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1st March 2011, 12:45 AM
Welcome to my trade shop!
If you found something you want but you don't have anything on my wants lists you can PM me i'm pretty flexible.

1.just the trade shop rules, nothing to complicated.

•1 shiny=1 shiny/event pokemon ev'd pokemon
•1 event pokemon=1 shiny/event pokemon ev'd pokemon or in some cases legends
•1 Item= 1 item of about the same value
•1 legend= 1 legend or a shiny

(They are all at lv1 if you want me to lv them up just let me know. PM me for genders, stats, and natures)
•All of them, if you want an egg let me know in advance.

•Entei lv 40 UT
•Raikou lv 40 UT
•Suicune lv 40 UT
•Mew (Jpn, im not sure if its hacked or not i got it from the GTS)
•Arcticuno lv 60 UT
•Zapdos lv 60 UT
•Moltres lv 60 UT
•Mewtwo lv 70 UT
•Uxie lv 50 UT
•Azelf x2 lv 50 UT
•Mesprit x2 lv 50 UT
•Dialga x3 lv 67 and lv 75 and lv 100 both are NOT UT
•Palkia x3 lv 75 and lv 100 and lv 47
•Giratina x3 lv 1 and lv 74 and lv 49 both are NOT UT
•Manaphy lv 5
•Cresselia lv 52
•Heatran lv 51 UT
•Kyogre lv 100
•Groudon lv 100
•Registeel lv 40 UT
•Regirock lv 40 UT
•Regice lv 40 UT
•Ho-oh x2 lv 71 and lv 100
•Darkrai lv 100
•Event Arceus x10+!! lv 100
•Event Regigigas lv 100

•Cubone lv 4 UT
•Cubone lv 6
•Marowak lv 28
•Luxary lv 100

•Riolu Lv 1 UT
•Dragonite lv 56
•Infernape lv 60
•PKTOPIA Pikachu lv 10 UT
•Magnezone lv 100
•Gyrados lv 100
•Swampert lv 100
•Togekiss lv 79
•Magnezone lv 100

Razor Fangs
•Razor Claws

•GameStop Suicune
•GameStop Entei
•GameStop Raikou
•Shiny Elekid ( UT would be great but it doesnt matter)
•ev'd pokemon (mainly dragon types but it doesn't really matter)
•Shiny Spoink

13th June 2011, 1:48 PM
can trade you a tyranitar, gallade, dratini(or dragnite), zangoose, garchomp and rayquaza(but i really like him) also i can try for a tangrowth if you really want it.
i want
if you have them, 2nd gen starters
the dogs
gyrados (lv 100)
pm r post if interested.

13th June 2011, 3:48 PM
Pktopia pikachu for ev'd shiny dragonite?