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10th March 2011, 3:40 AM
Just wanted to throw this out there to see if there were any obvious changes I could make to help improve my team. However, I would like to note I'm no particular fan of the fighting pokemon in Gen V (they're not bad, just there are others I prefer). Also, I know there are a couple I won't be getting til towards the end of the game, but... you know. So I guess this could be considered my post E4 end-goal team in a way, at any rate, here it is. As for recommending other pokemon, there are a couple I wouldn't mind using, but for the most part... yeah. Just curious to see what others would have to say about it.

Pokemon (Nickname) - Gender - Nature - Ability - Moveset

Serperior (Salmissra) - F
Adamant - Overgrow
- Leech Seed
- Coil
- Leaf Blade
- Dragon Tail

Scolipede (Sepa) - M
Adamant - Swarm
- Megahorn
- Poison Jab
- Toxic
- Rockslide

(pre bred)
Krookodile (Neith) - F
Jolly/Adamant/Hasty/et cetera - Moxie
- Hone Claws
- Crunch
- Earthquake
- Brick Break/Shadow Claw/Dragon Claw

(post bred)
Krookodile (Sobek) - M
Jolly/Adamant - Moxie
- Hone Claws
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Thunder Fang (Egg Move, breed with Luxray/Jolteon/et cetera)

Carracosta (Akupura) - M
Brave - Solid Rock
- Wide Guard
- Aqua Jet
- Curse
- Rock Slide/Stone Edge

Chandelure (Aradia) - F
Modest - Flash Fire (because the AI is dumb)
- Flamethrower
- Shadow Ball
- Will-o-wisp
- Psychic

Hydreigon (Tiamat) - F
Hasty - Levitate
- Outrage
- Flamethrower
- Surf
- Earthquake

I'm actually only two badges in (just crossed Skyarrow bridge tho, then healed and saved), and I currently have my Servine, lv. 25, Adamant with Leech Seed, and I'm sort of Semi-EV training it (as I am all my pokemon in White), basically just tracking the EV spread, not wasting any on Def or S.Def, with a concentration on Atk and Spd, currently 120 EVs on it. Also, I just got my male Adamant Venipede, Lv. 17, and doing generally the same although avoiding S.Atk like the plague. The other members of my party are Panpour (Hanuman), Lv. 13, who has proven mildly helpful, mostly a Cut slave and death fodder; Purrloin (Nyamia Ama), Lv. 13 who is absolutely worthless and never will be of any use, just there for death fodder and because I like a fuller party); and Pidove (Hoxter), Lv. 19 who is the most useful of my stand ins and will more than likely stick around until he is replaced by Hydreigon, so basically he'll be the last of my stand-ins to go. I do rather like Unfezant though, so I'm not too troubled over this.

I suppose, then, what I'll do with Hoxter would be:
Unfezant (Hoxter) - M
Calm (so sad :[ ) - Super Luck
- Fly
- Roost
- Razor Wind (abusing Super Luck)
- and... maybe Facade and give it a Toxic Orb? That or I see what it gets for Hidden Power... no idea.

EDIT: Should note that I don't have a lot of time to play since I'm currently a Senior in college writing my senior thesis and whatnot, so... yes. Did I really just admit I was not only in college but graduating college and still playing pokemon? Perhaps.
EDITEDIT: Changed how I presented the teams to make it more clear.
EDITEDITEDIT: Due to some collaboration ( :] ), a couple movesets have been minorly to majorly changed.
EDITx4: Forgot to mention, for my Thunder Fang Krookodile, I will either need to acquire a Male Stoutland with Thunder Fang in game, or trade in a Male Jolteon/Luxray/Manectric/et cetera with Thunder Fang (or close to learning it). For the meantime, worth mentioning that "Neith" (or "Nit") is the mother of "Sobek" in Egyptian god mythology. If anyone would be interested in providing one of these for me, I have pokerus on my Platinum and HG as well as all Johto and Sinnoh starters, Charmander, Bulbasaur and Treeko. PM if you'd be interested in working something out.

10th March 2011, 5:56 AM
on carracosta, because it is running shell smash, priority moves like mach punch are a major problem so go with aqua jet as your water move, it will do a crapload after shell smash...also, choose a rock move like stone-edge over ice beam for coverage, the stab plus the smash boost will make it do more than ice beam even if ice beam is super effective since carracosta's SA sucks...a lonely hyfreigon has higher attack so go with an attackin set with crunch, EQ, and outrage over d-pulse, flash cannon and surf...also, u-turn would be good too if you want to band it...

