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24th March 2011, 5:32 AM
This thread is to request or offer Pokeshifting services. You may ask for/offer whatever you want in return (provided they're not hacks obviously), or ask for/offer nothing at all. Remember to do negotiation via PM/VM, and not in the thread itself, and to follow all other rules.

Also, due to the high chance of scamming, we will be watching this thread closer than some of the other large ones. Remember to refer to tips for saving evidence in the Blacklist Thread just in case you get scammed, and to report any scammers there. For your own safety, try looking through the thread for people who have done the service several times without scamming anyone, or ask people you already know to help you. If too much scamming occurs as a result of this thread it may be removed.

26th March 2011, 1:11 PM
In the next week or so I will be getting a new ds (Because of the price lowering caused by the 3Ds coming out) and will be able to pokeshift anyone's pokemon for them. All I ask for in return is that you feedback to this thread that the process went well :)

27th March 2011, 11:47 AM
I'm looking for someone to help me pokeshift from HG and Platinum. If you can help PM me please.

27th March 2011, 7:33 PM
I can help anyone pokeshift if they want All I ask for is what you are willing to give me.

27th March 2011, 7:58 PM
I can PokeShift anyones pokemon(They have to PM me)
We will set up a day to shift & time.
You will have to offer a shiny or a event that i want~

27th March 2011, 8:50 PM
i will pokeshift with anyone and as many pokemon as you want! no questions asked!

in return!
i want shinny pokemon!

msg me if you are interested.

28th March 2011, 2:28 PM
I will pokeshift. I did so for Monochrome Twist with 24 pokemon, all legends, and completed the offer as requested. I'm no scammer.

All I ask is: 1) Please have a multiple of 6 pokemon that you want to transfer. 2) Some reward would be nice. It doesn't have to be much, but a pokemon I don't yet have is always appreciated.

PM me if interested.

PKMN Legend Anthony
28th March 2011, 3:48 PM
Im willing to help anyone PokeShift if Im not too busy. I can PokeShift Japenese Games also. Just drop me a PM and I will help you out. :)

30th March 2011, 8:49 AM
Very willing to help anyone Pokeshift anything for free~ I may, however, take a clone of whatever you ask me to Shift unless you tell me not to.

Drop me a PM anytime~ :3

31st March 2011, 6:09 AM
the only pokemon i want pokeshifted right now is my mewtwo
its currently on platinum

i cant offer much on platinum but i can nature breed for ya

3rd April 2011, 2:45 PM
Looking for someone to shift a couple of pokemon from my White game to my roommate's Black game. Only have 1 DS atm, so I am in need of help. Not sure if this is the right forum, but it seemed like the closest thing to what I need. Thanks in advance!

Update: Got help from Jordantyler36. He was awesome. He was patient with me as I deleted an old game and started a new one in order to trade. And he did it all for free! I recommend him to anyone who needs to transfer some pokes from game to game. :)

3rd April 2011, 10:44 PM
Did pokeshift twice with PKMN Legend Anthony. Very trust worthy.

4th April 2011, 4:49 AM
Heya guys! I was wondering if someone was able to help me shift a rather hefty order of about 36 pokemon from diamond to black! If so, that would be greatly appreciated! Don't have much to offer in terms of events or shinies, but we can work something out! :)

4th April 2011, 5:38 AM
if anyone is willing to pokeshift some pokes for me id appreciate it
PM me if oyu want to know what im offering

4th April 2011, 9:42 PM
Just shifted 6 pokes for chilisex91. I'd be glad to help people out sometime later, it'd be awesome to receive a timid gastly or a good natured drillbur in return.

Send me a pm!

4th April 2011, 10:02 PM
I just got white and I'm looking for some help with transferring a few eggs from Heartgold over to White. There are four, so it shouldn't take more than five minutes, perhaps. I do appreciate the help, and I don't have much but I could get someone a Jirachi if they wish.

PM me if you'd like to help. I'll try and get in touch ASAP.

5th April 2011, 5:54 AM
I really need help transferring a few mons (maybe 2-3) from my Pearl to White - If you want to help out, I'll certainly try to repay you somehow. Just let me know what you might want. Thanks in advance!

5th April 2011, 5:56 AM
I can pokeshift for anyone very reliable just ask bushie or matt36 if you don't believe me

5th April 2011, 6:10 AM
I need to send my Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, along with Empoleon, and 5 of my other usual party Pokemon from Platinum to White. Not tonight though. Going to bed soon.

I'll make sure to say you're legit.

6th April 2011, 1:05 AM
If someone could help me pokeshift a few parties over from my HeartGold to my White, that would be great! Send me a Private message if you're willing to accept, I've got a shiny Weavile I can offer, that's on my HeartGold currently.

EDIT: Okay, I've got someone to help me now.

6th April 2011, 1:23 AM
I need to send my Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, along with Empoleon, and 5 of my other usual party Pokemon from Platinum to White. Not tonight though. Going to bed soon.

I'll make sure to say you're legit.

Ok, disregard a portion of this.

I need to send all of my legendaries (Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Heatran once I capture it tonight, Uxie, Mespirit, Azelf, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres)

And then my Empoleon, and 5 others.

6th April 2011, 1:30 AM
hi i was wandering if somone could help me pokeshift some poke from HG to Black. i can offer a poke or item. id really apreciate it. jus pm me

6th April 2011, 5:17 AM
How many would you want to shift over? I'd do it for a choice scarf sometime.

6th April 2011, 6:32 AM
Will shift pokemon for free
Pm me and I will get to you
Everyone deserves help with that lol

7th April 2011, 1:15 AM
I'm recommending Ropav to Pokeshift.

He's (or she's) legit, and doesn't want anything in return.

8th April 2011, 3:48 AM
I'm recommending Ropav to Pokeshift.

He's (or she's) legit, and doesn't want anything in return.

Yeah, he just helped me transfer some Pokémon =D

8th April 2011, 3:59 AM
Yeah, he just helped me transfer some Pokémon =D

He just helped me again. Good person to have shift for you.

9th April 2011, 11:49 PM
looking for someone that has 2 DS's to help me transfer my pokemon from HeartGold to my Black PREFERABLY SOMEONE WHO IS TRUSTWORTHY ON THIS SITE


10th April 2011, 2:24 AM
Yeah, he just helped me transfer some Pokémon =D

Yup, I recomend Ropav too, doesn't want anything in return, but i'm giving some pokemon for his help XD

10th April 2011, 2:32 AM
Yup, I recomend Ropav too, doesn't want anything in return, but i'm giving some pokemon for his help XD

yeah ropav is a top guy helped me get mine transfered over and asked for nothing of corse i gave him a shiny present but he never asked for it.

