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17th February 2011, 9:55 PM
I am creating this shop because i have a ton of pokemon with awesome egg moves and it was quite fun getting them.
here are some that i have

Bulbasaur with Leaf Storm
Charmander with Flare Blitz
Squirtle with Water Spout
Pidgey with Brave Bird
SandShrew with Night Slash
Zubat with Brave Bird
Paras with Cross Poison
Meowth with Hypnosis
Machop with Fire Punch, Ice Punch, and Thunder Punch
Geodude with Hammer Arm
Farfetch'd with Leaf Blade
Grimer with Shadow Punch
Gastly with Perish Song
Krabby with Dig
Exeggcute with Leaf Storm
Cubone with Iron Head
Lickitung with Hammer Arm
Lickitung with Muddy Water
Rhyhorn with Dragon Rush
Scyther with Bug Buzz
Pinsir with Close Combat
Lapras with Fissure
Aerodactyl with Dragonbreath

Chikorita with Leaf Storm
Cyndaquil with Extrasensory
Totodile with Dragon Claw
Hoothoot with Sky Attack
Chinchou with Psybeam
Natu with Drill Peck
Aipom with Bounce
Wooper with Double Kick
Mukrow with Sky Attack
Mukrow with Brave Bird
Qwilfish with Signal Beam
Sneasel with Ice Punch
Teddiursa with Night Slash
Teddirursa with Close Combat
Slugma with Heat Wave
Swinub with Fissure
Corsola with Icicle Spear
Remoraid with Water Spout
Delibird with Ice Punch
Skarmory with Brave Bird
Houndour with Thunder Fang
Phanpy with Head Smash
Stantler with Megahorn
Smoochum with Ice Punch
Elekid with Fire Punch
Elekid with Ice Punch
Magby with Thunder Punch
Miltank with Seismic Toss
Larvitar with Outrage
Larvitar with Dragon Dance
Larvitar with Iron Head

Treecko with Dragonbreath
Torchic with Night Slash
Mudkip with Ice Ball
Tailow with Brave Bird
Ralts with Shadow Sneak
Surskit with Hydro Pump
Shroomish with Seed Bomb
Shroomish with Wake-up Slap
Slakoth with Night Slash
Nincada with Night Slash
Whismur with Extrasensory
Makuhita with Dynamic Punch
Skitty with Zen Headbutt
Mawile with Ice Fang
Aron with Dragon Rush
Meditite with Ice Punch, Fire Punch and Thunder Punch
Electrike with Ice Fang
Carvanha with Zen Headbutt
Wailmer with Fissure
Numel with Heat Wave
Torkoal with Earthquake
Spinda with Psycho Cut
Cacnea with Dynamic Punch
Cacnea with Seed Bomb
Swablu with Dragon Rush
Zangoose with Razor Wind
Seviper with Night Slash
Barboach with Dragon Dance
Barboach with Spark
Corphish with Dragon Dance
Corphish with Superpower
Anorith with Cross Poison
Feebas with Dragonbreath
Castform with Ominous Wind
Shuppet with Payback
Duskull with Ominous Wind
Tropius with Dragon Dance
Tropius with Leaf Blade
Absol with Megahorn
Snorunt with Weather Ball
Spheal with Fissure
Clamperl with Muddy Water
Relicanth with Skull Bash
Luvdisc with Aqua Jet
Bagon with Fire Fang
Bagon with Dragon Dance
Bagon with Shadow Claw

Turtwig with Seed Bomb
Chimchar with Thunder Punch
Piplup with Featherdance
Shinx with Night Slash
Budew with Extrasensory
Cranidos with Hammer Arm
Shieldon with Fissure
Cherubi with Weather Ball
Shellos with Fissure
Shellos with Sludge
Drifloon with Hypnosis
Buneary with Sky Uppercut
Chingling with Hypnosis, Dream Eater
Stunky with Crunch
Mime Jr. with Wake-up Slap
Happiny with Mud Bomb
Chatot with Night Shade
Gible with Dragonbreath
Gible with Iron Head
Riolu with Blaze Kick
Skorupi with Night Slash
Croagunk with Cross Chop
Carnivine with Slam
Finneon with Psybeam
Mantyke with Signal Beam
Snover with Seed Bomb

This are not the only pokemon with egg moves that I have. You can ask for other pokemon or pokemon listed here with different egg moves or pokemon with multiple egg moves. I will let you choose the nature that you want your pokemon to be. I will not breed for perfect or good IV's unless you are offering an extremely good pokemon(s) in return

In Return I am looking for either a TRU Arceus or any shiny pokemon. Once I build a big enough shiny collection they will be added to the shop market. just to not seem unfair if you are gonna give me a shiny pokemon i will give you two pokemon with good egg moves.

just post a message on the thread and within a few days I should have your pokemon ready for you and then ill pm you for a good trading time.