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4th March 2011, 8:30 PM
For my white team I decided to do a challenge. I'm only going to use pokemon that don't evolve (and not legendary) so I need this team rated.


Good coverage. A few ways to pass around paralysis is a boon to the rest of my team since many of them are very slow.

Sheer Force
~Hone Claws
~Super Power
~Rock Climb

I'm not sure if sheer force negates the stat drop of super power and confusion of outrage. If it doesn't I still have 3 moves at 120BP coming off a base 120 attack which will crush anything it comes across.

Water Absorb
~Leech Seed
~Petal Dance
~Sucker Punch

I chose water absorb because I'm more likely to come up against a water move than a sunny day user in game. Standard subseed combo. I am a big fan of priority moves so Sucker Punch was added to the move list.

~Aqua Jet

I was originally disappointed that this thing wasn't a luvdisc evolution, but that's good since it means I can add it to my team. As said above, I like priority so chose Aqua Jet. Toxic for support.

Magic Guard
~Ice Beam
~Air Slash
~Calm Mind

My special sweeper. Great coverage, a boosting move, and an amazing ability.

~Iron Head
~Guillotine/Stone Edge

My physical sweeper. Guillotine if Hustle boosts accuracy from 30 to 80, otherwise going for Stone Edge and Swarm. This set gives pretty good coverage.

Move changes, pokemon changes, item suggestions, etc. are greatly appreciated.

4th March 2011, 8:56 PM
Hone Claws instead of Crunch on Durant. Hustle ond Hone Claws were a match made in heaven, one lowering accuracy and the other raising accuracy, and boosting attack even more. Hustle lowers accuracy by 20% so you cant get 80% accurate Guillotine's and Stone Edge misses as much as Hypnosis.

Sheer Force only negates positive effects like the burn chance of Flamethrower, so Superpower and Outrage still screw you up. As Outrage confuses you after one use forcing you to switch and waste the Hone Claws, use Dragon Claw for continued attacking. Rock Slide and Earthquake should replace Superpower and Rock Climb. Superpower conflicts with Hone Claws and Rock Climb isn't very useful(I'm pretty sure its 90 power too) for Druddigon. Earthquake covers any Steels that Superpower would and Rock Slide hits Ice types.