10th April 2011, 7:21 PM
I'm looking for somebody to help me bring 1 or 2 partys from my SS to my white. I'm willing to offer a shiny bulbasaur. PM if interested.

11th April 2011, 2:51 AM
Looking for someone to help me shift about 20 Pokemon VERY SOON. I'm restarting Black but don't want to loose some Pokemon and would like to snag another Victini.

Name your reward, most should be possible due to restarting.

Need to do this in the next few hours if possible. The transfering back can wait until tomorrow, but I need to send them tonight.

11th April 2011, 10:23 PM

I'm looking for someone that can help me transfer just 1 Pokemon from Soul Silver into my Pokemon Black game. I just want to play with an EV trained Charmander as my main starter in Pokemon Black. :)

I don't have much to offer, but I can try to come up with something if asked. PM me please I'd really appreciate it!

13th April 2011, 12:17 AM
To everyone who asked me to pokeshift for them today my internet is not leting me look at my pms or even enter that area.please vm me if you sent me a message today so I can back to you as soon as possible.

13th April 2011, 1:08 AM
I'd be happy to pokeshift for someone. just PM me and we can work out a time. A lucky Egg would be great, but I you don;t want to give me one, a rare candy would do. If you really don't want to give me a rare candy, then I'd do it for free, but you'd have to say that I'm legit.

13th April 2011, 10:06 PM
Hi all, I can help Pokeshift for anybody. I'd be happy just to have them pass through my Pokedex for completion data. I've already shifted for some friends of mine, I know how annoying it can be if you don't have a pair of DS's.

PM me and I'll be happy to help.

13th April 2011, 10:40 PM
Offering the Pokeshift service, in return for a Growlithe for my breeding project (If you have a Growlithe/Arcanine that you're transferring and don't mind it getting a bit of extra exp, I'd happily breed one from it with your permission)

15th April 2011, 5:42 PM
any1 able to help me shift a ditto to a new game. dont have much to offer aprt from white legends minus victini and cobalion

also eggs for 2 of the starter pokemon

15th April 2011, 11:07 PM
Hey Gastro here will help shift your pokemon around for you only asking for battle subway only items like the power ones (the ones i want the most). That would really help so once my trade shop is approved I can start breeding pokemon with really good IV's. Just give a time of trade and how many only 1 item for entire shift so if it is only six 1 item if its fifty pokemon 1 item just need them bad and i dont like battling in the subway that much but i do like helping people out.
so give me time of trade and how many and what item and i will send you a okay response or a better time for me and see if it suits you as well (mondays are the best)
i will also send you my fc for whatever copy your are trading from (i can do everything except GBA games)
Thank You..... GASTRO

16th April 2011, 3:10 AM
This has been taken care of, thank you!

16th April 2011, 11:05 PM
I'll shift for anyone for anything that is at least fairly good, I might even do it for free. I have 4 DS, 2 mine, and my brothers have 2 in all. So it will be fast and easy.
Just send me a message.

16th April 2011, 11:16 PM
Someone can shift 3x of my pokemon (34 to be exactly) from SS to my Pokemon White game. I don't have too much to offer, but we can negociate.

17th April 2011, 5:35 AM
I'm looking for a celebi, if u guys have one id be interested to trade for it,,thanks...Pokemon white FC 3782 8896 6447

17th April 2011, 2:25 PM
Looking for poke shifting help... two shifts I can offer up a poke

17th April 2011, 9:53 PM
please, i need a gligar carefull nature, with roost and stealth rock...
i don't have two consoles, so i can't take a gligar from 4th gen

17th April 2011, 9:57 PM
i have almost all the legendary pokemon for trade, here's the list:

Shiny Ho-Oh with all ribbons
All Deoxys forms JP
Shiny Latias

and others, please contact, i really need a gligar carefull nature, with roost and stealth rock, going one? going twice?

18th April 2011, 5:46 AM
Can offer pokeshifting for those unable, i own 2ds and diamond, preal, platinum, soulsilver, and black. Send me a pm with what you would offer and how many pokes youneed shifted!

18th April 2011, 11:25 PM
Want to trade for a Celebi or Dtto, Have Tynamo to offer,,if interested My White FC code is 3782 8896 6447,, PM me if ur interested, TY

18th April 2011, 11:39 PM
Pokeshifting any pokemon I don't have or items, PM me. =)

20th April 2011, 7:07 PM
hey anyone willing to pokeshift plz pm me right away. emergency.. ill give u a dw poke in return

21st April 2011, 6:59 PM
will pokeshift for pwr items besides lens and anklet... can pokeshift multiple times if necessary....

21st April 2011, 7:25 PM
Hi, I'm offering the Pokeshifting service for free to anyone that wants it! This is for a limited time only as I'm borrowing a DS to transfer my own. I'm doing this for free (Obviously for the pokedex data) and I figure as long as I'm transferring at least a thousand Pokemon from my D/P/p/SS I might as well help some people out in the process :)

21st April 2011, 11:48 PM
Can offer pokeshifting for those unable, i own 2ds and diamond, preal, platinum, soulsilver, and black. Send me a pm with what you would offer and how many pokes youneed shifted!

22nd April 2011, 3:07 AM
offering pokeshifting services to those i need, PM me

Saint of Swords
23rd April 2011, 8:05 PM
Looking for:

Sandile (male)
Adamant nature
lv 1

Modest nature
lv 1

Trade can be discussed in pm.

23rd April 2011, 8:37 PM
I'm more than happy to help anyone pokeshift. :3 Will do it for free, but I wouldn't turn down a pokemon I don't have either.

26th April 2011, 6:08 AM
I also highly recommend Ropav. Very trustworthy and so cool about the whole thing! Ropav really helped me out!

26th April 2011, 8:50 PM
Can offer pokeshifting for those unable, i own 2ds and diamond, preal, platinum, soulsilver, and black and white. Send me a pm with what you would offer and how many pokes youneed shifted!

I am trustworthy, ask MGOShockWave. Ive shifted for him numerous times

30th April 2011, 6:38 AM
I need someone to Pokeshift 38 Pokemon for me haha if anyone is up for it let me know so we can talk about it

30th April 2011, 2:34 PM
I need help shifting pokemon for egg move projects.

