerus. Pm me please.
Edit: Traded

24th May 2011, 8:05 AM
I'm looking for a griseous orb for my platinum. I've got a ton of stuff I can trade for it, including most pokemon and items (although not necessarily the battle frontier items).

If you happen to have a griseous orb you'd be willing to trade, send me a PM, along with what you'd want for it.

Edit: Nevermind, apparently the griseous orb can't be traded

24th May 2011, 8:41 PM
Hi all. Just wanted everyone to know, I have some spare Lucky Eggs that I am looking to trade.

Looking for Masterballs, TM's, Evolutionary Items, and Power Items

25th May 2011, 4:26 AM
I need any and all Stealth Rock TM's I can get my hands on. Anyone who has access to it please inform me via PM.

25th May 2011, 12:32 PM
not sure where this should be put but I need someone trustworthy to tutor some of my pokemon moves from battle frontier tutors. Pm me.

25th May 2011, 2:51 PM
offering PP MAX, PP up, Rare candy, Power items and other held items that are in high demand.

28th May 2011, 6:45 PM
i am in need of rare candies.will trade one normal legend for multiple rare candies.
i also have all breedables so i can give u multiples.

28th May 2011, 8:59 PM
I need pokerus badly will trade my lvl 73 Ho-oh for it or a lvl 55 shiny shaymin not sure if hacked i can't really tell im still new at this. Also can someone help me evolve my Kadabra and Machoke?? also up for trade:Aerodactyl lvl 27, Groudon Lv. 53 w/red orb, the 3 legendary birds, and shiny arceus(idk if its hacked) and shiny ho-oh(idk if hacked). PM me if anyone wants to make a deal. Thank you :)

3rd June 2011, 12:58 AM
I'm looking for berries that can only be obtained from events. Willing to offer multiple tms. Please pm me.

3rd June 2011, 5:43 AM
trading out pokerus, ev decreasing berrys pm me.

3rd June 2011, 9:03 PM
I have most items and most TMs. PM me if you're looking for something specific.

6th June 2011, 5:01 AM
I can trade the pokerus virus (Soul silver).
If you're looking for a certain item pm me and I'll check if I have it available.

Currently I am looking for Celebi (UT preferred), and any of the starter pokemon other than Cyndaquil & evolutions (no generation 5 starters as this is for my Soul Silver game). These are preferred but offer to trade for pokerus is not limited to just the above.


Soul Silver FC: 0690 6330 9191
White FC: 2451 5512 4331

11th June 2011, 2:12 AM
I'm looking for tomato and pomeg berries; my pokewalker's being a ***** and refuses to give me any. I have weather rocks, Eevees, cyndiquils, and more.

12th June 2011, 1:31 AM
i am looking for pokerus and 1 macho brace. I can offer up to 3 of any tm and i have 18 masterballs. I also have 4 sacred ash and a lot of vitamins/pp ups. I have 3 pp maxes

13th June 2011, 2:03 AM
i have a lot of most items like
-master balls
-lucky eggs
-life orbs
-focus sash
-Liechi Berry
-Enigma Berry
-Starf Berry
-Lansat Berry
-Apicot Berry
-Petaya Berry
-Salac Berry
-Ganlon Berry
-and more
-Max Revive
-Sacred Ash
-Rare Candy
-PP Max
-Exp. Share
-Soul Dew(only 3 of these)
-Light Ball
-Skull Fossil
-Armor Fossil
-Old Amber
-Dome Fossil
-Helix Fossil
-Claw Fossil
-Root Fossil
-Amulet Coin
-Flame Orb
-Toxic Orb
-Power Weight
-Power Anklet
-Power Band
-Power Lens
-Power Belt
-Power Bracer
-Choice Scarf
-Choice Specs
-Choice band
and many more so just ask
i collected these items for a long time and since i can't send them to my black game i have no use for them now
i also have pokerus
i am looking for UT events,any event even stupid ones
pm me:)

13th June 2011, 9:42 PM
I am looking for a dragon scale.

Flint Lockwood
14th June 2011, 12:32 AM
im looking for some berries

specifically ganlon berries, or micle berries if anyone has one, as one is all i need (yeah trying to get milotic)

not really sure what anyone is looking for, i have assorted items that I've saved from all my in game play throughs, so i probably have what you need. PM me please!

