View Full Version : Need a little advice with movesets (Pre-E4 White team)

Evil Quagsire
10th March 2011, 10:30 AM
Okay, so I just beat the final gym, and my party's pretty much perfect and raring to go, only...I'm iffy on the movesets. I don't bother with EV training, I just want moveset advice.

My team:
JanetLeigh the Reuniclus
Lv. 45
Quick Claw
Recover/Psychic/Flash Cannon/Dizzy Punch

Sean Penn the Chandelure
Lv. 45
Will-O-Wisp/Flame Burst/Flash/Shadow Ball

Eva Mendes the Scrafty
Lv. 45
Dig/Crunch/Facade/Hi Jump Kick

Tom Cruise the Samurott
Lv. 44
Revenge/Grass Knot/Slash/Surf

Laura Dern the Excadrill
Lv. 45
Strength/Metal Claw/Rock Slide/Earthquake

Tony Hale the Galvantula
Lv. 44
Thunderbolt/Signal Beam/Electro Ball/Slash

hold item suggestions are also welcome.

10th March 2011, 10:49 AM
Try using Ice Beam over Slash on Samurott. If I recall correctly Ice Beam is obtainable before the E4?

There's not much you can do before the E4 in terms of moveset, though. Some of the useful TMs are obtained after the E4....For example, both Chandelure and Galvantula wants Energy Ball, but the TM is found after the E4.

in case you're curious

Modest Nature
~Shadow Ball
~Energy Ball
~Calm Mind/Psychic

Modest/Timid Nature, Compoundeyes ability
~Energy Ball
~Bug Buzz
~Thunder Wave/Spider Web/Toxic/Hidden Power [anything not Electric/Grass/Bug/Steel/Poison]