30th April 2011, 2:47 PM
Need help to pokeahift around 4-6 pokemom thanks

30th April 2011, 8:04 PM
I can help pokeshift for people.I am usually free everyday except sunday and tuesday from 10am to midnight central time zone.

2nd May 2011, 1:33 AM
i need help pokeshifting plat pokes. whatever amount you can help with is fine

edit: major thanks to ropav/metagross for the help

2nd May 2011, 3:49 AM
Can shift any pokemon for a small price, maybe an item or something

3rd May 2011, 12:02 PM
Hello, I am looking to transfer one pokemon from my SS to Black games.

I only recently got black so do not have much to offer in there but I can breed Tepig, Pansage, or Zorua. In addition I can hunt down or breed a good amount from Platinum or SS, or if nothing else give + rep or help with other trading or breeding.

I really appreciate it, been trying to do this several days. Thanks. Please PM me if you can help.

3rd May 2011, 2:48 PM
Willing to shift for the sheer fact that owning it for a couple of minutes will let it register in my Pokédex XD PM me if interested :D

--I hereby vow that I will not scam thee out of thy valuable Pokémon, and will be subject to all consequences if I do.

5th May 2011, 1:41 AM
I need help pokeshifting some legendaries I have~
HG FC - 3997 6820 7950

7th May 2011, 7:21 AM
Will shift for battle subway items like the orbs the power items and focus sashes and event pokemon pm me I'm free whenever I'm on for the most part lol

14th May 2011, 11:02 PM
wait how do u pokeshift without another ds? how is this...... I DONT GET IT!!!!!!

17th May 2011, 1:46 AM
will do as many transfers as it takes to get a 100% legit japanese ditto... PM me if interested...

EDIT: trade done-- will shift for rare candies instead...

17th May 2011, 3:21 PM
I have 3 things that I need shifted from HG around 10 AM or 2 PM EST. Can give an active pokerus infection or shiny horsea also on HG.

20th May 2011, 7:02 AM
i think this wuld b da best place 2 post this.
i wanna start a new game but there is 12 pokemon i cant part with nd there holdn items i need. if theres any1 willing 2 help PM me. i can offer any power item or perfect defense iv EVd Haxorus among other stuff

20th May 2011, 7:43 PM
Can anyone help me pokeshift 3 pokemon from pearl to black? don't have much to offer atm but I'll try my best.
Blacks at the 5th gym, so yeah lol.
Just message me, anytime is good I'll keep looking for new messages on my phone so I don't make anyone wait. I appreciate any help ^^

What are the move requirments? If I send an extream speed dratini for example

21st May 2011, 5:46 AM
Looking for -
a legit near (Possibly level 6 since you have to fight twice in the very beginning) UT Female Snivy

Offering -
nearly UT female Tepig

22nd May 2011, 9:33 PM
Im looking to transfer three pokemon from my Diamond game to my White game. If you could help with this, I'd greatly aprreciate this. VM me if you'd like to help

23rd May 2011, 4:11 AM
I need someone to Poke Shift my Ash's Pikachu, Vaporeon, Raichu, Shaymin, Heatran and Kingdra from Soul Silver. Can't offer much, but can offer Zorua and 5th Gen Starters

24th May 2011, 6:37 PM
im in need of someone to help me Pokeshift - 3 Pokemon only

i can offer 5th gen shiny.

pm me for details

31st May 2011, 11:51 AM
can someone help me to pokeshift 2 pokemon from my pearl to my black?
please pm/vm me if you can help :)

31st May 2011, 1:07 PM
Need 14 Pokemon shifted from HG to White, they're my legends and one normal. Feel free to name your price when you PM me to let me know if you'll help. Thank you in advance! :)

31st May 2011, 6:58 PM
Need someone to pokeshift two pokemon from my soulsilver to my white. Have most decent items and most dw females, PM if you are interested.

1st June 2011, 12:22 PM
will shift for rare candies. I am trustworthy and will not scam you.

3rd June 2011, 12:14 AM
Have two pokemon to pokeshift! i have a bunch of stuff on gen four for helping me!

Edit: Done. Thanks pkmnfn!! :)

necros de neon
3rd June 2011, 10:23 PM
Will shift for rare candies, and rare pokemon, master balls, eggmoves ETC. for a rare candy three pokemon per candy, for the rarer items id be willing to shift larger number of pokemon.

3rd June 2011, 10:31 PM
I now Poke shift for FREE. I already have a good Cloning business and hope to achieve the same with this. You will get your pokemon back.

4th June 2011, 5:52 PM
Looking for someone to help me shift some pokes from HG to Black. Willing to help others shift as well.

4th June 2011, 6:59 PM
I can Pokéshift for FREE (but, if you have any extra power items/rare candies, that would be amazing... ;) ) but... I have, like, 4 DS systems and 2 4gen games, so...

5th June 2011, 1:20 PM
Looking for someone to pokeshift for me a bunch of pokemon from Pearl/Platinum/HG. PM me if willing to help ;)

Maya Fey
5th June 2011, 2:00 PM
i am in urgent need of help shifting three pokemon from my platinum game to white. please vm or pm me if u can help :)

7th June 2011, 3:10 PM
Need to transfer three Shinies from my HG to White ASAP
Looking for Trustworthy People to help me further in the future (for a reasonable reward)
PM me


7th June 2011, 7:15 PM
Want: shiny maractus if it has water absorb

Have: list in trade shop---->http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=523315 i pokeshift too!

7th June 2011, 11:13 PM
I would like some help pokeshifting

10th June 2011, 12:40 AM
Can anyone help me pokeshift three pokes from my SS to White? You can keep copies of all 3. Much thanks.

10th June 2011, 11:25 AM
Looking for a Trustworthy person to help me Pokeshift 6 of my Pokemon (Plat -> White)
Im a generous person so dont worry. :)
i can give 2 EVd for the service
choose from the ff:
Timid Starmie
Timid Jolteon
Bold Whimsicott
Naive Electrode (shiny)
Modest Seismitoad
Adamant Scizor
Adamant Skill Link Cloyster


thanks to KnyfeStab <--- trustworthy person

10th June 2011, 2:03 PM
Willing to help ppl pokeshift just msg me

12th June 2011, 2:24 PM
Hey people I pokeshift just for a small price i can pokeshift up to 18 pokemon for an event or good shiny!

