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12th March 2011, 7:19 AM
Welcome to my Trade Shop!
First off, I'll state my rules:
1. Do not offer hacked pokemon! If they are hacked, I trade back.
2.Post first, then PM. Why? Because I might be emptying my inbox.
3.You may offer me shiny eggs that are unhatched, BUT, I have to hatch them to see before I trade you the pokemon.
4. Try to offer only if list isn't full, I have a tendency to skip over a trade if there's more than 4 pending.

I'm opening this trade shop because I have bought the pokemon black and have been able to get enough of tabunne(audino), and drilbur, and ducklett so far to fill up 3 boxes (mostly audino) as well as I now have an awesome shiny list thanks to recent trades and gifts.

Shaking grass, exploding earth, bubbling water, feather shadows, are as common as dirt for me. I can get you any gender and possibly even natures.

I am offering any of these, as many as you want, for shiny pokemon. I will trade you five of these rare pokemon for 1 shiny.

Special encounter pokemon available for me to catch:
Ducklett - and floating feathers.
Whatever else there is
Or I can custom search for one. Tell me the location, and kind of pokemon, and I will go get it.

I have these shinies:
5G -currently on my Black version
UT Sceptile (JAP, M, lv 70, from hoenn
UT Zorua (ENG, M, lv 1, from unova (obviously))
UT Whimsicott (ENG, M, Lv 14?, from unova (obviously))
UT Golurk (JAP, M, Lv 70, Event)
UT Hydredgion (JAP, M, Lv 70, Event)
New! UT Shiny Maractus, Random encounter while wandering aimlessly.

4G- on my HeartGold version
T Darkrai (ENG, Lv 100, legit check passed, Sinnoh)
UT Golbat (ENG, NN MossWing, lv 40, M, Hoenn)
UT WSHMKR Jirachi (ENG, lv 5, Legit check passed, bonus disc)
UT Ageto Celebi (ENG, lv 10, Legit check passed, JAP Bonus disc )
T Butterfree (ENG, Lv 28, F, Legit check passed, Johto)
UT Treecko (ENG, Lv 1, F, Legit check passed, Sinnoh)
>T Voltorb (ENG,NN Voltorb*, Lv 31, Legit check passed, Sinnoh (C))
~UT Vulpix (ENG, Lv 5, F, Legit check passed, Sinnoh)
T Shaymin (JAP, Lv 100, legit check passed, Sinnoh)
UT Kyogre (ENG, lv 70, legit check passed, Hoenn)
T Groudon (ENG, Lv 80, Legit check passed, Hoenn)
UT Palkia (JAP, Lv 47, legit check passed, Sinnoh)
T Latias (ENG, lv 64, legit check passed, Hoenn, Not For trade yet)
T Riolu (ENG, lv 100, NN Fran (short for San Francisco) legit check passed & hatched/raised by sibling, Sinnoh)
T Aura Mew (Italian/French (IDK which), Lv 100, Legit check passed, Hoenn, event)
UT Absol (ENG, NN Valentine, lv 1, F, Hand Bred to replace one that I accidentally traded over gts, Kanto/Johto, NOT FOR TRADE YET!)
UT Feebas (ENG, NN AquaHeart, lv 1, F, Legit check passed, Johto)
T Phanpy (ENG, lv 30, M, caught myself, SID/I'D combo produced many of these in safari zone. I uploaded this one, which was the only one I was able to catch)
UT Starly (ENG, Lv 1, F, legit check passed, Sinnoh)
UT Ralts (ENG, Lv 1, M, legit check passed, Johto/Kanto)
UT Skitty (ENG, Lv 40, F, Legit check passed, Sinnoh)
UT pichu (ENG, Lv 30, M, Recieved Myself, Event)
T Luxray (ENG, Lv 33, M, legit check passed, Sinnoh)
T Jumpluff (ENG, Lv 20, F, Legit check not done yet, Kanto)
T Breloom (ENG, Lv 24, F, Legit check not done yet, Hoenn)
UT Zigzagoon (ENG, Lv 5, M, Legit check passed, Event(Sapphire))
Several UT Lake of Rage gyarados...

I have these non-Shiny events:
The Dogs
Gamestop celebi
Victini (both JAP movie and ENG in game)
One unhatched TRU egg.

I have these shiny events:
Aura Mew
Ageto Celebi (Not For Trade)
WSHMKR Jirachi
GameStop Pichu
GameStop Beasts
Japanese Golurk & Hydredgion

And now for my wants:

Looking for these shinies-
Any 1st-4th gen shiny.

Looking for these events:
Skydrop/barkout Zoroark
Ash's scraggy
Movie reshiram & Zekrom
ANA darkrai
Any other event, except dogs or celebi.

Looking for these DW's

I will eventually post a list of my DWs, when I take inventory.

Trades pending:
1- BeaverFX (Trade:
2- Rennossa (Trade: DW Smeargle + DW politoed ~ pokedex: Grimer + Drowzee + Voltorb + Scyther)

7th July 2011, 7:56 PM
Wait, it was approved?! Omigosh! So excited! I really need to take inventory of my shinies and edit them in. I can pokeshift, as this was posted like, maybe 5-6 months ago.

From now on, it is open!!!

10th July 2011, 1:13 PM
Would you be intrested in a Lvl 10 Exeggcute UT DW? I can also give it the Pokerus.

12th July 2011, 3:29 PM
Yes, I haven't gotten one of those yet, no pokerus, I have a strain on one of my DWs already.

What would you like?

12th July 2011, 3:59 PM
I have DW female smeargle on my jp version and drizzle politoed on my english version. I'm looking for grimer, drowzee, voltorb and scyther for pokedex.

12th July 2011, 4:04 PM
Ok, I have all those that you mentioned, I'll trade all 4 for smeargle and politoed.

Any others? I have a completed dex so I have more.

12th July 2011, 4:08 PM
Eh, ok but first I send you smeargle from my japan version then I send you politoed from my english version and you send me wanted pokemon to my english version of white.

12th July 2011, 4:10 PM
That'll work. So Pokedex ones go to English version.

12th July 2011, 4:11 PM
Yesch! That's right! Where are you?

Swampert is my Homeboy
12th July 2011, 6:39 PM
Hello! I am interested in your shiny Aura Mew. I can offer shiny UT Purrloin. Check my shop for anything else you would like! (can you transfer it to 5th gen, I can't trade on 4th) By the way I will be unable to trade until the 18th, I am on vacation. (:

Edit: I read somewhere Aura Mew can't be shiny, can you get it legit checked? If not I might look for something else I would be interested in. :/

12th July 2011, 7:14 PM
Hi, I am interested in the Event Pichu from Heart Gold as I wanted to obtain the Notched Eared pichu in Soul Silver. The only problem is I have just started the game and don't have any high level pokemon. Should I trade you a pokemon with a big pearl or something?

12th July 2011, 7:48 PM
I'm interested in ur Shiny Shaymin, Shiny Maractus, Shiny Mew. I can offer u a Shiny Charizar, DW Eevee, DW Poliwag, DW Vulpix, DW Dratini, DW Glaceon, DW Leafeon, DW Munna, DW Corphish, DW Gligar. Let me know if u are interested in my offer.

12th July 2011, 11:51 PM
ill give you a shiny cresselia for your umhatched tru egg also pm me or ill forget