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6th March 2011, 9:24 PM
noob here be nice and explain why things need changed please :)
oh and if anyone was wondering i just randomly clicked white/black pokemon and made a team up. I am going to assume there are much better pokemon out there.

Genesect @ douse drive
Ability: download
Nature: Serious

- substitute
- techno blast
- bug buzz
- flashcannon

Douse drive with techno blast covers its only weakness. Substitute because its a great move. Bug buzz and flashcannon for some good old fashioned STAB.

Cobaliont @ Leftovers
Ability: justified
Nature: sassy

- substitute
- sword dance
- toxic
- sacred sword

Substitute because i love it and leftovers makes this pokemon a tank. Toxic so that while I have my sub out I can do decent damage and use sword dance to raise my atk. If I can use sword dance x3 and still have my sub out I will then use sacred sword for the KO.

Emboar @ Leftovers
Ability: reckless
Nature: Adamant

- substitute
- flare blitz
- endeavor
- wild charge

Substitute because like i said i love it with leftovers. Flare blitz with reckless equals a OHKO almost everytime. Endeavor because i am a *****. Wild charge for water pokemon.

Serperior @ Leftovers
Ability: overgrow
Nature: timid

- leaf blade
- substitute
- leech seed
- double team

Meh I liked this guy originally and then i had some take backs mentally but here goes nothing. I am inclined to change this guy so feel free to offer. Lead Blade for STAB. Substitute bc i like it. Leech seed so that my substitute can heal even faster. Double team because coupled with its 113 base speed its godly. All of these together make a pokemon that is impossible to hurt for long/hit.

Haxorous @ Leftovers
Ability: mold breaker
Nature: Adamant

- substitute
- sword dance
- dragon claw
- earth quake

Substitute because I love it. Sword dance because while subbed I can use this move x3 and get my attack way up. Dragon claw for attack that should finish off any enemy in 1-2 turns. Earthquake because I felt the need for it. I have no pokemon with this move yet and I feel it is a vital move.

Samurott @ Leftovers
Ability: Torrent
Nature: calm

- hidden power (Fire)
- substitute
- water spout
- recover

I wanted something to do with water and I guess this happened. I saw that water spout was a great move provided your HP was high enough. Using substitute with leftovers then recover one or two times and your HP is maxed. Then use water spout for 150 dmg + STAB + dmg boost from having max hp will equal out to a KO i hope. Hidden power fire is just for dealing with it's grass weakness.

7th March 2011, 6:55 AM
Adamant Nature for Cobalion & Serperior, Modest for Genesect.

And Samurott can't learn Water Spout.

Modest Nature
~Ice Beam
~Grass Knot
~Air Slash

7th March 2011, 7:03 PM
Endeavour does not work with Substitute. Neither does Flare Blitz without leech Seed support or something. Use Brick Break over Endeavour, being so slow you wont get a good oppurtunity to take advantage of it but Brick Break gives you a chance versus Rock types.

Dragon Dance instead of Swords Dance on Haxorus. Your will get outsped and your chance of sweeping threatened. Besides, 2 Dragon Dances gives you over 800 attack at lvl 100 and the ability to outspeed anything meaning only priority Ice Shards threaten you.

Serperior wants Toxic over Double Team since Double Team is based on luck and Toxic can wear down opponents faster. Giga Drain is an option over Leaf Blade to heal even faster.