16th June 2011, 3:33 AM
In need of someone to pokeshift 6 pokemon from my daimond game to my white game. Offering 3 ev'd pokemon from my diamond game in exchange. PM me if interested or help out

EDIT: Trade Complete

16th June 2011, 5:49 AM
Got it done, thanks :P

17th June 2011, 1:07 AM
Hey there guys, first of all apologies if this is in the wrong place, but I was wondering if anyone could help me transfer some of my HG Pokemon to Black? I realise you need to DS' on a local connection to do so, which I don't have. Also, this seems extremely risky, is there any way of ensuring I don't just lose them? Not that you're bad guys or anything . Cheers.

19th June 2011, 1:16 AM
I can provide pokeshifting services! All I ask for is a shiny/EV'd pokemon in return. Just one. If that is not possible, I'll take a Egg move pokemon. or DW. If none are possible, I'll take nothing. =3

If U Seek Amy
19th June 2011, 3:18 AM
I will Pokeshift as many Pokemon needed, just read my rules here:

1 Pokemon: Free

2-4 Pokemon: A good egg move male Pokemon

5 Pokemon: An EV'ed Pokemon

6-8 Pokemon: 2 EV'ed Pokemon or 1 shiny Pokemon

9 or more Pokemon: 2 shiny Pokemon or one EV'ed shiny Pokemon

PM/VM me if you'd like to make a deal!

20th June 2011, 8:31 AM
I'm looking for someone to pokeshift my pokémon (HG -> Black) for me, I can offer pretty much every Egg move poké in my sig.

20th June 2011, 11:47 PM
Looking for someone to help me transfer over some pokemon from Diamond. I can offer some shinies or egg move pokemon.

EDIT: Nevermind, I don't need help anymore.

24th June 2011, 6:54 AM
pls help me poke transfer my dittos

24th June 2011, 8:38 PM
I can help out with a shift, I have 2 DS's -D//P/Pt, SS and both Black White. but I would want a Darkrai in return

24th June 2011, 10:16 PM
Willing to help with Pokeshifting for free! Some payment may be required for massive shifts, but it will be minimal.

PM me whenever~ :3

No kill 4 u
25th June 2011, 9:55 PM
I can help someone shift i have 3 ds black/white Diamond/Platnium Emerald/Ruby leafgreen/firered Pm me.

28th June 2011, 4:29 AM
please pm me where can i locate the pokeshifter or poketransfer in pokemon platinum thanks

30th June 2011, 11:03 PM
I can Poketransfer from HeartGold into Black/White, i'm looking for events i don't have in my shop, aswell as rare egg moves. PM if interested.

1st July 2011, 3:11 AM
i can pokeshift up 6 pokemon for somebody

3rd July 2011, 1:17 AM
i can pokeshift for anyone i want shiny and ev pokes in return

5th July 2011, 3:04 AM
Oof, I'm not sure how late I am but I think it's best that I make a new request.

Anyone up for PokeShifting? I need a TON of Pokemon shifted, so I'd probably need multiple people. VM me if you're interested! You'll get 1 credit per 2 Pokemon Pokeshifted (and that might add up!)... you'll see my Trade Thread once I'm satisfied with the amount of Pokemon shifted to my B/W game. The game you'll be shifting to is 2365-5113-5595 while I have about 4 other games that I'll be extracting Pokemon from (I'll tell you which one when we do this).

6th July 2011, 1:52 AM
i need help transferrring some pokemon. will give u ashiny in return.pm me

10th July 2011, 12:31 AM
Can gen 4 pokeshift for free

11th July 2011, 10:13 PM
Need someone trustworthy to pokeshift one pokemon for me! Please be reasonable with what you want in return.

EDIT: Nevermind got it done thanks Dar!! :)

11th July 2011, 10:56 PM
I need some Pokemon transferred from my HG to my White. I can offer a few shiny Pokemon in return for the help~

13th July 2011, 7:00 PM
looking for someone who can pokeshift, i need a total of 6 pokemon shifted from ss to my black game. please pm me if interested

14th July 2011, 12:17 AM
looking for someone to pokeshift for me ^__^

about 8 pokemon i think?

14th July 2011, 5:47 AM
need some help pokeshifting 6 pokemon, pm me

16th July 2011, 4:57 AM
Need my event Raikou shifted from HG to White. PM if interested, I will offer something in return if you want it, just say what you're after.

17th July 2011, 6:04 PM
need help pokeshifting 4 box full of pokes! from 4th gen to 5th.

reward. 3 flawless/nearflawless pokes.

PM for details.

28th July 2011, 3:50 PM
looking for person who pokeshift my 24 pokemon from HG to White
i'll give you
-Shiny Gyarados
PM please
EDIT: Found

31st July 2011, 7:51 AM
Anyone up for Pokeshifting? Just 2 Pokemon atm! You get 1 credit from my trade shop as a result (for use of any Pokemon from there). VM me!

2nd August 2011, 9:33 AM
Hey, I need a help to transfer my crown suicune and raikou, and please transfer it through relocator I can offer many thing on my shop, PM/VM me

5th August 2011, 1:29 PM
I need someone to pokeshift about 12 pokemon from my platinum to my Black....

6th August 2011, 10:32 AM
Need help shifting 6 pokes from diamond to white.
Reward: 2 clones of the pokes shifted. ( Shiny bold flawless squirtle and shiny naive flawless chimchar)

7th August 2011, 7:13 PM
Need help transferring a Swampert from my SS to my Black. Reward: clone of it, it's UT, as it was RC'ed to 100. It has 31 IVs in HP and Attack.

9th August 2011, 2:59 AM
Looking for person who pokeshift my pokemon
I'll give you
From my SS:
-Shiny cresselia
From my HG:
Thank you

9th August 2011, 6:25 AM
Looking for some to pokeshift 5pokemon from my HG to white
Will reward a shiny bronze for your help(don't be so picky about the nature) pm me

10th August 2011, 7:38 PM
need a pokeshifter just to shift 9 pokemon from platinum. hopefully for free :(

12th August 2011, 7:36 PM
Looking for someone to pokeshift 6 pokemon from my platinum to black. I'll give you a bold swift swim poliwag female in return. Please pm/vm if anyone is interested.

12th August 2011, 7:39 PM
Yeah, ill pokeshift. Pm me if ur interested

13th August 2011, 4:27 AM
Would be happy to help Pokeshift any amount of Pokemon for free. However, if I like one of the Pokemon, I might ask for a clone, but you have my word that I won't take one if you don't want me to.