14th June 2011, 7:57 AM
I still have alot of power items, orbs,berries, master balls, rarwcandies , evostones and pokerus will consider anything just message me

14th June 2011, 10:43 PM
Read my siggy@!@

14th June 2011, 11:04 PM
No longer needed.

17th June 2011, 5:45 AM
Will give any item for choice specs! i need like 5!!! i have master balls other choice items, pp max rare candy, all 92 tms, i DONT HAVE VITAMINS i also have a lot of the stat reducing berries. Ask for anything i reaaaaalllly need choice specs!

17th June 2011, 8:59 AM
I just want a damp rock is all... if you want something specific in exchange PM me and I'll tell you yes or no...
Thanks.. :P

17th June 2011, 7:41 PM
I'm willing to offer multiple Master Balls, Rare Candies, any TM's, Lucky Eggs, or any item out there really. I'm looking for some Shinies, Events, or just IV/Eggmove bred Poke's.Please PM if interested in anything. :)

18th June 2011, 5:36 PM
I have every legal item other than iron tail, and I'm willing to trade my items for egg move pokemon. I'm interested in pretty much any egg move pokemon with 2 egg moves that aren't TM egg moves, but I'm mainly looking for;

Adamant Larvitar w/ Dragon Dance, Outrage (Possibly Crunch)
Jolly / Adamant Charmander w/ Dragon Dance, Outrage
Jolly Gible w/ Outrage, Thrash
Adamant Bagon w/ Thrash, Dragon Dance (Possibly Hydro Pump)
Modest Bagon w/ Hydro Pump

But like I said, I'll accept most any egg move Pokemon with 2 or more egg moves

18th June 2011, 8:18 PM
I can pokeshift for ppl who need it. 12 pokemon For 1 Shiny/Event. Pm if you need to shift from 4th to 5th gen!!!

20th June 2011, 11:24 PM
Does anyone have any firestones to trade?

21st June 2011, 3:32 AM
Looking for these TM's...I think I have a fair amount of things to offer(nothing TOO extravagant)...PM me if you can help me out. :)

Explosion Tm 64
Substitute Tm 90
Stone Edge Tm 71
Earthquake Tm 26 x2

21st June 2011, 5:09 PM
I'm looking for the Pokerus, I can try to get any pokemon you may need, I also have every, or nearly every TM, as well as nearly every evolution item. PM and we can negotiate.

21st June 2011, 7:15 PM
Looking for Pokerus here, don't have much to offer in return but ask away and i will try to get it. PM me.

22nd June 2011, 5:24 AM
i have a lot of most items like
-master balls
-lucky eggs
-life orbs
-focus sash
-Liechi Berry
-Enigma Berry
-Starf Berry
-Lansat Berry
-Apicot Berry
-Petaya Berry
-Salac Berry
-Ganlon Berry
-and more
-Max Revive
-Sacred Ash
-Rare Candy
-PP Max
-Exp. Share
-Soul Dew(only 3 of these)
-Light Ball
-Skull Fossil
-Armor Fossil
-Old Amber
-Dome Fossil
-Helix Fossil
-Claw Fossil
-Root Fossil
-Amulet Coin
-Flame Orb
-Toxic Orb
-Power Weight
-Power Anklet
-Power Band
-Power Lens
-Power Belt
-Power Bracer
-Choice Scarf
-Choice Specs
-Choice band
and many more so just ask
i collected these items for a long time and since i can't send them to my black game i have no use for them now
i also have pokerus
i am looking for UT events,any event even stupid ones
pm me:)

22nd June 2011, 9:14 PM
Would like giga drain tms if anyone has spares

23rd June 2011, 4:58 AM
LF: Roost and Drain Punch TM's.

FT: Masterball, Choice/Power Items, Evo Stones/Items

23rd June 2011, 11:39 PM
I am looking for move tutor shards of all colors i need about 30 of each. i can offer power items, master balls, pkrs, rare candies, vitamins, TM's, choice items, flame orb, toxic orb, any berry of any amount, ev training services, pretty much any thing you want and i have a shiny timburr on my blk version.

24th June 2011, 3:45 AM
LF: Roost and Drain Punch TM's.

FT: Masterball, Choice/Power Items, Evo Stones/Items

I have both of those tms i'll trade one of them for an electirizer

24th June 2011, 3:51 AM
I am looking for move tutor shards of all colors i need about 30 of each. i can offer power items, master balls, pkrs, rare candies, vitamins, TM's, choice items, flame orb, toxic orb, any berry of any amount, ev training services, pretty much any thing you want and i have a shiny timburr on my blk version.

