View Full Version : camsters trade shop!!!!

19th February 2011, 9:27 PM
hi welcome to my trade shop first of all i don't accept hacks and my Pokemon are not hacked but i don't mind clones i would also like to do some fair trades like a shiny for a shiny and i dont normally do a 2-1 trade.

pokemon i have

egg move pokes!!

eevee lv1 male, rain dance, iron tail, secret power,helping hand (nature naughty+calm)

pichu with volt tackle

my shinys

shiny ditto
shiny charizard
shiny starly
shiny pichu
shiny raquaza
shiny mew

coming soon

working on male lv50 glaceon
working on male lv50 roserade
cranidos with egg moves
lv50 shiny raichu

lv100 jap metagross complete
lv100 tyranitor complete
looking for most shiny's and most events post here all offers

21st February 2011, 1:39 PM
hello if anyone needs a high lv Pokemon i can try and get it for you now hatching cranidos if anyone needs 1