Please either VM me or post in my shop. Link in my sig. Thanks. c:

Flame Mistress
13th August 2011, 2:16 PM
From the 20th of August, I will be available for Pokeshifts for free, but I'll only be able to do six at a time (which explains the free cost). I'm quite impatient, that's why. Just VM/PM me.

14th August 2011, 6:43 PM
Looking for some one who can transfer my Pokemon from SS to white, only one Pokemon
My 4th gen offer
Shiny cresselia
shiny darkrai
Please PM/VM me


15th August 2011, 8:49 PM
I need transfer again D:
Only 1 Pokemon from SS to white and 1 from HG to black
Offer 4th gen

16th August 2011, 8:13 AM
Need a pokeshift now plzzzz pm me

16th August 2011, 8:07 PM
need someone to shift 6 pokes from platinum

21st August 2011, 12:42 PM
I will pokeshift everyone but I may clone pokes but I gurrantee you get back original :)

22nd August 2011, 12:16 AM
I am willing to PokeShift for someone, but I want something in return. I need a safe and trustworthy place to store some of my Pokemon. You see, I am looking to restart my game, but I would like to keep a small number (like 10 to 12) of my Pokemon. If you're interested in helping me out, please PM me.

30th August 2011, 3:18 PM
How does this whole process work?

31st August 2011, 7:39 AM
I can pokesift pokemon! Vm me if u need me

1st September 2011, 10:00 PM
need someone to pokeshift for me , like 6 or 8 pokemon from platinum

4th September 2011, 1:15 PM
I'm looking for somebody who can help me pokeshift 6 poke's, I'll give something in return!

9th September 2011, 11:00 PM
Anyone up for shifting 1 Pokemon? You can have any 2 Pokemon from my shop! VM me, thanks!

FCs: 0731 5750 3878 (Diamond) and 2365-5113-5595 (White).

edit: got someone, thanks!

10th September 2011, 2:52 PM
I can help anyone.. Pm

11th September 2011, 10:28 PM
Does anyone have any PtHGSS (platnium, heart gold, soul silver games) games?

I need help teaching my pokemon some moves only available in those games, I would trade you high level pokemon in return for your time and energy!

Thanks so much, its greatly appreciated!!

12th September 2011, 1:14 AM
I will pokeshift for anyone vm me for more info

13th September 2011, 8:13 PM
i have a party of pokemon i need help shifting from my soulsilver to my black. pm me back please :D

20th September 2011, 12:52 AM
offering PokeShift. all I ask is that you help me with my wanted list if you can. please pm me.

22nd September 2011, 4:59 AM
Long time lurker, first time poster

Need help shifting an entire box(30) from pearl to white.

en sabah nur
25th September 2011, 2:11 AM
i really need some1 2 help me bring my pokemon over from platinum 2 white. i can offer some ut shinies in exchange or i could help you with ur pokes in exchange.

25th September 2011, 5:07 PM
still need a shifter!

25th September 2011, 11:59 PM
I can Pokeshift for free as long as at least one of the Pokemon being shifted is an event I don't already have. PM/VM/Post on my shop to schedule a shifting session

30th September 2011, 4:37 AM
I need 2 events transferred from gen 4 to gen 5
You can keep a copy of each

30th September 2011, 6:05 AM
As I now have a 3DS, I can Pokeshift people's Pokemon.

I just ask for a legit EV trained, shiny, or any good Pokemon in return. If not, then I ask for nothing in return.

30th September 2011, 6:51 AM
I could help as well.PM me if u need my help in pokeshifting.

30th September 2011, 11:36 PM
Hey I don't need help transferring pokemon for gen 4 to gen 5 but I do need help trade 6 pokemon from my white to my black. I'm offering cloned of each of the pokemon I'm trading over, and I'm trade flawless/near flawless, shinnies and events so here is a chance to get some good Pokemon basically free.

2nd October 2011, 5:34 PM
Reliable long-time trainer willing to safely Pokeshift your Pokemon in either small/bulk amounts, not asking anything in return. Please be aware I'm on UK GMT+1 time and cannot help on Mondays and Thursdays due to uni. Also, no hacks please - I don't want my game damaged. If I have reason to believe you're sending a hack to my cartridge, I will report you.

PM/VM me to negotiate times/dates - will get back to you asap, so please don't flood my inbox, as one message is enough. Thanks :)

Nero Jinous
4th October 2011, 12:52 PM
I posted this on neo then noticed yall have a section for xfers. Anyway....

I want to xfer my NoK Goon's Scizor from my korean Hg to my Korean White, but don't have two DS at the moment. If someone else here can xfer legitimately as in from a kr gen 4 game to another kr gen 5 game no files or any exploits to do the xfer, I can offer a pokemon for it depending on what you want.

Note do not clone or do anything to my NoK Goon's Scizor all my pokemon are 100% legit and will stay that way, so if I see you as untrustworthy I'll straight out deny your offer.

My shop of haves: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=13321333&postcount=1

I got work tonight, so going to sleep soon.

5th October 2011, 9:41 PM
Hello everybody. I need help shifting one party from SS to White. I can offer a World10 Crobat.
PM me if interested.

6th October 2011, 2:03 AM
Hey if anyone needs help Pokeshifting I can halp just PM me

15th October 2011, 1:49 AM
I'm in need of someone who can pokeshift for me, I can offer up to 5 dw females, pm me if anyone is interested.

17th October 2011, 5:11 AM
I need help Pokeshifting. I can offer Palkia, Reshiram and a few starters.

James Bondage
18th October 2011, 4:59 AM
Looking for someone to help shift one Crown Beast Suicune. Must be legit shifted using two DSs. (there are ways to confirm this is done)

Payment can be discussed in VMs.

22nd October 2011, 9:02 PM
I can now Pokeshift! :D
Pm if you need help!

23rd October 2011, 11:38 PM
Hey I need to move 4 pokemon from a pearl to my diamond. Pm me if you can hold on to them for me. You can keep the items on them if you want

25th October 2011, 4:40 AM
hey guys I have wifi again so I can start transferring again.Tuesdays at night,wednesdays at night and saturdays are the days I will be on.so if you need anything transferred pm me.I live in the central timezone.

26th October 2011, 9:54 PM
Need someone to hold some massive amount of pokemon need to re start my White :)

27th October 2011, 4:07 AM
I really need to pokeshift a houndour. It's on platinum, heading to black. Can anybody help me with this?

