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26th February 2011, 10:11 AM
after rigerous deck testing here it is (odd name but whatever)

1-1 Raikou suicine legend
2-2 garchomp CX
1 licklicky C
3-2 froslass AR, 1 glalie AR
1 delibird (league promo)
1 azelf (league promo)

2 rescue energy
4 dce
6 water energy
2 electric energy

1 twin's
1 premier ball
3 quick ball
2 IQ
3 bebe's
2 energy search
1 luxary ball
1 cynthia's feelling's
2 judge
3 copycat
1 palmer's cont
3 life herb
1 poke turn
1 egain
1 black belt
2 ebelt
2 seeker

How I want the deck to run, draw into delibird with garchomp c, setup garchomp , tak then setup RSL then hammer, while running froslass and twins to search for a fast easy setup.

How the deck run's, Draw RSL by turn two, usually have froslass or glalie as start, RSL setup by t3 and hammering everything with aurora gain, thunderbolt spear by t4, garchomp come's in mid to late game for the backup win.

It is very fast. Tryed trainer lock, considering it's popularity in my area and runs quite nicely even with it there. Even garchomp has no issue's (I usually dub rescue energy with garchomp, then dce turn 2 so even if garchomp get's donked it goe's right back to my hand, it just works out that way). not to mention but having only 3 attacker's does slim the deck down on alot of unnessary tko's. I use seeker's for froslass, froslass/seeker combo+twins is 8 time's I can search for anything in my deck, + the deck's synergy in relying on my opponent to stack there hand with uxie is quite useful. Since there's alot of people that use seeker's in there deck that just means more usage for froslass, hehe. Just trying to use my opponent's cards against them.

Dark Sharpedo
27th February 2011, 2:22 PM
decent deck ven, i really like it... no big mistakes have to be fixed, good job

1st March 2011, 6:51 PM
Yeah it was decent until I made it solid (was way to slow against lostgar, so I made a more competitve version...

2-2 Froslass AR
2-2 Garchomp CX
1-1 Raikou Suicune Legend
1-1 Dailga GX
1 ambipom G
1 Azelf

2 rescue
4 water
2 electric
4 dce

2 ebelt
1 black beclt
1 egain
1 poke turn
2 seeker
3 switch
1 life herb
1 palmer's
2 judge
1 cynthia's
3 copycat
4 bebe's
3 IQ
3 quickball
2 energy search
1 premier
1 twins
1 lux ball

It's is more solid this time around and the strategy I had intended actually come's around, this is more for competitve but it's faster at the sametime, which is what I had intended for.

I also figured at max froslass searches for 16 cards max out of my deck, with everything I have but I can rely on an opponent to keep seekering my froslass back to my hand for even more.