I have 1 yellow ,1 blue shard and 2 green shards
I am looking for these berries:
Pomeg Berry
Kelpsy Berry
Qualot Berry
Hondew Berry
Grepa Berry
Tamato Berry

mew master4-10-90
25th June 2011, 5:55 AM
need blue,red,yellow shards will offer pretty much any item or pokemon for them pm

25th June 2011, 4:25 PM
If anyone needs a tm pm me.
I'll only trade for master balls and looking for a griseous orb(for the griseous orb i'll trade 3 tms)
Pm me if interested.

26th June 2011, 1:01 AM
I am looking for one Lansat Berry and one Starf Berry. They must be legitimately obtained, or grown from a legitimate berry. Please PM me if you have them.

26th June 2011, 8:37 AM
Looking for Hidden Power TM. PM for wants. will trade shinys.

26th June 2011, 8:48 AM
looking for tm calm mind....if you have one do pm/vm and we can discuss the trade...

26th June 2011, 6:10 PM
looking for rare candies pm me for wants. can offer shinys

27th June 2011, 5:43 AM
looking for anything with pokerus,,,don't have much to trade

27th June 2011, 8:49 AM
Can anyone help me get rhyperior?? I just need to trade my rhydon and trade it back so I can get rhyperior. I'll give anyone pokerus who can help me or tm's or other items, please and thank you!

27th June 2011, 10:09 AM
Light Balls (Up To 5)
EVERY TM (Up To 3 Of Each)
Sacred Ash (Only One)
Rare Candies (Up To 5)

Looking For:
Master Balls.
Offer Alot For These :D

I have everything you have & want. However, i could use some extra TM's

27th June 2011, 4:26 PM
Can anyone help me get rhyperior?? I just need to trade my rhydon and trade it back so I can get rhyperior. I'll give anyone pokerus who can help me or tm's or other items, please and thank you!

i can help you do that!
do you have TMs:
TM 90 Substitute
TM 31 Brick Break
TM 75 Swords Dance

in exchange?

Zetzai Flame
28th June 2011, 2:05 AM
I am simply looking for a Thunderstone. PM me if you have one so we can work out a trade. thanks!

28th June 2011, 8:15 PM
looking for rare candies pm me for wants. can offer shinys

28th June 2011, 11:49 PM
Looking for:

TM Outrage
TM Superfang

I can breed pretty much anything, I have a few Event Jirachis from the Gamecube Bonus Disc, and I also have a Shiny Ratata and a Shiny Lugia.
PM me if you have either of the TMs, and let me know if you want something specific.

29th June 2011, 2:15 PM
Does Anyone Have a Razor Fang?! I need one to evolve my gligar pretty bad

29th June 2011, 5:25 PM
Offering Pokerus, Want any of the starters from any regions that are not Totodile, Cyndaquill, or Chikorita.

30th June 2011, 6:10 PM
I am looking for:

TM Aerial Ace x2(update) x1
TM Stone Edge x4(update) x3
TM Psychic x2
TM Thunder bolt x3
TM Shadow ball x3
TM Brick Break x3
TM Dark Pulse x1(update) x0

PM me and we can work out a trade. I wish to get these before JULY 2nd. I will update this post as I get them.
I know have them all.
Thank you to Filipasian1423 for giving me the majority of them for free.
I would also like to say thank you to MSCPD for trading me a three of them to.

1st July 2011, 6:21 AM
looking for a life orb. trade any pokes you want and ev trained too and good natures. PM if you want to trade a life orb

1st July 2011, 2:35 PM
Looking for a EXP share on HG, I can offer a porygon

2nd July 2011, 3:28 AM
im looking for someone to trade a pokerus infected poke. i can offer(HG):
shadow ball
p/vm me please =D

2nd July 2011, 6:09 AM
Looking for move tutor shards.

I need a bunch.

Can offer:

Any berry, master ball, vitamins, rare candy, pp max, all tms, choice band, choice scarf, expert belt, toxic/flame orb, power items, macho brace, EV trained pokemon, pokerus, and probably more.