20th November 2011, 6:26 PM
Can anyone help me move some pokemon from my soulsilver to my black? I can try to give you something in return if you want.

28th November 2011, 11:00 PM
Will pokeshift for flawless pokes, but will accept rare candies as well. PM me w/offers

18th December 2011, 5:32 AM
I need help transferring 4 pokes from my SS to White. Can offer any item obtainable in BW.

21st December 2011, 12:10 PM
I can help with pokeshift(both english and japanese versions) for a event in return. Can help on the weekends.
PM me if you need.

30th December 2011, 6:26 PM
Hey everyone. I really need someone to help me transfer one pokemon from Soul Silver to white. I don't have any events but I do have all the starters as well as all breedable gen 1 pokemon and many pokemon from other generations. Message me if you can help.

Edit: Got a second ds. If you need any transferring, PM me.

5th January 2012, 8:41 AM
Im able to pokeshift every day, given that I am online at the time you PM me. PM me for more dtails

15th January 2012, 2:48 AM
I can pokeshift for events, flawless, or battle items. send me a pm.

21st January 2012, 8:41 PM
i need help pokeshifting about 15 pokemon from diamond to black. whoever can help can keep a copy of every pokeshifted pokemon from the diamond game. Be warned that they are cloned but other than that they are legitamate. these are UT legends from kanto hoenn and sinnoh

24th January 2012, 7:12 PM
I can pokeshift any pokemon. I will not charge anything extra, however, I will keep a clone of the shifted pokemon. If you need help, pm me.

30th January 2012, 3:49 AM
I need help transferring a few pokemon from my platinum to white, if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it.

1st February 2012, 7:20 PM
Hi! I was just looking to transfer 6 pokemon from my SoulSilver to my Black version so that I can start a new file on SoulSilver! Thank you so much in advance! :)

5th February 2012, 10:45 PM
I'm gonna need help Pokeshifting soon. My legendaries from Platinum to my White version.

Osha Say What?
10th February 2012, 5:00 AM
Need help Shifting/relocating a Celebi from Platinum to White. I don't have much to offer right now, I just started a new game in White, and Celebi is my only Legendary in Platinum

11th February 2012, 10:37 PM
Would greatly appreciate help moving 6 pokemon from Pearl to Black.

Let me know what you're looking for and I'll see what I have. I'm able to breed you any starters from the first and fourth generations, amongst others.

Thank you!

pkmn trainer sean
18th February 2012, 5:23 PM
Im offering to shift 5 pokemon for nothing as I only have one I need to shift so pm/vm if interested

edit: if you want to give me any evo stones, I wouldnt mind but you dont have to :)

20th February 2012, 12:04 AM
I need someone who can pokeshift my dialga and my palkia from my platinum game to my white game. I can repay you in 5th generation with two shinies in my sig. Pm me if anyone is interested.


Devil lagiacrus
29th February 2012, 2:12 AM
looking for a staryu EVs:4 hp/252 sp.atk/252 speed. IVs:25+/20+/10+/31+/20+/25+

make your offer.

Devil lagiacrus
29th February 2012, 2:20 AM
looking for a staryu EVs:4 hp/252 sp.atk/252 speed. IVs:25+/20+/10+/31+/20+/25+

make your offer.

EDIT:sorry for this,error on PC...

14th March 2012, 5:21 AM
Still looking for someone that can help me transfer some Pokémon from Pearl to Black. Let me know what you're looking for your trouble, and I will see what I have. I'm able to breed most Pokémon on Pearl, as well as helping out with the tasks mentioned on my signature.

Thank you.

17th March 2012, 10:09 AM
I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me transfer some Pokémon from my Black version and hold it until I start a new game, then transfer it back. If you want something in return, I'll see what I can do. Thanks!

18th March 2012, 6:34 AM
I am needing to move all of my pokemon from diamond to black. It is 294 in total. Now because this is a huge task, on 4th gen I can trade you 2 master balls, 9 rare candies, a few leftovers, and some evolutionary stones. And anything that I thought might be useful. On 5th gen I can offer a zap plate, a dawn stone, 2 heart scales, and a prism scale. Then I'll be transferring the kanto birds from xd with their original move sets and a shiny zigzagoon and numel, you can take them if you want. If you can help me out that would be awesome. Vm/pm me if you can. Thanks. :)

20th March 2012, 10:39 AM
Anyone that can pokeshift me one poke?

20th March 2012, 1:52 PM
IF anyone needs help i will be available for the next 12 hours on and off so just message me

26th March 2012, 12:40 AM
Hey i was wondering iff anyone could help me move a couple pokemon from my diamond and HG to my black i dont have a ds so if anyone out there who can poke transfer for me it would be great. i could offer you a Dialga

26th March 2012, 3:40 AM
Just looking for someone to take 6 from my hg and transfer them over for me. I'll give you a shiny! :p
At this point I'll just give you one of them. I don't want to delete them but If no ones gonna do this then that's what will happen

13th April 2012, 2:14 AM
I want to send my legendaries from HG to White so I can start new game on HG.

19th April 2012, 4:22 PM
Still need someone to Pokeshift for me. I'll offer something from my White version if you help.

I have every legendary on White except the ones I want Pokeshifted over from HG, and the 3 unreleased ones.

I've been wanting to start a new game on HG for over a week now and can't until I get those legendaries sent to White. :(

22nd April 2012, 11:03 PM
Hi there, new to the forums. Wow, I didn't even know Pokéshifting existed, but how cool is that?

Willing to hold pokés from HeartGold and White if you're doing a game reset, though I'm not able to transfer up Gen IV due to not having multiple DS's at this time. PM me if you need this.

(For return, s'okay, either free or just interested in a few pokés to complete pokédex and evolutionary stones)

23rd April 2012, 1:43 PM
I'm pokeshifting until 6 pokemon. I'm looking for a shiny riolu to my gen IV game.

27th April 2012, 7:52 PM
I can pokeshift for anyone who needs it!
Just pm/vm me!

8th May 2012, 10:58 AM
Im looking for someone to help me transfer anytime weekdays after 5pm Australian Eastern Standard time, which is apparently 3am EDT, whatever that is, or 7am GMT. Need to transfer 4 pokemon in total so if you can help please let me know.

14th May 2012, 8:00 AM
Looking for someone to help me shift 2 pokemon from my SS to my Black version. Help would greatly appreciate it. Please PM I can offer a Victini as a reward

21st May 2012, 11:21 PM
I just bought a used copy of Soul Silver and I am looking for some nice people to help me shift a whole box of pokemon so I can start a new game on it. I don't have much to offer, but there are plenty of starters that could be bred.

