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26th February 2011, 12:50 AM
I'm new here, and I am trying sprite editing. I'm not the best, but...
It's a family photo! I'm going to post these each separately soon, but I just had this quick picture ready for here. I'm going to make a lot more winged sprites if I get good comments. If I get bad ones... Well, I'll think about that if I get there!



26th February 2011, 3:17 AM
I'm sure you'll be bound to get a reply saying-

Too much copy and paste
All u did is recolor them
they're too big blah blah blah

But if they are just your first sprites they are fine. Just make sure you are recoloring everything such as the lugia wings on espeon and stuff like that, and perhaps try your hand at trying to make some of your own parts.

Also, the ninetales and absol pics aren't showing up for me personally.

26th February 2011, 4:26 AM
I can't see the absol or ninetails sprites either. Hopefully you can fix that.
As for the winged ones, the only ones I can fully comment on are the front three, as those are the only ones that aren't covered by the others. My main problem is that the wings on the espeon are a different color. Otherwise they're pretty good. Hopefully in future sprites you'll make your own parts, which would significantly improve the sprites.

Northern Lights
26th February 2011, 9:41 AM
wings on the espeon are a different color.

Actually they're not, the same colour pallette has been used over the whole sprite but different shades have been used, so the wings main colour appears white and light grey.
All that needs to be done to this sprite is to re-colour Espeons body and use the lighter shades of the Lugia pallette.

For your first sprites they are not that bad. When showcasing sprites, however, its better to start off with each sprite individually shown, so we can see each one clearly, but you have the basics of recolouring and merging parts together down quite well.

The next step is to try and "scratch", meaning create by freehand, parts of pokemon in the fusion yourself, that way you can meld pieces on to your own specification. =]

26th February 2011, 1:10 PM
My friend asked me to make her the eeveeloutions with wings, except for vaporeon and leafeon. I'm going to look into the issue of the missing pics, and thanks you guys for constructive criticism! (it's always welcome!)