Make an offer via PM/VM pl0x

2nd July 2011, 11:02 PM
is that like red/green/blue/yellow shard?

also i have for offer
any tm that can be brought with game coins on diamon/pearl (includes thunderbolt, swords dance etc.)
a master ball
lots of pp ups
a pp max
rarebones and other fossils.

looking for
reaper cloth (any preferably a traded with a dusclops)
dragon scale
stealth rock/grass knot/ energy ball/ dark pulse/dragon pulse tms
rare candies

3rd July 2011, 10:42 PM
Looking for:
Power Bracer
Power Weight
Power Anklet

can offer:
Most evolutionary stones
Heart scales
Rare candies
PP Ups
and more

6th July 2011, 4:06 PM
now giving away my 4th gen items as apparently they cant go to 5th gen. max 6 items per person.
current stock
3 moon stone
oval stone
sun stone
macho brace
poweritems for attack, sp.atk and speed pending
all the weather rocks
various plates and similar items (hard stone)
soothe bell
light clay
focus band
focus sash
2 zoom lens pending
2 quick claw
protector (comes with rhydon!) pending
magmarizer (no magmar) pending
2 wide lens pending
odd incense
4 heart scale
3 amulet coin
5 exp share pending
2 kings rock (slowpoke optional)
scope lens
razor fang pending
2 shell bell
big root
bright powder
life orb pending
lustorous orb (no palkia)
old amber
iron ball
2 rare bones
claw fossil pending
also various berries and tms. pm with which tms/berries and ill check if i have them. now adding ppups (about 10) and a pp max! get em while they last!

7th July 2011, 8:24 AM
does anyone have a razor claw?
i can offer an elekid with ice punch + crosschop (egg moves)
and pokerus.!

9th July 2011, 5:32 AM
got it cheers

10th July 2011, 9:33 AM
Looking for these:

reaper cloth
dubious disk

10th July 2011, 1:32 PM
looking for a lucky egg, can offer pp ups

10th July 2011, 6:24 PM
Offer withdrawn

11th July 2011, 12:05 AM
I'm looking for a Pokemon (any Pokemon) with active Pokerus. I can offer any if not all Items, Pokeballs, Berries, etc. Ask for it and I'll see if I have it. As far as Pokemon in return go, I don't have too much to offer right now.

Thanks in advance.

The trade has been made.

11th July 2011, 12:40 AM
I got Thunderbolt TM for trade. Looking for masterballs or offer

11th July 2011, 9:13 PM
looking for a metal coat 4 my heartgold game dont have really much to offer

skinny spartan
11th July 2011, 9:17 PM
I'm looking for any pokemon with active pkrs, can trade tm's like trick room, thunder bolt, calm mind, etc. Please pm for more details. =3

12th July 2011, 3:35 AM
Looking for:

TM Hidden Power
TM Hyper Beam
TM Thunderbolt

Offering Stuff in Shop!

12th July 2011, 3:53 AM
trade done!

12th July 2011, 8:51 PM
I got my whole main party poke rused. I can offer someone Slugma, or pokerus one of your pokemon for you. I`ll accept any pokemon, I don`t have so offer away.

14th July 2011, 1:15 AM
Looking for TM Hidden Power! I have master balls, and nuggets and other tms to trade for it. please pm me asap if you have one!

14th July 2011, 5:56 AM
In need of a protector.If you have one,pm me.

15th July 2011, 1:08 AM
I am looking for tm 82 sleep talk. I can offer masterballs pp ups exp shares and lucky eggs.

15th July 2011, 3:22 AM
looking for the pokerus, can be on any pokemon, just must be spreadable. I can give you lucky eggs. If you are looking for certain TMs just ask me, I may have it.

PM me if interested

Zetzai Flame
15th July 2011, 5:44 AM
Looking for Flamethrower TM or Stone Edge TM as well as a Life Orb & Choice Specs. Please PM me! Thanks!

16th July 2011, 4:27 AM
Looking for TM Ice Beam and a Exp. Share can offer master ball, sun stone, reaper cloth, protector, moon stone, leaf stone, soothe bell and rary candy

17th July 2011, 11:39 AM
Hi guy's I'm looking for a feebas/Milotic.


Heart Scales

17th July 2011, 12:26 PM
task taken!

17th July 2011, 2:16 PM
^Got it.


18th July 2011, 5:47 AM
Im looking for Swords Dance, Rain Dance, Earthquake and Stone Edge TMs.

I can offer various Pokémon and also many items such as stones, evolution items, battle items or TMs.


18th July 2011, 6:33 PM
I am looking for any Pokemon with active Pokerus, I can offer most TM's or a Masterball, PM me if interested.

