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13th March 2011, 8:52 PM
I am not worried about the movesets as much as I am the sixth guy!
Please I'm out of options I'm am in need of a last guy no legends!

-leaf blade
-giga drain
-dragon tail

-foul play

-thunder wave
-bug buzz
-poison jab

-willo wisp
-shadow ball
-calm mind

Will get energy ball and psychic after e4

-ice beam
-acid armor


Im not worried bout movesets i've got that all figured out already but im bout to take on e4 but i need a sixth guy. i was considering haxorus, mienshao, conkeldurr but im need options!!!

15th March 2011, 6:27 AM
Alright, well thanks to Vanilluxe three of your team members have fire and rock weaknesses. That being said, you're probably attached to your team as is, so whatever you do... don't add a flying type (though you are lacking a Fly user).

I would recommend a fighting or water type to round out your team, as well as handle one or both of your major weaknesses. If Meinshao appeals to you, go nuts.
But a water type would really really go a long way in helping you out.
I would recommend Jellicent or Seismitoad. Alomomola (or however you spell that) could also work.

Seismitoads moveset could look something like this:
Earthquake/Earth Power

Just a thought but... Swanna could be your Fly slave if you so wished, but that would add yet another Rock weakness. It's all about what makes you happy though. Don't raise anything you have no interest in training.

I do like your team though.

You said not to commend on movesets but... Serperior doesn't really need 2 grass moves, and Vanilluxe doesn't really need 2 ice moves. Your call though.