View Full Version : My deck Firefight needs help : )

3rd March 2011, 4:28 AM
Okay so I really wanted to make a fire deck.
But im having trouble in making it in time for
States. Here is the decklist im hoping someone
Can tell me a way around lost zone decks, and
these cards deoxy with energy crush with salamence
Lv x and dodrio from undaunted with the retreat aid
Those cards together keep beating me. Made some
Adjustments since I kept getting beat suggestions
Please but gettable cards would be nice.

Cyndaquil call of legends x1
Cyndaquil hg/ss x1
Quilava call of legends x1
Quilava hg/ss x1
Typhlosion prime x1
Typhlosion hg/ss x1
Charmander plat arc x2
Charmeleon plat arc x2
Charizard plat arc x1
Magby call of legends x1
Magmar triumphant x1
Magmar unleashed x1
Magmortar supreme victors x1
Numel unleashed x1
Camerupt legends awakened x1
Phanpy hg/ss x1
Phanpy call of legends x1
Donphan call of legends x1
Snubbull hg/ss x1
Granbull hg/ss x1

Fire energy x10
Fight energy x5
Double colorless x2

Moo moo milk x2
Flower shop lady x2
Pokemon reversal x2
Interviewers questions x2
Pokeball x2
Copycat x1
Cheerleaders cheer x1
Professor elms training method x1
Professor oaks new theory x1
Pokemon collector x1
Pokemon communication x1
Underground expedition x1
Technical machine ts-2 devoluter

Lmk wat ya think its won alot against other decks
But it needs work Thanks : )

3rd March 2011, 9:09 AM
wrong section, to beat lostgar would be pure speed and over powering the opponent.

10th March 2011, 10:25 AM
You have too many one-of cards in here. I'm not a fan of the Magby-Magmortar line, and the Donphan is vastly inferior to its Prime counterpart from HGSS. You need to be playing more copies of the Charizard and Typhlosion lines (I'd suggest 3-2-3 for Charizard, and 2-1-2 for Typhlosion Prime, drop the Typhlosion HGSS, its not needed when you can play a second Prime) as well as add in a 2-2 Ninetales HGSS line to add speed through draw power.

Trainer wise, things here are a mess. You need to be playing Rare Candies and Broken-Time Spaces to make sure you're getting your higher stage Pokemon out faster. Moo Moo Milks and Flower Shop Ladies need to go, as they're not that great for recovery. Super Scoop Ups paired with Broken-Time Space will allow you to pick up damaged Pokemon and instantly place them down again. More copies of Collector and Communication would also be recommended.