18th July 2011, 6:56 PM
I have Pokérus for trade, if anyone is interested, I want TMs or life orbs.

18th July 2011, 7:17 PM
Hello, I am looking for tm 76 Stealth Rock
I can offer:
-choice band
-choice scarf
-choice specs
-master ball
-some TMs and other stuff, just contact me

19th July 2011, 2:39 PM
I have nearly every TM, multiple vitamins, multiple items, and a few masterballs. I will trade 3-4 for a shiny and 5 for a event. VM me if interested. Please be legit pokemon!

19th July 2011, 5:36 PM
i can offer for a pokemon that has pokerus active:


Stealth Rock
Energy Ball
and some more

I can also offer a:

all level 1, hatched.

19th July 2011, 10:29 PM
I got TM ice beam if anyone wants it

20th July 2011, 1:04 PM
Found that i had pkrs on another game, if anyone needs an infected pokemon pm me with offers, looking for shiny's, masterballs, possibly tms and legendaries, offer anything though and ill write back

i have pokerus on platinum+pearl

21st July 2011, 8:36 PM
I'm looking for all EV reducing berries, specially the Kelpsy one.

Pm with what you want, thanks.

22nd July 2011, 12:45 AM
I'm looking for 2 TM earthquakes. I offer a xd lugia each. Here is its info
-XD Lugia
level 53 / caught in a master ball / modest nature / Stats: 186-101-146-116-182-127 / Moves: Psycho boost 5/5 - FeatherDance 15/15 - Earthquake 10/10 - Hydro pump 5/5 / Ribbons: National
I still need 1 more tm earthquake

22nd July 2011, 1:41 AM
Looking for Rowap berry

22nd July 2011, 1:51 AM
Looking for leftovers and tm stealthrock, can offer masterballs and more

23rd July 2011, 12:43 PM

Fire stone


Water stone

23rd July 2011, 2:22 PM
If anyone is interested, I got lots of nuggets

23rd July 2011, 2:32 PM
^Got it.


23rd July 2011, 11:01 PM
Looking for dawn stone

Aizle Syracuse
24th July 2011, 6:02 AM
^w^ Ah... Here I am again.

If you are in need of:
- An Electrizer
- A Protector
- An Iron Ball
- Charcoal
- Rock Incense
- A Moon Stone
- A Dusk Stone
- An Oval Stone
- A Leaf Stone
- A Sun Stone
- TM03 (Water Pulse)
- TM05 (Roar)
- TM27 (Return)
- TM37 (Sandstorm)
- TM41 (Torment)
- TM43 (Secret Power)
- TM45 (Attract)
- TM49 (Snatch)
- TM54 (False Swipe)
- TM56 (Fling)
- TM60 (Drain Punch)
- TM63 (Embargo)
- TM64 (Explosion)
- TM66 (Payback)
- TM67 (Recycle)
- TM76 (Stealth Rock)
- TM80 (Rock Slide)
- Or TM83 (Natural Gift)...

...I have one of each and I really don't need any of them. I also have quite a few Sneasels, Houndours, Absols, Togepis, and Eevees - all hatched, level one, and untouched. OwO If you're interested, I'm also looking for:
- TM30 (Shadow Ball)
- Scope Lens
- Leftovers
- Focus Band

Oh... no hacked items or anything like that please. >~< I don't really believe in cheating... and anyway I'm terrified it'll mess up my game or something. OAO Thank you! <3

24th July 2011, 5:37 PM
I only have Pearl version, alas, I need help.

I think I want fire punch but i'll decide last minute.

I think they're 64BP, so in return i can offer:
-Battle Tower items
-Evo stones/hold items
-Sacred Ash
-Any berry/s
-Any breedable poke (not hacked)
-Some adamant/jolly Beldums...

And yeah, a few of these can be offered for the one elemental punch.

Icing Sugar
24th July 2011, 6:44 PM
- Offering: a German Ditto (modest or jolly)

- Wanted:
- Liechi, Salac berry, etc.

More details here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=13042092&postcount=2536

24th July 2011, 11:54 PM
Need a Soul Dew ASAP! Will offer multiple shinies and events such as AURA Mew and WSHMKR Jirachi, all UT

26th July 2011, 12:31 AM
Looking for:
Lucky Egg
Metal Coat
Someone with HG/SS to teach my Scizor Bug Bite and Bullet Punch.