Edit: I can also offer items, please VM me if your interested.

25th May 2012, 3:49 AM
looking for some help pokeshifting some pokemon form my heartgold game. mostly ditto's and a few others. I hope we could work something out. just pm me thanks.

27th May 2012, 6:43 AM
Looking for help to pokeshift my legendaries from my 4th gen games I can offer rare candies on hg for help

29th May 2012, 10:15 PM
Apology in advance for the double post
I'm ready to poke shift my legendaries from my 4th gen games pm if interested

pownage pony
5th June 2012, 7:09 PM
I want to restart my Pokémon black game and transfer the Pokémon I trained for the next game. Reasons for, I am attached to these 8 Pokémon as they are my first ever ev trained Pokémon and are from my 1st play through of black. Now that I went through it once and no more things I want to re do it hence the post. I am looking for someone that could in essence trade 8 for my 8 then hold them until I restart the game and then trade back; I would be restarting after the trade.
Here are my Pokémon that I want to keep.
The *Pokémon are the ones in my current belt and the other two were in it previously but replaced. * Pokémon are Lv 80 and the other Lv54 Samurott and Lv 59 Ferrothorn. I am also looking for a magic guard Solosis (Bold or Modest) because I am unable to catch Solosis in Black. I would be willing to trade my Mienshao or Samurott or an untrained (just caught) timid Volcarona, I also have Tinted Lens Timid Venonat Lv 16 Female, Lucario Modest Steadfast Lv 10 Male, Flash fire Modest Hondour Female Lv 1, and Sniper Modest Remoraid male Lv 1. To trade and some Gengars that I wanted to keep but cannot due to restarting. I am willing to trade those over for the trade if wanted because they will just be lost if not.

Pownage Pony

9th June 2012, 6:20 AM
I need about 6-12 PKMN to be migrated from my SS to my White game.
I have Lyrawesome offers in my Gen 4 Trade Shop as a reward c: nya~

25th June 2012, 10:25 PM
Trying to move most of my previous generation Legendaries all shoved on Pearl, along with some favourites, over to my Black game.
If you're willing to help, I've got items/egg moves put aside to say thank you for your time.

PM me to work something out.

1st July 2012, 3:23 PM
Looking for someone who can help pokeshift a shiny shinx from Diamond to black/white for a friend of mine.

Please PM me if you can help, needs to be done ASAP ^^
Not sure if he has anything he can offer, but I may be able to offer something for helping him if you're in need of some dex fillers.

4th July 2012, 4:08 PM
I need to move my shiny Staraptor from Platinum to White so I can start a new game on Platinum. That's it :)

4th July 2012, 8:03 PM
I can offer pokeshiftng services now that I know what it is just tell me the number of pokemon and I can help just don't overload me with a huge number of pokemon to pokeshift

Cosmical El Amarna
6th July 2012, 5:58 AM
I'm seeking to have my HG pokes transferred to my white version. I have no friends that play pokemon so I need someone that won't screw me and that will take my 4 gen onto their 4th gen, then do the transfer with whoever, and then trade them back to me thru our 5th gen games. I'm offering pokemon and items, just ask.

EDIT 7/23/12 I no longer am seeking assistance at this time with pokeshifting.

9th July 2012, 10:43 AM
Hey people I'm looking to restart my white game if anyone is interested in helping me all I really want transferred is my snivy, oshawott, charmander and Zorua. PM me if you can help, and thanks for reading.

11th July 2012, 8:57 AM
i need help pokeshifting. I have about 5 or so from my diamond that I need on my white version. if anyone could help out let me know when. as a reward I will give you a shiny. so we'll trade 6, you get to keep 1 and the other 5 go to your 5th gen game and then back to my white version.

13th July 2012, 11:55 PM
can someone help me to teach outrage to bagon and earth power to shellos, i can give you rare candys in exchange or a flawless ditto


18th July 2012, 11:01 PM
Need two pokemon to be hold as I start a new game in heart gold. I am doing a nuzlocke challenge and will need some time before I can take it back. The reward upon completion is a flawless adamant dw blaziken from my black game.

24th July 2012, 7:54 PM
I need your help. I have 5 pokemons at my Platinum and now I need them on my Black. Please Pm me.

28th July 2012, 2:35 AM
I'm willing to help people Pokeshift as needed c:

In return, I ask only for what you're willing to give me, whether it be items, rare Pokemon, or nothing at all~

PM me and we'll work out a date and time.

2nd August 2012, 7:35 PM
I am looking for help with restarting my Pokemon Black Version. I only have 2 Pokemon that I really want to keep. They are both event Pokemon that I would rather not get rid of.

If someone would be willing to help with this, I would appreciate it. I don't really have a whole lot to offer, but if you want something, perhaps we could try to work something out. I could always breed a Pokemon for you or something.

Anyways, if you would be willing to help me, just PM me to work it out.

9th August 2012, 4:16 PM
Looking for someone who can regularly pokeshift for me as I am currently RNGing flawless shinies on my HG, I can offer flawless shinies that I RNG as a reward

10th August 2012, 9:13 AM
Hello, I'm Mike
I've been playing the Pokemon games since Red and Blue, but I haven't really traded all that much and don't really know about transfering pokemon from one gen to another. I've been playing Black recently, but now I'm starting HG. I was wondering if it was possible to trade the first four Gen starters (ie. Charmander; Totodile; Torchic; and Turtwig) that I have in Black to HG. If so, would anyone be willing to help me? I only have the one DS, so I can't do it myself. I have Pokemon and items to trade (warning: there's a total of 12 pokemon I want to transfer; just a heads-up). If anyone would be willing to help me, it would be greatly appreciated and I will return the favor if you need something. Thanks :)

15th August 2012, 4:34 PM
I need help Pokeshifting a couple pokes from SS & Diamond to Black. I cant offer that good of a reward, unless you also clone, in which case, you can clone 1-2 pokes and keep the clones.
From Diamond i need: MYSTRY Mew, Absol, Feraligatr, Garchomp, Lucario, Scyther (total of 6 pokes for now)
From SS I need: Latios, Giratina, Lugia, Palkia, Suicune, Shiny Shinx, Shiny Skitty, Shiny Gyarados, Ditto, Torterra, Jolteon, Monferno (total of 12 pokes for now)

20th August 2012, 10:04 AM
If people need help shifting pokemon up from gen 4 to 5 I can help.
I probably wouldn't really ask for anything unless you have shinys :P

9th September 2012, 7:43 PM
Yesterday i got my second DS so if someone needs help trading from gen 4 to 5 i can help.

the only pokes i'm interested are event pokemon since im beginning to go competitive and i dont think fair asking for those just for simply a pokeshift request so for now probably i wont ask for anything.

if you can trust me ill gladly help x)
(btw i have diamond, heart gold and white, but i just restarted my heart gold so if you need help i gotta use diamond for now)

12th September 2012, 12:38 PM
Hey :) I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to help me. I need someone to take 12 of my Pokemon from Black for a few days for safekeeping. I want to start a new game and try SRing for a starter, and after those i get one (or get bored of it) I would take my pokemon back. I don't have much to offer, but we might be able to figure something out.