10th March 2011, 7:48 AM
This would quite obviously be the way to go if I were going for competitive, but let's face it... darn near anything with screwed up EVs and stupid moves at the right level could make it through the E4. However, I'm thinking Aqua Jet would probably be the better water move for Carracosta. Still gonna keep Ice Beam, however (really wish it could learn Ice Fang/Punch... sigh, oh well) since there is no way in hell I'd pit Carracosta up against anything that might have Mach Punch because in all honesty, it's meant more to be an in-game dragon counter, and I'm not too worried about priority moves coming from Haxorus or Hydreigon. Originally, I was going to go Curse over Shell Smash, but then I found out Ice Beam is pretty much its only ice move, so... yeah.

As for the nature on Hydreigon, yeah, that was dumb. I originally had a different set, but decided to go for the Flash Cannon and Surf instead. While I could run a mixed set... naw, I should probably just go for Mild natured, or even Hasty... Figure Flash Cannon could take out any Ice types that might present a problem to Hydreigon, then on the other hand it overlaps with Surf in regards to Rock, but... well, it can still hit every type for at least normal damage. There probably is a better moveset out there, but really not too worried about EQ since I have a dedicated EQer and there's not much a fire, poison or electric could do to me (besides, I'd just throw out Chandelure if I saw either of the second two on their way out).

10th March 2011, 7:58 AM
That's all and good, if you like ice beam then ice beam it should...be but a smash boosted STAB stone-edge will do a lot more to any haxorus or hydreigon than a double-effective, non-STAB ice beam and if flash cannon was simply for ice types, why don't you go with flamethrower instead? It has more coverage and higher power...plus you have surf to take care of rock types don't you?

10th March 2011, 8:58 AM
Ohhh yeah, guess Flamethrower wouldn't be a bad idea after all... See I get stuck on one idea and forget other things... yeah, with Flamethrower it would be able to take care of Ice; then again, it sort of crosses territory with Fly, which I guess I don't need, but I'm lazy so it bothers me whenever I need a Fly slave... >.> Bahhhh, see now I'm thinking the most awesome thing for Hydreigon now would be a pretty efficient type coverage, so yeah...

As for Carracosta, I just don't know... the original plan was to go Rock Slide and just abandon Sp.Atk and go Curse, but I don't know... might have over complicated things, perhaps? No idea. Grah now I'm not sure...

10th March 2011, 9:14 AM
Hey don't sweat it, the game is just for fun isn't it? ;)...I'll see if I could help some more...If you look at my team (in my sig), we have three pokemon in common, and surprisingly, your serperior set and your chandelure set are the same as mine...that is very rare because few people will actually run both d-tail and leech seed on serperior and even fewer people would put will-o'-wisp on a chnadelure...they prefer the perversity set for serperior and an all attacking set with energy ball or a calm mind set for chandelure...but it's great to find someone who thinks alike :) Anyways, your scolipede fills the role of a major powerhouse as well as fast poisoner essentially like my haxorus and your krookodile is aboosting ground-sweeper very much like my excadrill...now the only thing we have flipped are the hydreigons, my archeops, and your carracosta...it seems your hydreigon is supposed to fill the role of an HM using hence why you have surf and fly on it...I use my archeops the same way where i have fly on it rather than the much better acrobatics for conveniency...then it leaves my hydreigon which serves as my mix attacker with crunch, flamethrower, EQ and outrage...your carracosta should fill this role on your team but it can mix so the second best thing is to have a second physical set-rp attacke...since it is indeed a solid rock one, curse is the best way to go, sturdy mainly benefits the shell smash set basically guaranteeing it the ability to set up...therefore, I'm going to suggest curse, aqua jet, EQ, and stone-edge on carracosta, if you go with that set, most of the holes will be filled...

10th March 2011, 9:36 AM
Haha, yeah I noticed that... and as for Serperior, well considering there is no Perversity yet and Serperior's fairly awful movepool... I don't see much point in using it like I would Krookodile, Scolipede and Hydreigon. As for Chandelure... beastly Sp.Atk is nice and all, but I'm thinking Will-o-wisp is a good back up if I just need something burned to cut its attack or chip away at its HP (though Toxic is of course better for the latter). As for Carracosta, honestly I would be sad to not see Wide Guard in his moveset... sure, might not come in a lot, but I feel like just having it makes Carracosta seem like the team wall, besides I'm not planning on using it for outright attacking. What about Surf, Flamethrower, Earthquake and Outrage on Hydreigon? Takes off Fly, but I guess my lazy self can go switch in and out an unfezant from city to city flights...

Thinking if I get Black (or the third of the Gen, Titanium, right?) I'd probably go with something like Samurott, Archeops, Galvantula, Golurk, Zoroark and Haxorus, since a dragonless party is a sad party indeed ]:

Because I always do themed parties for my second run through games... did a Grass/Electric party in Sapphire, started a Bug team in Platinum, just not enough to go around... by now there certainly are though lol.

10th March 2011, 8:10 PM
Theat hydreigon set is perfect...unless you want a second stab move like crunch or something..