TMs- Brine, Charge Beam, Drain Punch, Silver Wind, Avalanche and Flash Cannon.
Pokemon- Chimchar, Lapras, Scyther, Skorupi, Croagunk, Larvitar, Elekid, Magby, Riolu, Squirtle, Eevee, Tyrogue, Gible, and Gligar. Nothing special, just a regular old pokemon, though I will give you a certain requested gender. Also, if you want a certain Nature, an Azelf, an Uxie, or a Giratina, you better have a good deal waiting for me.

27th July 2011, 2:35 AM
I really really really need a thunderstone to evolve my eevee before he his level 15, if anyone can trade me one that would be amazing, I don't have much to offer seeing as im still early in the game but I have Magby, Shellder, Togepi, Murkrow and Magnemite.

Also have TM's 51. Roost, 9. Bullet Seed

and a nugget, a big pearl and some shards

Name - Hayate
FriendCode - 0948 4073 6747

27th July 2011, 8:31 PM
Hey, I really need a Pokemon with active Pokerus ASAP, preferably one that isn't very good.

Send me a pm if you have one, and we can work it out from there.

EDIT: I don't need Pokerus anymore. Thank you.

28th July 2011, 4:12 AM
Looking for tm substitute and tm sword dance

Poke Trainer J
28th July 2011, 5:52 AM
I'm looking for a TM for Sleep Talk, does anybody have

28th July 2011, 1:23 PM
looking for ice beam tm and power items for defence and sp defence. Can offer leftovers and other items, just ask. Also have some iv bred. Pm me plz!

28th July 2011, 7:26 PM
Have most gen 4 items including masterballs and various tms. Looking for legendaries or goodmpokemon. Pm me.

29th July 2011, 2:22 AM
Need any Pokemon with Pokerus (still spreadable)
pm me me if you want to help me out and I'll see I have anything you want.
Thanks in advance :)

29th July 2011, 4:00 PM
Wanted: pokerus
Offered: shiny ponyta (UT)

Send me a pm and I will get back too you with my friend code thanks.

29th July 2011, 7:13 PM
Looking for berries numbered 54 through to 60.

30th July 2011, 6:21 PM
Looking for a king's rock.Pm me if you have one.

30th July 2011, 6:35 PM
Looking for a king's rock.Pm me if you have one.

hey there i have sent you a pm

31st July 2011, 10:04 AM
I really need a pokemon with pokerus, please can someone give it to me? it would be highly appreciated, Pm me. Please help! ( and also how do you pass it onto other pokemon on the team?)

31st July 2011, 5:19 PM
Looking for TM substitute and TM sword dance have TMs people want

31st July 2011, 6:56 PM
Ight trade done looking for TM Toxic

1st August 2011, 10:04 AM
looking for sleep talk and rest TM's for pokemon pearl. can offer a master ball, lots of exp shares and several other rare items.

1st August 2011, 4:37 PM
Master Ball
Focus Sash
Life Orb(s) x3

Make an Offer!

P.S. : VM or PM me because I probably won't check up on this thread .

1st August 2011, 7:58 PM
i need all the power items 4 platinum except 4 power lense i can offer any 5 items (cuz i have emeralds cloning glitch) for these five items PM me if ur interested and want my frend code =)

1st August 2011, 9:59 PM
EDIT: I got all of the items except for the Power Weight, thanks to everyone that helped me out. Please pm me if you have a power weight up for trade, we'll work something out :)

2nd August 2011, 2:09 AM
Looking for master balls

5th August 2011, 2:28 AM
Looking for the Thunderbolt TM....I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out. I have other TM's that maybe someone needs. :)

Edit: No longer needed :)

5th August 2011, 4:13 AM
I have nearly every TM, multiple vitamins, multiple items, and a few masterballs. I will trade 3-4 for a shiny and 5 for a event. VM me if interested. Please be legit pokemon!

This is still going on!

5th August 2011, 4:21 AM
I'm looking for 2 TM earthquakes. I offer a xd lugia each. Here is its info
-XD Lugia
level 53 / caught in a master ball / modest nature / Stats: 186-101-146-116-182-127 / Moves: Psycho boost 5/5 - FeatherDance 15/15 - Earthquake 10/10 - Hydro pump 5/5 / Ribbons: National
I still need 1 more tm earthquake

Still need.

5th August 2011, 6:48 AM
Looking for Tm ice beam

5th August 2011, 7:09 PM
looking for mew, or pokerus.

