View Full Version : I'm trying somethingt some feedback on my team. here

15th March 2011, 6:26 PM
Hey so this is my first post. I'm trying to get some feedback on my team.
I have no real love for any of these guys except for Klang, I really like him for some reason
So please rate! And everyone has Pokerus. :)
44 Klang - Impish (Highly Persistent) {Minus} [Flash Cannon - Gear Grind - Autotomize - Discharge]
42 Vanillish - Naive (Often Scatters things) {Ice Body} [ Ice Beam - Hail - Avalanche - Mirror Shot]
39 Dieno - Serious (God Perseverance) {Hustle} [Crunch - Slam - Dragon Pulse - Work Up]
35 Rufflet - Careful (Likes to Relax) {Keen Eye} [ Fly - Aerial Ace - Slash - Defog]
42 Samurott - Hasty (Quick to Flee) {Torrent} [ Fury Cutter - Revenge - Surf - Razor Shell]
38 Darmanitan - Hardy (Scatters things Often) {Sheer Force} [ Strength - Hammer Arm - Will O Wisp - Flare Blitz]

15th March 2011, 6:43 PM
Okay what i see right away is a well put together team. The only bad thing is Fury Cutter on Samurott. Exchange it for x-scissor when you can :)

15th March 2011, 6:52 PM
Wow thanks, I really expected to hear someone come back and be like, your team is garbage start over! haha.