EDIT: I live in GMT +2 but I should be able to trade almost anytime today/tomorrow.

EDIT 2: I already trasferred my Pokemon to KuzKan, thanks :)

17th September 2012, 6:46 PM

19th September 2012, 5:55 PM
I need a quite strange Pokeshift request. This is what I need: I need to trade someone my Male Staravia, female Swellow, Male Medicham, female Elekid, Male Dugtrio and female Sandshrew. I then need someone to breed these Pokemon together IN BLACK AND WHITE and then, when I receive my game and can trade after the first gym, send the eggs to me. In return I can give a number of TMs, Pokemon and items. Let me know if you can help!

25th September 2012, 7:40 PM
Looking for female Speed boost torchic-hacked or not:
I can offer a great many non hacked pokemon, simply PM me

3rd October 2012, 3:46 AM
With the Pokemon Black and White 2 release in a few days from now, I'm asking for assistance to transfer the event Keldeo from my Pokemon White and then transfer it over to my Pokemon White 2 once I receive it on Sunday since I will be trading in my Pokemon White copy towards White 2.

I would prefer someone that can be available at almost all times on Sunday (even better if they are available not long after the release on midnight Sunday morning).

Unfortunately, since this is basically a new save file I'm using right now (just got my 3rd Gym Badge), I have very little to offer however if I can offer anything from my Pokemon White file, I will be more than happy to give it up.

13th October 2012, 9:26 AM
Can anyone help me Pokeshift my kanto starters from SS to White 2? Please PM what you'd be looking for in return. Thanks in advance

13th October 2012, 3:09 PM
I've got a shiny tentacool on my HGold game that I wouldn't mind shifting to my Black game...I can offer my Ho-oh from HGold, along with anything else you might want from my HG game as I'm going to start a new one once I've shifted the tenta. My last run through was a grass-monotype challenge so I've got various grass types raised to a high level to give away also (Ludicolo, Breloom, Meganium, Exegutor etc). Pm me if you can help me out. AJ

14th October 2012, 10:40 PM
I got my Pokemon Black 2 and I got a bunch of Pokemon from the first Black version that I've worked very hard on (all EVed to perfection) that I wish to transfer over.
However, I am not so sure how this entire Pokeshifting works, so can anyone PM me about the process and how I would get all the Pokemon over? (I only have one DS myself.)

Thanks beforehand!

16th October 2012, 5:21 AM
I need help like right now if somebody can help me shift my Espeon from White 1 to White 2? Please pm or vm.

16th October 2012, 10:12 PM
I Need To Transfer My Reshiram & Kyurem From Black To Black 2, Please PM

20th October 2012, 4:26 AM
Hey i am looking to trade two or three pokemon i bread in white to start out with in Black 2. If you would like to help please let me know... I dropped my second DS in the toilet.

21st October 2012, 12:16 PM
Can anyone help me to shift my Leafeon from Black to Black 2? I can help him correspondingly. Please pm.

Done thanks to monkeyman192

23rd October 2012, 7:35 AM
Looking for someone to shift 3-4 of my pokemon from white to my white 2. I can offer most items you can get in game and some pretty descent pokes that I have PM/VM me.

24th October 2012, 6:15 PM
hey i would be willing to help someone shift over a couple pokes from BW to BW2 if they would be willing to do the same for me! i wanna switch over a couple guys from my white game to my black 2 game... if anyone is interested PM me!

31st October 2012, 1:30 PM
I'm looking for someone to help me shift three pokemon from plat to Black2. I'm willing to help transfer up to six pokemon in return. That's all I can offer atm since I haven't really had the time to do much in my game yet or get good items...

1st November 2012, 5:50 AM
I'm still looking for some help please?

1st November 2012, 9:12 PM
looking for some one that can help me pass like all the starters and like 3 other pok ( keldeo , victiny and latios)from my black to my white 2 sorry if there to much but i can give you my genesect and like 3 dwf . plese Help

4th November 2012, 12:13 PM
offering to help anyone shift from any generation to the new b/w2, if you'd like help pm me with your request.

7th November 2012, 8:37 PM
hey im just looking to get one pokemon shifted over... PM me thanks! can return the service if needed

service no longer needed

10th November 2012, 8:52 PM
Looking for a reliable trade partner to help me transfer some pokes from Heartgold to Black 2

14th November 2012, 3:02 AM
I have a ton of pokemon that I want to transfer over from heartgold to black 2, there's about 50 of them most are shiny or legendary. Ask what you want in return, make clones or whatever, just ask. I know it's a lot but I don't what all that collecting to go to waste.
Edit: nevermind it is done.

15th November 2012, 5:48 AM
i need to get a pokemon from white to black 2, any help is greatly apriciated

17th November 2012, 1:16 AM
Need help sending an Elekid from Platinum and an Axew to White 2

PM me so we can work something out

24th November 2012, 5:50 PM
Need somebody to send my totodile from Soulsilver to Black 2, pm me with your wants
Never mind my friend helped me :)

24th November 2012, 10:30 PM
offering a dwf from my sig in exchange for teaching my wigglytuff stealth rock from a bw2 tutor

28th November 2012, 11:03 PM
Hello everyone. As this is my first post in the Serebii forums, please keep me abreast of anything I may be doing wrong.

I would like to request a Transfer of a number of starter Pokemon from my White Version to my White Version 2. The specific Pokemon I would like to transfer are as follows:


In exchange I will offer as many newly-hatched individuals of any of the above Pokemon as you like, and any others from my White 1 or White 2 collections which, though not particularly expansive, may have one or two 'Mons you need.