I have lucky eggs, some tms, and some starters.

PM me

7th August 2011, 12:30 AM
Could really use Pokerus tonight. Got a ton of the Battle Frontier prize TMs, if they interest people.

8th August 2011, 11:10 PM
Looking for TM stone edge and stealth rocks. Have lots to offer. PM me if you have one. :D

9th August 2011, 10:44 PM
I have every TM, pokerus, and a lot of battle items.

I'm looking for:


9th August 2011, 10:46 PM
I'll give a master ball(!) for somebody with a decent item and pokerus
Pm me if ur interested in a master ball!!!

9th August 2011, 10:50 PM
Anybody willing to trade a pokemon with pokerus? I don't care which pokemon it is, it could be a bidoof for all I care. In exchange, I'll be willing anything breedable, such as starter Pokemon. PM if interested.

10th August 2011, 2:24 PM
well, this is the best related trade thread here for my request, but i need to evolve my magmar. i already got a magmarizer

Venom Hitman
11th August 2011, 12:43 AM
I need Heartgold Kyogre, UT WIN2011 Raikou, Entei, Celebi, and Buneary or Lucario with egg move Sky uppercut. (No Hack)

I can trade 3-4 items for each pokemon or I can RNG and hatch a shiny pokemon of your chosing from the 1-4 Gen with an item.

Green Shard (10)
Red Shard (14)
Blue Shard (20)
Oval Stone (3)
Sun Stone (1)
Fire Stone (3)
Shiny Stone (36)
Dawn Stone (49)
Dusk Stone (51)
Water Stone (5)
Thunder Stone (4)
Moon Stone (2)
Leaf Stone (6)
Leftovers (10)
Life Orb (1)
PP up (28)

Dragon Claw (1)
Roar (1)
Toxic (1)
Hail (1)
Bullet Seed (1)
Hidden Power (1)
Sunny Day (1)
Ice Beam (1)
Thunderbolt (2)
Earthquake (6)
Dig (1)
Psychic (1)
Shadow Ball (1)
Flamethrower (2)
Sludge Bomb (2)
Aerial Ace (1)
Roost (2)
Energy Ball (1)
Charge Bram (1)
Dragon Pulse (2)
Shadow Claw (3)
Stone Edge (2)
Stealth Rock (1)
Rock Slide (2)
X-Scissor (3)
Grass Knot (1)
Flash Cannon (2)

PM me of what you want.

11th August 2011, 3:58 PM
Originally Posted by spanton
I'm looking for 2 TM earthquakes. I offer a xd lugia each. Here is its info
-XD Lugia
level 53 / caught in a master ball / modest nature / Stats: 186-101-146-116-182-127 / Moves: Psycho boost 5/5 - FeatherDance 15/15 - Earthquake 10/10 - Hydro pump 5/5 / Ribbons: National
I still need 1 more tm earthquake

Still need.

ummmm your lugia is a hack. only deoxys can know psycho boost :P

11th August 2011, 4:11 PM
I got some items up for trade. PM ME if you need any. They are as follows. I only accept pokemon ATM. They can be cloned in truth idc lol. Heres what i got

EXP Share x2
All the stones 2 of each(Fire,Water,Thunder ETC)

Grass Knot
Stealth Rock
Energy Ball
Drain Punch
Silver Wind
Fire Blast

11th August 2011, 4:27 PM
I have Pokerus, if anyone needs it. Please PM me with offers.

11th August 2011, 8:15 PM
I can offer a Lv. 49 Ampharos with Pokerus. I will take any pokemon holding a Master Ball or a starter pokemon (not Cyndaquil) with a Water Stone.

Ampharos Lv. 49

Ability: Static

Nature: Docile

Thunder Wave

HP: 168
Attack: 96
Defense: 93
Sp. Atk: 132
Sp. Def: 112
Speed: 81

(HeartGold) Friend Code:
4212 6135 0220

12th August 2011, 4:29 PM
Looking for TMs Stealth Rock, rock polish and stone edge. PM me if interested I have lots to offer including pokemon, battle items, berries, TMs and more.

13th August 2011, 1:19 AM
Needs TMs Dragon Pulse and Focus Punch. Offering a SHINY CHANSEY. Send me a PM if you are interested. That is all.

(If you need something simple for PokeDex, mention it in the PM and I will give you that with the Chansey instead of junk+Chansey)


13th August 2011, 2:31 AM
I have a list of items below to trade cause I'm cleaning out my Platinum to transfer to white and restart it. PM me an offer.

-Water Pulse
-Calm Mind
-Roar x2
-Bulk Up
-Bullet Seed
-Hyper Beam
-Rain Dance
-Return x2
-Brick Break
-Shock Wave
-Sludge Bomb x2
-Rock Tomb
-Secret Power
-Theif x2
-Skill Swap x2
-Snatch x2
-Charge Beam
-Silver Wind
-Rock Polish
-Dark Pulse
-Rock Slide
-Dream Eater
-Flash Cannon
-Trick Room

-Red Shard x5
-Blue Shard x7
-Heart Scale x4
-Amulet Coin x2
-Dive Ball x7
-Quick Claw x2
-Lucky Egg
-And More! Just ask.

I mainly want some dex fillers. Just make an offer first first. If i don't like it I'll ask for a diffrent offer.

Razor Xtreme
13th August 2011, 3:43 AM

PP Max
Any EV medicine
Exp Share
Rare Candies

I have unlimited of whatever you want, though getting it to you might take a bit. I'm using the Emerald clone trick.


13th August 2011, 6:05 PM
hey there i have a dd larvatar for the lucky egg if you can wait till late Sunday evening

14th August 2011, 1:04 AM
Well I am in need of a Chople Berry. So yeah. Send me a simple request.

14th August 2011, 5:58 AM
offering sacred ash for active pokerus. PM me if you are interested for details such as time to trade.

Friend code Alex 2494 6268 7174

14th August 2011, 11:24 AM
I'm offering a Ho-Oh with Pokerus and a Shiny Gyarados with Pokerus. PM me for offers.

14th August 2011, 12:31 PM
Iv got a pokerus volebeat and piplup i got from trade and would appreciate a shiny muk

14th August 2011, 8:49 PM
I am looking for the Lansat Berry, Starf Berry, Sacred Ash, Soul Dew, Black Sludge, or Scope Lens. Please PM me if you have any of these.

14th August 2011, 11:31 PM
I need some EV berries, Qualot, Grepa, Tamato, any EV berry besides Hondew and Kelpsy. thanks!

have P0KÉRUS to trade andd other items

/\ __ /\

15th August 2011, 1:32 AM
I have PKRS and Jaboca berries for trade PM me.

15th August 2011, 9:52 PM
I need TM53 Energy Ball. I could offer most breedable pokemon for this, including all starters, lunatone, solrock, mawile etc with PKRS if you want or another TM. PM me.

16th August 2011, 6:46 PM
I need TM06 (Toxic), TM24 (Thunderbolt), TM29 (Psychic), TM35 (Flamethrower), TM53 (Energy Ball), and TM91 (Flash Cannon).

Also, I could use some Heart Scales.

PT me what you're looking for. I don't have much to offer... I can offer some basic things. If you want I could give you a shiny Gloom or a Master Ball. PM me for what you're looking for and I'll see if I have it.

16th August 2011, 7:26 PM
I am in need of Tm Stone Edge, Tm Earthquake pm me with offers of pokes you want

Poke Trainer J
17th August 2011, 2:56 AM
Anybody have a Stone Edge TM for trade? PM me cause I need one badly, thanks...

18th August 2011, 12:27 AM
i need the pokerus
i will trade for something reasonable

18th August 2011, 11:32 AM
im looking for a razor claw

offering a dawn stone or one of these :
tm 76 stealth rock
tm 92 trick room
tm 84 poison jab

Pm me if interested.

19th August 2011, 2:36 AM
Offering: I can buy any of the game corner in Platinum's TMs.

Looking: Masterballs
Any common event

21st August 2011, 2:00 AM

I'll trade it for any one of 'less than 20000 game coin TM'

21st August 2011, 11:24 PM
i need all pinch berries except for custap, the tms: earthquake, explosion, stonedge, and uturn and leftovers
i can offer a lucky egg, up to 2 exp shares, pp ups, eggmove pokemon (ut unless you want me to ev train them), pokerus and any power item.
i will offer A LOT! for soul dew which means i will give pretty much everything mentioned above

23rd August 2011, 12:22 AM
I can offer every TM, any type of ball, I think every type of berry, and any of the BP items. I'm open for any offer.

23rd August 2011, 1:26 AM
I got a extra upgrade, feel free to offer

23rd August 2011, 2:15 AM
i'm looking for smooth rock anyone have it .